Start of the Season!

Dear Citizens!This year is the year of the tiger, and this year is our year CITIZENS!!!So lets have a roaring start to the season by coming down to a first outdoors training this WEDNESDAY 23rd st Lido ( tomorrow 7.45pm) to give yourself the best start for football this campaign!This weekend lets rip into our opponents! Palace play the French @ Chaoyang stadium SATURDAY meet 3.30pm. With City tearing into the Russians at Lido SUNDAY meet 3.15pmI will be looking towards the fittest tigers to be selected for this game, so make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to get a shift on this Wednesday,REPLY NOW FOR-

-WEDNESDAY 23rd Training Lido 7.45pm-SATURDAY 27th Palace v French 3.30pm Chaoyang Stadium-SUNDAY 28th City v Russia 3.15pm LidoCan YOU come?


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