Hello Lads,I have just heard that some of the Summer Palace squad are likely to be attending Birchy’s wedding this Saturday to get drunk with him and his wife once again on bijou. We have a football match vs Russia scheduled for Saturday morning at 11am which clashes with the wedding.Had we planned further in advance (FC that is, not Andy as his invite was made more than month ago) we could have requested a Sunday match on this day, but it is too late now as a minimum 10 days notice must be given.I need to know urgently if you will be attending Andy’s wedding. Actually Andy and Mei need to know an idea of numbers as well.WEDDING 10.00 – 14.00FOOTBALL 11:00 – 13:00Summer Palace vs Russia United at Chaoyang StadiumWe’ll meet at the ground at 10:30 and for those of you who want to share a taxi, we’ll leave from Frank’s at 9:50AM – wow an early start.Please reply urgently so we can get an idea what is going to happen.Cheers,Pikey

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