SQUAD: G2 Summer Palace vs CYPR


Below is the list of players available for our 2nd league game to be played tomorrow, Saturday 15th at the LIDO (in Chinese = Side Gong yuan, that’s the same place where we train every Wednesday).  Time of kick off is 12 noon, meet at the pitch at 11:30 AM. Please be on time so that we can warm-up properly and start the game in good conditions. 


Patrick (mobile: 135 0108 xxxx)

[squad removed]

2010/11 Premiership & First Division League Winners.

“creating an atmosphere of fun and friendship for footballers from all corners of the world in the spirit of competition that all players, past, present and future, can enjoy” | | 

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  1. pikey

    teleprinter ….

    HT: Summer Palace One, Chaoyang Park Rangers, One.
    FT: Summer Palace Sii-Ex, Chaoyang Park Rangers, One.

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