Photo Gallery City vs BarBars

Here are a bunch of photos from the second half of the Forbidden City vs Barbarians Match on Sunday 7th March. City won the day 6:0 with goals by six different players ..

Heavy title contenders Forbidden City FC had no mercy with Game 13’s opponents the Barbarians A and finished them off with a clear 6:0 victory. In the first half the game already went decided when Forbidden City FC scored through Jochen Tenhagen (15.), Aaron Reem (16.), Andy Williams (32.) and Ivan Lakats (37.) a clear 4:0 lead. In the second half the Barbarians still were not able to find FCFC’s goal net, while FCFC’s Philipe Healy (60.) and Blythe Fitzwilliam (73.) added one goal each to make it 6:0, the final score. A fine team effort by the table leaders as all six goals were scored by six different players.

You can click on each image for a larger photo or run the slideshow to watch them all scroll through. You can also see this link for the FCFC TV highlights!

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