Most Premier League and IFFC Cup Games are played at Lido Sìdé Park, while First Division usually lay at Chaoyang Stadium, but please note this can occasionally be changed, so take note of your managers emails and texts.


Sìdé Gōngyuán

Si’de Gongyuan (Sìdé Gōngyuán – 四德公园)- aka Lido Park
Lido Sìdé Gōngyuán, Xiaoyun Qiao, Fāngyuán Xīlù
四德公园; 霄云桥;芳园西路6号;
phone – 6432 1659

Si’de Park is just outside the north-east 4th ring-road, near to the Airport Expressway and Dashanzi District. Very close to Lido Area, Fangyuan Xi Lu and Xiaoyun Qiao. Enter from the south-east gate, 50 metres east of Xiaoyun Qiao. The main football pitch is on the right side just next to the car park, tennis courts and 5-a-side pitches.

Chaoyang Sports Stadium

Chaoyang Sports Stadium (Chāoyáng Tǐyù Zhōngxīn – 朝阳体育中心)
Yaojiayuan Lu Chaoyang Ti Yu Zhong Xin
姚家园路. 朝阳体育中心
phone – 8597 0282

Chaoyang Stadium, east of Gongrentiyuchang, between 4th and 5th ring roads, head for Yaojiayuan Lu and then keep an eye out for stadium on the left. Be aware that travelling along Yaojiayuan Lu is the direct route from downtown Beijing, but is a very congested road at weekends. Consider travelling on the airport expressway and then south on the 5th ring-road to make a longer, but much quicker journey.

Chāoyáng Gōngyuán Dōng

Chaoyang Park East Gate 5-aside / 9-aside
北京 朝阳公园 东门 (七号入口)
Běijīng chāoyáng gōngyuán dōng mén (qī hào rùkǒu)

Weekly evening Club Football 5-aside tournament is held at Chaoyang Park 5 a-side football pitches and occasionally training is held at the good and new 9 a-side facility at the same location.

Wangjing 80 Middle School

Wangjing No.80 Middle School (Běijīng Dì Bā Shí Zhōngxué – 北京第八十中学)
Lizezhong Avenue, Wangjing, Beijing.

Luckily we don’t use this very hard pitch at Wangjing #80 Middle School very often, as it is quite a distance from downtown Beijing. It is quite easy to find however; Lize Zhong Lu is the first main intersection on the main route through Wangjing after you pass the river bridge.

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  2. Patrick

    A map for Chaoyang tiyu zhongxin (with Chinese characters) is available on theIFFC WEBSITE

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  7. Paul


    My name is Paul, I’m from England .

    I’m an moving to Beijing next week the chong wen district and I’m looking for a football team to play for.

    I play in the UK on both Saturday and Sunday, I can play anywhere in defence.

    I looked at your website and it seems a good standard and I’m interested in coming to training for a try out.

    Also do u play on grass, should I bring my studs, mouldings to Beijing with me ?

    Who can I call to arrange to arrange to come to training?

    Ill look forward to your reply


    • admin

      Hi Paul,

      I am glad you found us, welcome to Beijing and welcome to Forbidden City FC!

      We are currently training every Thursday evening from 8pm and the Lido Si’de Gongyuan pitch. Come along when you arrive, there are plenty of English lads on the team, so apart from some excellent football, you have a bunch of mates too.

      Please send us an email through our contact form to get in touch with the regular organisers.

      Get Involved!

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