G4: Summer Palace vs Red Cards is on

Ok lads,
Our league match this weekend is confirmed. We are playing Red Cards, at Chaoyang Stadium, this Saturday, kick off6pm, 1800 hours.  Please confirm availability by Thursday afternoon.
Red Cards always give their best shot against us, so it is sure to be a competitive match.
I especially asked for a late kick off so Amir can shake off his hangover and Lee’s weekly stray cat has time to go home for her milk. Also, it may mean some of the coaches can play?  Actually 6pm is the only free time and even then we are not on our usual pitch, but directly west of the main stadium. Arrive by the same entrance.
I suppose it does mean you can go out on Friday, but don’t end up in hospital. Better still, why don’t you save yourself for an impromptu Palace night out directly after the game. Beer, food, more beer then Lattee… it is Halloween after all.
See you at training tonight and earn your place on the team!
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