New Season

Hi Summer Palace,Excellent friendly game last night against Forbidden City, well done to everybody who played.I have a few infos for you:1- If you have not done it already, you MUST provide me with a photocopy of your passport (the page with your name and photo only). This is the new league regulation: you won’t be able to play in the league without this.Please bring it this wednesday at training or next time you come to play (training or competitive game)2- We have a training session this wednesday evening (10th September): same venue and same time as last week: which is Lido park and 9:45pm. Try your best to make it, as I need to make an “informed” selection for our coming league game.Let me know if you are available3- Our first league game is scheduled for this coming saturday (13thseptember) at 9am (YES, EARLY SATURDAY MORNING) at the 80th Middle School in Wangjing. We play against a new team in the league ISB Dragons.Let me know if you are available for selection.4- The IFFC schedule for the season is not yet fully completed due to problem with booking pitches. You can nevertheless have a look at the schedule on the IFFC website you know already that you are going to be away/not available for some of the league games scheduled let me know. We are allow to postpone games in case we are short of players but only if we ask for it well in advance.Patrick

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