Match Report: Summer Palace 6:1 Chaoyang Park Rangers

Match Report: Summer Palace 6-1 Chaoyang Park Rangers

Saturday 15 September 2012 saw Summer Palace resume hostilities with long-term fatigable foes Chaoyang Park Rangers. While many of Beijing’s residents were protesting over the sovereignty of some rocks in the East China Sea, the only prize on Palace’s agenda was 3 points from Division 1’s second round of fixtures.

The battle began with Palace controlling possession and territory well; CYPR were limited to brief incursions around the perimeter. The contest looked to be heading in only one direction, surely only a matter of time until Palace’s pressure told and the break-through made. CYPR aren’t deterred so easily however and their hopes of achieving victory were briefly kindled when a foray down the right and volley into the area caused utter confusion amongst the Palace defense, allowing CYPR’s front-man to draw first blood. Palace’s resolve was swiftly demonstrated, a devastating counter saw Andy Mo’s piercing long ball dispatched emphatically by Jason Kaye and the state-of-play resumed.

Palace’s half-time mandate was clear: preserve the status quo. The game resumed with Palace tapping into reserves of energy unavailable to their opposition. Within minutes the men in yellowish gave themselves the upper-hand, patient build-up play on the right led to a ricochet falling kindly for Wim to strike clinically into the bottom corner, 2-1. The fight was leaking out of CYPR and Summer Palace soon took a stranglehold on the game. CYPR’s defensive blockade had proven resilient in the face of wave after wave of Palace attacks but concerted pressure around their area saw the ball fall to the onrushing Jason Kaye who thundered a left-footed half-volley past the keeper. With the wind truly taken out of CYPR’s sails, Palace added a fourth. Elliot released Ben down the left while CYPR’s right back was napping, leaving a clear run to goal for a toe punt finish. CYPR continued to battle, though quite who they were fighting for the fifth was known only to them. Rowan’s inswinging corner was headed out of the keeper’s hands by one of his defenders to the back post where two more defenders succeeded in clearing out each other, allowing fox in the box Peter a composed tap in. With victory assured, it was all aboard the Palace showboat for number six. Measured build-up play created space for Mike on the right, he cheekily nutmegged one defender before squaring to Barrie whose touch and flicked back-heel found Rowan alone at the back post to calmly place the ball into the bottom corner.

Victory celebrations included congratulatory messages from Ai Wei Wei and MOM and DOM awards for Peter Headden and Jason Kaye, respectively; Peter’s for his commanding performance in the defense and Jason’s for forsaking defensive duties in favour of gung-ho attack.

Palace march on,
Ben R
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Match Report: Summer Palace vs Barbarians

 Match report for Summer Palace vs Barbarians B, Sunday 9th September 2012, Chaoyang Stadium
As quite a few guys came late (as usual) and the ones who had played for City just before our game needed a rest our starting 11 was probably not the strongest and we fell behind after 10-15 minutes. Fortunately the guys who came from the bench at that point quickly changed the game and we started to pile pressure on their goal. Jason Kaye scored a great goal (volley below the bar from outside the box after a long ping-pong style exchange between their defence and our strikers…) to make it 1-1. Neat passing on the right wing led to Mike Zheng to double our score, 2-1 at half time, but it should have been more in our favour.

In the 2nd half, the Barbs’ keeper continued to make a lot of good saves to keep them in the game and then the ref gave an extremely soft penalty against Blythe for handball (he jumped to clear a corner with his arm across his chest the ball struck his arm having deflected, with no Barbs player within a 10-m radius…). They converted the penalty to level the score at 2-2.

Fortunately there was still plenty of playing time left, and we went on the attack again and created numerous chances. Captain Ben missed a sitter only for the ball to be partially cleared to the edge of the box and Elliot smashed it into the ‘upper 90’. Elliot then added another 10 mins later. Final score 4-2 for Palace. We could have added more, Benny Wu being guilty of missing a sitter as well.
All in all, it was a very good start of the league season: we created far more and better chances than them as well as having more possession, scoring 4 top quality goals, and got great support from the City guys who had stayed to watch our game.
In Luga’s after the game, Jason Kaye got MOM for an excellent defensive performance topped off by a bullet of a half-volley into the top corner to make it 1-1 and Benny Wu got Donkey for generally for not scoring. The best shots he took that day were of Luga’s tequila…


Ben R. (with editing from Patrick)

2010/11 Premiership & First Division League Winners.
“creating an atmosphere of fun and friendship for footballers from all corners of the world in the spirit of competition that all players, past, present and future, can enjoy”
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SQUAD: G2 Summer Palace vs CYPR


Below is the list of players available for our 2nd league game to be played tomorrow, Saturday 15th at the LIDO (in Chinese = Side Gong yuan, that’s the same place where we train every Wednesday).  Time of kick off is 12 noon, meet at the pitch at 11:30 AM. Please be on time so that we can warm-up properly and start the game in good conditions. 


Patrick (mobile: 135 0108 xxxx)

[squad removed]

2010/11 Premiership & First Division League Winners.

“creating an atmosphere of fun and friendship for footballers from all corners of the world in the spirit of competition that all players, past, present and future, can enjoy” | | 

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G2: Summer Palace vs Chaoyang Park Rangers


Well done to all involved in the emphatic win last Sunday against Barbarians B, with the final score 4-2 (by the way: any volunteer to write-up a match report?). Goals by new signing Jason Kaye, Mike and the return of Elliot who scored a deuce.

It was a very good start to the league season and we should aim to build on that by winning our next game vs Chaoyang Park Rangers.

The game will be played on Saturday 15th, at the Lido (so no traffic excuse for turning-up late) and kick off is for 12 noon. Meet at the pitch at 11:30 am at the latest. Who is available? Please reply as soon as possible.

Remember to come to our training session, tomorrow, Wednesday, 8-10 pm at the Lido as usual.


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Palace Cup Match Reports

Much like one of Edu’s weekend Sanlitun forays, our cup run began with a bit of nervousness and trepidation, rapidly ascended into breathtaking displays of skill, daring and vigour, before finally meekly succumbing to the realization that we were overmatched by a taller, fitter, and more elegantly named opponent. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

It began at the Cup draw with Captain Ben, brandishing a red beard and imaginary eye patch, boldly selecting our old nemesis, Lao Hu. What better way to test our rigorous offseason training regimen than a match against the reigning Asia schoolboy champions, who subjected us to a 5-2 embarrassment the last time we played?

When game day arrived we realized that they seemed to have added in height what we added in girth, but we quickly taught them that in football guile is perhaps more important than simple physical ability. We were on them from the kickoff, winning possession and launching a series of attacks which culminated in wily veteran Rowan launching in a free kick, which was headed back across goal by not quite so wily nor so veteran Pikey, and then crashed into goal by blind header specialist Jim So. Ben and Elliott continued to boss the midfield and the dazed youngsters gave up another corner, delicately served up by Jim So for returning citizen Wim to head up for debutant Henry to volley home, 2-0 to us before the match was fifteen minutes gone. We took our foot off the gas a bit and they started to get some pressure on goal, but stand-in keeper Jason indeed stood tall, making several good saves before a nice move by their standout midfielder brought them to 2-1 just before half.

In a prescient move Rowan went back to keeper for the second half and reinforcements arrived just in time, as Mike Zheng gave us some legs for the counter-attack even as we were increasingly on the back foot. Shawn and Thilo were massive (in many ways) in defense, repeatedly holding the schoolboys at bay, but an unlucky deflection on a long range shot found its way into the net and we were 2-2 at the gun. Calm, cool Adam Nowak stepped up under pressure for the first penalty kick and responded by not only missing the goal entirely but also by immediately feigning injury. Not to worry though, as we were impeccable from there out, scoring on every kick. After letting the first four shots in to get the measure of his opponents, once and future keeper Rowan settled on the cunning strategy of giving up most of the goal and then diving in the only direction he could, away from his injured shoulder. It worked beautifully as he saved their final kick, and after Shawn converted for us Rowan used the same ruse to save again and win the match for us, 5-4 on penalty kicks. For his offensive prowess and defensive heroics he was the obvious choice for Man of the Match, and while the sartorially-challenged Henry made a run for Donkey, Adam’s penalty gaffe and lame cover-up could not be denied.

Unfortunately, about the next match, perhaps the less said, the better. Facing premier side Vikings would be challenge enough, but while our side was depleted through injuries their’s was strengthened with ex-proffesionals. Nevertheless, spurred on by Patrick’s somewhat innovative take on a pre-match motivational speech, we charged into battle. Perhaps thinking to emulate Rowan, JD decided to save his diving for the post-game penalties, but the strategy backfired as we were three-nil down after half an hour. We continued to work hard and make our presence felt, with Lee Xiong physical in the midfield and Patrick using any means necessary to ensure no one got by him at the back.

Our effort paid off as we had more of the ball in the second half. Wim and Andy Mo created some chances and Crouchie wreaked his usual havoc up front, but our opponents got another goal in against the run of play and the match finished four-nil to them. Despite the disappointing result, there were some highlights, particularly the return of old boy Ben Woodcock, who flashed both skill and speed, though not in quite equal measure. New boy Jason once again proved his on-pitch prowess with his excellent reading of the game and crunching tackles, deservedly taking Man-of-theMatch honors. Unfortunately his off-pitch judgement proved somewhat lacking, as his post-game fascination with our favorite bottle lady/grandmother/mascot’s delectable bits earned him the rare Man-Donkey Double. Strangely fitting.

While our Cup run may have ended earlier than we hoped, a stellar win, the return to fitness of some vets and the impressive showing by new blood will send us into this week’s season opener with great confidence. Palace!
Adam N.

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Squad: G1 Barbarians B vs Summer Palace


Below is the squad list for our first league game of the season vs Barbarians B on SUNDAY. The game is at Chaoyang Stadium and kick off is at 4 pm. Be at the pitch at 3:30pm at the latest.



A few in this list have not yet send their JPEG files (passport + ID photo).  These players will not be allowed to take part in the game if they don’t email me back their documents by 5 pm TODAY (Friday 7th).

You can also directly register on the league website ( BUT let me know if you do so.

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G1: Summer Palace vs Barbarians B

Good afternoon gentlemen,

Forget that the Premiership, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga have all already kicked-off the 2012/13 season – the big one is here, Division 1’s curtain-raiser: Summer Palace vs Barbarians B, this Sunday 3:30pm, Chaoyang Sports Centre.

Are you available? Reply yes or no to this email as soon as possible. Get yourselves to training on Wednesday to give us the best chance of starting the league with a bang, our eyes are on the number 1 spot….

Forbidden City will be playing before Summer Palace at 2pm, it’ll be a proper club start to the season – especially with the opening season party on Friday!



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Cup Match: Summer Palace vs Vikings


After Sunday’s epic sudden death penalty shoot-out victory over Lao Hu (match report to follow), the draw for the second round took place on Monday night. Following last season’s 2nd round win over Kozo, we have the chance to claim another premier league scalp- this time: the Vikings.

The match is at 2pm this Saturday at Lido (meet at 1:30pm), with the winner progressing to the quarter-finals. SO, who’s available? Email your reply as soon as possible.

Reminder: Online registration has now started for this season, please email a scan of your passport and a picture of yourself (both as jpegs) to this address and we will register you.



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SQUAD: Cup Match Summer Palace vs Lao Hu

Summer Palace!

Competitive football is back! The squad for Sunday is below, meet at 13:15 at LIDO (the pitch we train on).

SQUAD [removed]

That’s a maximum squad number of 18. We’ve had excellent numbers in training and over 20 players available to play so if you cannot make it for any reason, text/call me so someone else can be included.

FOR THE OLD PLAYERS: Please bring 100RMB for registration.

FOR THE NEW PLAYERS: Please bring:
100RMB for registration
A photocopy of your passport
230RMB for kit
There is no need to bring a registration form or passport photos, the league will take a photo of each player on Sunday and the online registration form will be available to be completed soon.

Please note that match fees go towards paying the pitch fees, no-one from FCFC makes any money from the club.

Our cup run starts here, FOOOTBAAAALLLL!


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Cup Match: Summer Palace vs Lao Hu

Hello Citizens!

The IFFC draw has been made, Ben was present and it was riveting stuff.

It’s Lao Hu vs Summer Palace, Sunday 2 pm at Lido Pitch. Be there kitted up at 1:30 PM.

This email has gone out to the whole squad training list, let me know now if you are YES or NO. We will choose a team depending on training, but also to make sure you are not ‘cup-tied’. City will be playing in the cup later this year (they skip the first rounds as we came second in the premiership) and you can only play for one team.

You need to be properly registered with IFFC before you can play in an official match. So .. existing players please bring an extra ¥100 to training. New players, bring ¥300 (includes your kit) and passport copy and passport photo and registration form). We will collect at training on Wednesday.

Please reply by Thursday lunchtime so we can announce the squad list on Friday.

Forbidden City will also be playing a friendly versus a Chinese side on Saturday afternoon. See the separate email about that.

Get Involved!

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