Sexy FC vs Forbidden City FC

Sexy FC 3:4 Forbidden City FCPRE SEASON FRIENDLY 19TH AUGUST 2007A game organised with thanks to Gary out at the new Dulwich Pitches (almost on the airport runway) and apart from Alex forgetting the kit (rather losing it in the back of the taxi) which meant we didn’t look the most organised for a team that haven’t played a serious game for a while we passed the ball well and scored the goals to leave Sexy FC feeling shameful.

starting line up substitutes
Jim ~ 5 12 ~Alex
Philippe ~ 4 2 ~ Three dudes / muppets in the cab
Pikey ~ 3 1 ~ Alfie
Robbie ~ 1 1 ~ Rowan
Luca ~ 1  
Jochen ~ 1  
Jim – Hustle and Bustle, lovely stuff Alex – The reason matters not. What a Whopper
Pikey – For his sideline up and down action [on the pitch] and borrowingme shorts so I didn’t look like an idiot! The three dudes in the cab
Jim – Good running / good goal The three muppets in the taxi witth the kit
Robbie – Good display Alex of course
Jim – Saved the Kit and scored Alex – Ran after the taxi, galliant effort, never going to happen
Philippe – Good running, all game Alex – Kit missing
Pikey – Came on like Hulk Hogan in a grey wig! Keeper (Alfie)- Looked light on his feet and slightly soft
Pikey – Got into the opponents half of the field, put in a couple ofgood crosses and a back heel pass, never happened before! Alex – Nuff said
Philippe – Great Running all game Rowan – [Alex] – Well I can’t vote for myself so I guess it goes toRowan for going to the Den and not Franks for the meeting
Jim – For saving Alex’s arse and getting the kit back Gotta be Alex
Luca – Great game from the captain and a nice goal Alex – too easy this week
Jim – For wonderful score Alex – Not for forgetting kit in the cab, but for the running motionbehind it
Philippe – Good coverage and attacking runs [i.e. good running!] Alex – Shocking decision making for goal, just kick it.
Jim Alex
Jochen Alex
Philippe – Solid in both halves Alex – for the lose of kit

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