Football tonight meet in Wudaokou

Hello guys

I’m Ivan from Forbidden City Fc, i’m organizing the trip to our training destination for the new comers.. As living in Wudaokou as well, we can share a taxi tomorrow night for Training, meeting at the south-gate of BLCU at 19.15, please don’t be late.

Please let me know if you’re coming to the meeting point so i can organize taxis more easily.

For those who are planning to go there directly, here’s the address in Chinese Lido Sìdé Gōngyuán, Xiaoyun Qiao, Fāngyuán Xīlù
丽都 四德公园; 霄云桥;芳园西路6号. Training starts at 20.00, please don’t be late.

Ps Graeme : Could you please let me know if your friends Ian and James are coming to training/meeting point as soon as possible. The best would be to have their e-mail addresses. Cheers

See you soon !


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