G10: FCFC vs Afrika

Hey guys,What a game on Sunday!! A hard fought battle, with nerve racking moments and a bit too much shouting (heavily including myself here), that keeps us on top of the table with now a 5 point lead.(Afrika have a game in hand). Nice work out there even if at times we didn’t quite play as we wanted to/can. Importantly, we once again showed immense character and kept at it for the entire game.This week another great game awaits us, we take on Afrika on Sunday 1pm Lido. For good measure and solid preparation I’ll be asking you to make it to the pitch by 12pm. So can you make it? are you AVAILABLE? please RSVP NOW.Thanks guys and see you in trainingyou know it…There’s only one Forbidden City!PhilippePS: if you’ve received Patrick’s email for Saturday please answer if you can play both games / available for one or the other etc… Patrick, Ben and I will then decide on both teams for the weekend. Thanks

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