G6: French vs Summer Palace

Hello Lads,Congrats to everyone and especially goal scorers Matt Costello, Kieran and Jim So for our second half come-back on Saturday, it’s a shame it was the opposition’s turn to score a last minute goal, making it 4:3 to the Celtic. Back at Luga’s after the match, Lee Xiong (midfield) and Jim So (important goal) shared the Man of the Match award with two votes each while Andy Mo walked away with the Donkey of the Match, due to his dodgy throw-ins. The amount of different players nominated for Man of the Match shows how everyone is performing well on the pitch and as a team unit – keep it up and next week you could be the star of the show!Another week rolls by and with it another opportunity to play some cracking football. Patrick is away from the office this week, so I am being his ‘secretary’, but Patrick will be back for the weekend, when we play his home nation – the French LE second team, which should be another competitive match. The French are currently top of the division (see more on IFFC league website).Sunday, 07.11.2010 18:00 French LE B vs Summer Palace at Chaoyang Stadium (map on our FCFC website)That is SUNDAY evening, late kick-off, we’ll meet at the pitch at 5:15 PM.Please answer this email before Wednesday evening (why not reply now) with your availability YES or NO so Patrick and Ben can pick the squad after the training session on Wednesday night.For those of you who don’t know, City also beat Fortuna 2:0 over the weekend to keep their spot at the top of the league. FCFC game is also scheduled for Sunday next week at 1pm, while the French A team are playing at 3pm this Sunday so neither team are realistically able to ‘borrow’ players.Remember, come to training (each Wednesday at Lido Si’de Gongyuan from 8pm) to help guarantee your selection for the weekend match and help us improve as a team.I hope you’re all enjoying being part of Summer Palace / City so far this season.Keep Fit.Pikey

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