Forbidden City Tour to Bangkok 6th April 2012

Hello All,

While we at Forbidden City bombard you with emails, delete the rest, this is the most important!

The Easter weekend of April 6th 2012 is the German All Stars 11 a-side (and 7 a-side veterans) football tournament in the delightful city of Bangkok. We will be taking a full squad of footballers and party-goers.

So for those:
– Poor students: start saving those Renminbi to convert into 5 times the amount of baht.
– Busy executives: book the time off work, or even better, book a work trip to Bangkok the week before.
– Under the thumb: start making the excuses to the wives and/or girlfriends and promise her lot’s of nice things (even a week’s holiday on a Thai beach starting on Monday 9th April!).
– Ex-Beijinger’s: come and meet up in Bangkok for the weekend, you can’t have a better excuse (especially a short hop from Hong Kong, Phuket or Singapore – you know who you are!).

All are welcome for a great weekend of football and partying (and even some like Philippe may bring girlfriends too).

Save the Date!

Get involved!

Tour Captain

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