Match report for Palace vs Azzurri

Match report for Summer Palace vs Azzurri, Sunday 16th October 2011, Lido
Sunday found the boys from Palace preparing to face what promised to be a tough team in the Italian Azzurri.  The warmups saw Ben Roberts asking questions of sunscreen, and from the kickoff his teamates began asking more pertinent questions of the Azzurri defense.  Pressing wing play finally paid off when Jochen found the back of the net on a good lay-off from Ian Crouch.  More good play from the opposite wing led to another great goal from Jochen and a 2-0 advantage at the half.
Play resumed after Ben Roberts finished signing autographs for some fans of the Hellboy movies and momentum stayed with our side as Ian Crouch scored his first goal in his first appearance.  His blistering pace proved too much for the outmatched Italian fullbacks, and Crouchies strike stuck like a dagger in the fading Italian hopes.  Amir then put in a very well placed top corner goal to end any real doubt.  Eager to add to the tally, Lee Russell found himself free with only the keeper to beat but ended up tasting only rubber shavings and shame as he took a spill.  Shortly thereafter Lee R again found himself in front of goal and he remained on his feet to finish from Ian Crouch’s perfectly weighted lofted pass.  Jim So then found himself one on one near the corner flag and dove twice, the second time in the box where he earned a penalty.  Jochen rose to the occasion, netting his third and encouraging further comparisons to Gerd Muller.  The last course of this goal feast was served when Amir took the ball near half and cruised majestically past 4 hapless defenders and blasted a shot past the keeper from 20 yards out for his second goal.  Final score: Summer Palace 7 – Azzurri 0
After the game Jochen took the man of the match award with 6 votes (Amir second on 3).
The donkeys of the day were the divers Lee Russell and Jim So (4 and 3 votes, respectively).  Theories of a rooftop sniper or buried landmines are being discussed pending further analysis.  Eyewitness accounts vary.
Lee Russell
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G3: Summer Palace vs Azzurri, Sunday 16th October


After a lengthy break we are resuming our league campaign this coming Sunday, 16th October, against the Italians from Azzurri. This should be a tough game.
Kick off is scheduled at 2 PM at the Lido (=Side Gongyuan). Who is available?

Please reply as soon as possible and remember to attend training tomorrow, wednesday12th 8-10pm at the Lido. Attending training is the main criterion for selection for the weekend game.


PS: we had 3 volunteers for writing the match reports: Aaron Thio, Lee Russell and Ian Crouch. So we can expect some entertaining reading after our next game. Pikey’s idea to ask the MOM or Donkey of the match to write the match report sounded good but unfortunately I have to say that a past attend to implement this idea had failed so I would rather have a volunteer (who does not need to be the same every week as we have several candidates).

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G12: FCFC vs Azzurri

Citizens,Well done Saturday, a cracking display from all involved. It’s that togetherness that will keep us going till the end of the season!Stats website down so here’s a few game facts:Team:55′ A good move on the left led to a good switch from Ivan for Fabio on the right. The ghanean Wonder crossed it low for Ivan to finish off with ease. 1-065′ Useless foul from Philippe 40 yards out: the Fortuna centre back hit a tricky ball in the box and their striker with the slightest of touches put our rivals back in the game. 1-172′ Blythe hit a good corner, Both Ivan and Philippe double headed the ball in – Ex-poneytail man Ivan claimed it with a more enthusiastic celebration.2-182′ Blythe hussled the ball off their centre backs – clean through, 15 yards out and with only the keeper to beat, the Spurs man finished them off with a typical blythesque scuffed shot accross the goal. Boom. 3-1MOM: Blythe big game at the back – 1 assist – and 1 goal after a 5 minute stint up frontDOM: Ivan forgeting to bring the Donkey hat + his little yelp of agony and dismay after seeing his man get subbed. His girlfriend was not impressed.This coming Sunday we play against Azzurri, a team we know well. These kind of games are equally important, we need to win and keep our nerves. In fact, the first round of beers is on me if we manage a win and 0 yellow/red cards.So Sunday 12pm Kick Off Lido pitch ARE YOU AVAILABLE? please RSVP NOWCITY!!!Philippe

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G12: FCFC vs Azzurri


Late night beers in dingy bars, Pollution filled lungs, Dodgy pitches and even dodgier opponents, Aaron stepovers, and Philippe Tantrums…yep that’s right: FOOTY IS BACK!!!
We’ve won all our games so far with spirit, determination and (questionable) style, No reason we cant rise to the Challenge and keep this going through out the season. To make this happen the team will need every single one of you! So put you your weekend plans with the wife on hold – tell the Boss Footy comes first and No fake Matty injuries/hangovers either ;)! You’re City till you die!
League game: FCFC vs Azzurri
where: Lido
when: Sunday 27 Feb 12pm KO
Cup game: FCFC vs Sexy FC
where: Chaoyang Stadium
when: Tuesday 1 March 8:30pm KO
(Please note this game is next Tuesday)
Some of you are also on the Palace list let me know which matches you can come to: all 3 just 2 or 1. let me know, and Patrick, Ben and I will decide on SQUADS!
Cant wait! Booya!!
PS: Trainings have of course resumed (Wednesdays 8pm Lido) but Futsal is now over . 5s starts soon and should you wish to join our 5s teams please let Darren, Patrick, Ben Roberts and myself know. Thanks
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