Season Opening Party at Luga’s

FCFC got off to a good start to the footballing season this weekend with Palace beating Chaoyang Park Rangers 6 – 0 and City winning a hard fought battle against the French 1 – 0.

But as everyone at FC knows, the real season does not start until Luga has given us a free bottle of Tequila, Andy has been sick all over a toilet and Gabrielle has taken the chastity of a local schoolgirl.

So come down to Luga’s this Friday night for the Season Opening Party, starting at 8PM, for an evening of all you can eat and drink entertainment for 150RMB!

Please reply now to this email NOW so we can get an idea of numbers. Cheers


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  1. Hi Guys just a quick reminder:

    Opening Season party this Friday @ Lugas 150Rmb all you can eat and drink. This is a great chance to get to know old and new players, have a crazy night with the team and support the club: so be sure to turn up!

    Dress Code: City colours (predominantly yellow and red)
    Good times and relieving massages provided by Edu and the gang

    GFs, BFs Wives etc…are of course welcome


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