G16: Summer Palace vs Lao Hu Internazionale

Palace,Please find below:1- a short match report of our last game played vs Shenzhen Development Bank2- the match schedule for April and updated stats3- the team call for our next game.1- Match Report for Summer Palace vs Shenzhen Dev Bk (played on Saturday 19th March): We kept going our winning streak, now extended to 6 win in a row, but it was not that easy. We started the game very well, pilling pressure on their defence especially attacking the wings with Ally and Ben making great runs. We were rewarded by Ally scoring the first goal thanks to Matt harassing their central defenders. We however missed quite a few good chances and Shenzhen started to have more of the ball especially in midfield. Fortunately, they did not create good chances and seldom threaten to score. 1-0 at half time. The second half started more or less the same way the first finished but clever coaching from Chris (or Lee?) ended the stalemate. Old-school, Lao Cui came in for the last 30 minutes and made the difference with assists for Ally then for Matt Costello to make the final score 3-0. Matt Costello scored his 8th goal of the season and he’s now our top goal-scorer. It was also his last game for us. Well done Matt and good luck in Singapore (keep your “gold” kit, you’ll be back in Beijing playing football sooner than you expect). Overall, it was a good team performance, with solid defending and good passing.2- the schedule for the next 5 games is now online:Saturday, 26.03.2011 14:00 Chaoyang Stadium League 1st Div Summer Palace Lao Hu InternazionaleSunday, 03.04.2011 14:00 Chaoyang Stadium League 1st Div Summer Palace Beijing Celtics 02Saturday, 09.04.2011 12:00 Chaoyang Stadium League 1st Div Summer Palace French LE BSaturday, 16.04.2011 16:00 Chaoyang Stadium League 1st Div Summer Palace Azzurri FC BSaturday, 30.04.2011 12:00 Chaoyang Stadium League 1st Div Summer Palace Dragons3- This Saturday 26th of March we are playing the high-school team Lao Hu Internazionale (=WAB). Kick off scheduled at 2PM, venue is as usual Chaoyang Stadium. Who is available?Please reply ASAP and come to training on wednesday evening, Side Gongyuan 8-10PM.Cheers,Patrick

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