Most Valued Player. 6 Easy Questions.

Hello Lads,
You have a rare and delightful opportunity to be famous in Beijing as the official spokesperson of Forbidden City Football Club, Beijing.
One lucky contestant will have the young and nefarious girls of Beijing poring over your styling portrait and the more reading your wit and humour in the upcoming edition of City Weekend.
Here are 6 easy questions which you can answer in as much or as little detail (and truth) as you like.  A bit of fun on a weekend and to tease your idle brain. We will reward the best efforts and the winning spot some legendary and valuable City merchandise.
The City Weekend sports section has a MVP article, with a short interview and photo with a prominent member of a sports team.
1. What’s the story behind Forbidden City Football Club?
2. What’s it like playing in Beijing compared to other countries?
3. Is FCFC involved in the community in any way?
4. How did you get started?
5. How can people participate?
6. (Make up your own final Q & A)
Answer on a postcard by return email, time is running out, the editor needs the winning entry and to organise a photo shoot in the next week,
Get involved and show some City love.

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  1. Rowan

    The modern FCFC traces its spiritual roots to an underground “cuju” (ancient football) team formed in 1904 by rebel eunuchs in the Imperial Palace. Cruelly persecuted by the Qing authorities and other eunuch groups for their “heavenly play with balls”, the team was disbanded on the founding of the Republic in 1919.

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