Famous players for tomorrow nights match

BarryGood question if anyone famous is playing .. I did a quick google of the starting line ups..Apparently some guy called Barry George is playing and is very famous it seems ….Some names of the Chinese oppostion are as followsFat Slo Man – ex Guangdong FC who has since lost his pace due to too many noodles and TsingtaosHao di mis – former striker with a poor finishing recordLong Kok – popular with the Italian and French players from his team, during post match showersRu tu Won – ex defender who preferred the big kick up field to the tall centre forward rather than passing through the mid fieldWang ke – very argumentitive player and not liked by opposition or team matesMing Er – nightclubbing midfielder who had a habit of pulling ugly womenOn Tsai De – fast winger, who never seemed to get the benefit of the doubt from the linesmanAlex.

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