Match Report: Russia 0:6 FCFC

February 28, 2010 – Russia 0:6 FCFC

Citizens!The bells of the Kolner Dom are Ringing, The prodigal son has returned, Jochen Tenhagen has scored.Many had come to doubt whether he would ever cross the halfway line again, but the Mustachioless German silenced his doubters today with an 11th minute “Kracker Shlaffer” from 25 yards out. After stealing the ball in midfield, Jupp pushed forward with the ball and blasted an unstoppable strike past the Russian keeper, to send City on its way to victory and keep us top of the table.Other moments/points worthy of note:- Matty the team Cripple was on deck to encourage the team along with “occasionally suspended Healey”- Sheff and Blythe confirmed talks with BOBOME concerning the creation of a new Nightclub “Shyffe” (the club’s Motto is rumoured to be: “Prepare to be Shyffed”) were well on their way.- James will be collecting contributions for Ivan’s new hearing aid this Wednesday at training.- Kenny Gasser is just too good.- Thanks to Ini for travelling all the way up to Beijing. Great to see you mate.- Adam’s hard work on the right helped him claim yet another assist. his beautiful cross was only slightly deflected by all four Russians defenders and a Chuar stand in Sanlitun, before it fell to Will who finished with class.- While you are busy reading this Sheff is with your girlfriend.- And Alex is the “Papa”.MOM: JochenDOM: Barrie (poor yellow card/picking fights with several men half his sizeGoal summary:11 min – Jochen Tenhagen (10/10)A virtuoso solo goal by Jochen Tenhagen, scored from long range with the right foot. It has to go down in the records as a mind-blowing effort.19 min – Ivan Lakatos (7/10)Ivan Lakatos fired home from 18 yards out with a well-finished right foot goal, following a through-ball from Jochen Tenhagen.35 min – Kenny Gasser (7/10)A well delivered through-ball from Ivan Lakatos was converted by Kenny Gasser. A great finish with the right foot from 18 yards out.43 min – Ivan Lakatos (8/10)Ivan Lakatos fired home from close range with a trademark salmon jump tremendous headed goal, following a cross from Aaron Re’em.49 min – James Mckay (5/10)Inigo Beltran supplied the corner, and James Mckay found the net from six yards out after a great rush in the box89 min – Will Weisblatt (8/10)A well delivered cross from Adam Ferry was converted by Will Weisblatt. A first-class finish with the right foot from 18 yards out.Read the team line-up, match report and player stats at Webteams

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