G8: Summer Palace vs ISB Dragons

Palace,For info, last saturday we managed our largest victory so far this season by beating the Italians of Azzurri by 4-0. It was a very accomplished performance from all involved (18 players, + 3 who came for supporting!!). Special mention to our new signing Joachim Tangen, who scored 2 goals. After the game, most guys went to Lugas and voted unanimously for Joachim as Man-of-the-Match (and Matt Costello for Donkey).Now let’s try to follow this good win by another one against one of the best team in our division, the ISB Dragons, who are currently top of the league (and who defeated us in the Cup earlier this season).The game is scheduled for Saturday 20th November it’s at 11AM kickoff at Choyang stadium, meet there at 10:30AM.Who is available? , please answer ASAP.Cheers,PatrickPS: training session as usual, tomorrow, wednesday, 8-10 PM at the Lido.

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