Match Report: Cup Match City vs Lao Hu

City began with a double boost , first of all Big Jim had not returned to Beijing over the summer, and secondly Ivan hadnt grown his pony tail backThis was city’s first competitive game of the season. Captain Philippe was determined for a good start – “its a new season and its critical we take this game serious” said Philippe as he staggered home from Sanlitun at 6am on Sunday morning .

The opposition, from a local school, had an average age similar the Sheff’s recent girlfriends and they had all the eagerness of a bunch of 15year olds with a new lingerie catalogue. To cope with the young opposition City brought in some News Kids off the Block, including Tommy, Paul and PieterBas.
Early in the game it was obvious city were missing Matty Dunn and Andy – there hadn’t been a single fight and no-one was abusing the ref or other city players.
Fabio danced around their keeper to give city the lead, but just before half time Phillippe subbed himself and brought on his 94 year old Corsican great grandfather, who couldnt match the pace of their forward. Baz tried his best, but as the 15 year old shot his load early, it slid through Baz’s legs unexpectedly. Half time 1-1
With the game heading for a draw and a soggy biscuit shoot-out awaiting the 15 year olds, City grabbed a goal through new boy tommy. New front man Jason Dorey (fresh from his “i cant play for City cos i played for Palace, but i didnt play for palace cos i am playing for City” cup tied confusion) finally turned up and then crossed for Ally to put the game safe at 3-1.   soon it was “4 on 1” after Ivan scored and the 15 year olds were wondering if it would end in a game of 5 on 1, like most evenings.  they looked tired and it was clear a few of them wanted to be “pulled off”
Congratulations to City and a free night in Maggies for all the team.
A good effort by the 15 year old and free link to the yaodian lingerie section for their efforts

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