Weekly Update April 12th, 2011

Citizens!Another successful week of football for FCFC as both Palace and City continued their strong run of form, picking up three wins over the last week.City had a well-earned midweek win against Barbarians at Chaoyang park, scoring four goals against an opposition that while strong, did not manage to threaten.MOM – The Bristolian string puller Ally Russell dominated the wing, setting up goals and play from the midfield.DOM – The ball was placed 30 yards out, the gaffer steps up, “is Healey gonna have a crack?!…he is you know….oh I say!!……baoan can you go an fetch the ball please, thanks!”Palace had a difficult fixture on the weekend against 1st place French Le B and came away with a well deserved 3 – 1 win to place them at the top of the league!!MOM – Barrie George managed to score two, with one goal coming from kick-off after the equaliser, lobbing the goalie from the halfway line.DOM – It was a full house for Pikey as two touches in one incident were enough to gain two yellows and the all important red.City’s gruelling season continued as they played the strong Russian team on Sunday. A hard fought game that saw City down to 10 men in the first half ended in a 5 – 3 win and put City one step closer to winning the league.MOM – The goal machine, Ivan Lakatos, put four goals away with a range of finishes.DOM – Should it have been? Shouldn’t it have been? Nevertheless, it was a red, bye bye Andy!Check the stats websites for more!The heavy fall of fixtures in this later part of the season is truly a credit to our fitness and a special thanks to all those who played for both teams over the last week and continue to put it in midweek fives.It is our strength of squad and commitment that has got us where we are. Lets keep up the good work lads. City!!!!Blythe________________________________________Check out our websites at | | SPFC Stats | FCFC Stats |“creating an atmosphere of fun and friendship for footballers from all corners of the world in the spirit of competition that all players, past, present and future, can enjoy”

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