Summer Palace vs Italy FC on Sunday at 12pm

Hello Citizens!

As French Patrick is a way for most of October I’ll be doing his secretarial work.  Captain Rob is still here for the all important tactical decisions..

Having just had the National Day Holiday break I trust you’re all feeling fresh and ready for a decisive match in the new Stadium.    Here are the details …

Italy FC vs. Summer Palace
Sunday 12th October
We’ll meet at Pitch 11:20 AM for warm-up and team talk
Kick-Off at 12 PM NOON

We’re back at Chaoyang Stadium which further east of Chaoyang Park, close to 5th Ring road.   We’ll be leaving from Frank’s Place at 11AM SHARP. If you’re not at Frank’s before 11am, we’ll go without you.  If you’re not at the pitch by 11:30AM you won’t be included in the starting line-up.

PLEASE REPLY NOW IF YOU’RE AVAILABLE … yes or no in the subject line is enough.

I’ve sent you an SMS message as well so contact me if I don’t have your correct number (Kieran for one example)

We’re playing Italy which is going to be a hard game so let’s be focused and go out Friday night rather than Saturday night, then we’ll be able to celebrate with a few beers after the match as well!


If you’re going direct to the pitch, drive east out of the City along Chaoyanggongyuan Nan Lu, pass 4th Ring road bridge, continue along Yaojiayuan Lu and you will dip under the railway line and then pass a New Car Exhibition Centre.  You will then see the Chaoyang Sports Centre on the left hand side.  Go into the main entrance and approach the stadium with the golf driving range on the right.  We don’t play in the Stadium, but on the practice pitch to the left hand side.

You will remember the pitch as having a running track around it and no barriers, so if any of you know any ball girls (or boys) they’ll be very useful!

Directions to Pitch:

Let me know if you’re available and if you have any questions.

My mobile is 13911233279


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