FCFC-TV: City vs. Azz

FCFC-TV presents another episode of fun football in Beijing. Watch the mighty City take on the Azzurris in front of record attendance as the weather warms up. “Most fans that ever came to City match”, said football pundit Matthew D. OnkyThe going wide pays off. Sheff is on camera with more than two shots on goal and leaping ahead in the ‘who’s the best left winger’ competition, much to Blaine’s dismay. Blaine’s still got the looks though.Getting bored with all his vacation time after selling loads of electronics to friends, Alex is auditioning for a Hollywood career, giving a Florence Nightingale impression.When Philippe is not not chasing the ball he is running circles around Azz players (“every fucking time”). You better leave the ball for him.‘Google Me’ is coming on in the second half, though unfortunately the camera missed his coming off. The camera didn’t miss someone else’s walk of shame though, but not today and here.And what is Ferry doing?All in all, captured 5 out of 7 goals and about 20 shots on goal. Not too bad.

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