G5: FCFC vs Afrika

Hi Guys,
We play Afrika this weekend – this will be a proper game. Dont miss out!
The game is scheduled for 12pm but might get reschedule for 2 or 4 pm.
Are you available at these times?
Thanks for letting me know

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  1. Citizens,

    GAME SCHEDULE HAS CHANGED, the game will now start at 4pm. Please be sure to arrive on time for 3:15pm. Let’s not take this game lightly. Be fresh and ready to go to WAR!

    Where: Lidu
    When: Sunday
    Time: 3:15pm

    Be available, on time, and let’s go for it!

    Injured or not on the list try and make it down to the pitch to cheer the lads on



  2. Hey guys,

    Just a quick note following the weekend. I thought we gave them a very tough game despite the score line – we saw all of you run you socks off and fight for it against a good and experienced afrika side. They’ll be plenty an opportunity to get our revenge and show them we can take them down -so heads up/onwards and upwards as they say. Many challenging games ahead of us so let’s make sure we keep that spirit and drive. this weekend we play top of the table Beijing Celtics…We’ll need everything we’ve got once more! dont miss out! (email to follow)

    Training of course this Wednesday. Stay fit and competitive. thanks for making the effort.



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