G14: Summer Palace vs Barbarians

Palace,For the ones who missed it, we managed to scored 11 goals passed the Chaoyang Park Rangers on Saturday (final score 11-1). Admittedly, this large victory was made easier by the opposition fielding only 9 players. We had the ball 90% of the time, and had chance after chance to score, but the score after 1 hour played was only 3-1. Then in the final half hour the floodgate finally opened and we scored 8 more goals. Goals scorers were Charles Wharton (x3), Jason Dorey (x2), Gab de Tissot (x1), Lee Xiong (x1), Ben Roberts (x1), Jim So (x1), Peter Headden (x1) + 1 opposition own-goal. Lee Xiong was voted Man-of-the-match for scoring a cracking goal and Peter, “Donkey” for scoring the Rangers’ only goal (to make it 1-1 after 10 minutes played!). We are now second in the league table with 23 points, 6 points behind the French, and we have the best attack (56 goals) and goal-difference (+39).This coming weekend we will have a tougher match. We play the Barbarians B (we could only get a draw in that fixture back in October). The game is scheduled for Saturday 12th March, kick off at 5 PM in Chaoyang Stadium. Meet there at 4:30PM. Who can play?PatrickPS: Training session as usual on Wednesday, 8-10 PM at the Lido.

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