Play off game vs French LE B


I hope you’ve now recovered from the party on sunday night celebrating for City winning the premier league in emphatic fashion.

For Palace, it was a very disappointing day: We lost against Red cards (defeat 2-3, match report to follow if I can find the time to write it, although i would appreciate if someone else did it, any volunteer??) and we also lost Rowan, who broke is collar bone and has to go through surgery (last night). He’s staying at the Beijing United hospital, near the Lido. We will pass on more info and arrange a visit to the hospital when Rowan will have recovered a little, post-surgery.

Regarding the league, we have been given a chance to redeem ourselves. As Athletico totally screwed the league by fielding a semi-pro Chinese team for the last 4 weeks and that the results of our game as well as the French LE B’s game vs Athletico are both under examination by the disciplinary committee of the League, the French LE B and us, as well as the IFFC all agreed that it would be more practical and fair to just play a “play-off game” between the French B and Palace to decide which team wins the First Division league this season.

Only players having played at least 4 games with their B teams (i.e. Summer Palace and French LE B) are allow to take part (so Philippe, Jochen, Darren, Barrie,: you’re not qualified to play in this game, sorry!).

This game will be played this saturday at 12 noon, at the Lido (Side Gongyuan). Who is available?
Please reply ASAP and don’t forget to come to training tomorrow, wednesday 8 pm at the LIDO.


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