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Luga's Opening Party Group Photo

Luga's Opening Party Group Photo

First of all, THANKS to all the players and friends that joined the OPENING SEASON PARTY last weekend, I had a lot of fun and so I hope you did have fun too….A particular thanks to Jochen, Philippe and Ton (dj skills) for the great help in organizing the party …. GREAT STUFF GUYS!!!In the meantime, we are approaching a very important holiday for the Chinese calendar and this will affect our football schedule. This is FC schedule for the next 10days:• This weekend and next weekend (Sep.27-28 and Oct.4-5) there will be NO LEAGUE MATCHES.• Next week training is CANCELLED, if you are in town you are more than welcome to contact Jim or Adam and organize a 5aside (I won’t be in town).• After the holiday, training day will change, since Lido pitch is giving us a better option. Next training will be on TUESDAY 7th October, from 8 to 10pm. Until the end of the season training will be every Tuesday from 8 to 10pm.• I heard of a few City players and other league players that will stay in Beijing during the holiday. Some of these players are organizing some weekend games so If you are interest in playing please talk with Jim 13552849722.Please if any questions or need some more information, let me know.I wish you all an amazing holiday time, keep the fitness up (10 minutes run every day on the beach can be a nice idea after a few bad hangovers) ….and I see you all on the pitch in 10 days.CiaoLuca

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