FCFC Thailand Tour

FCFC Boys!As most of you know, there is an 11-a-side football tournament coming up on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand!!!FCFC have booked a slot to play, but we have to pay a deposit as confirmation by the beginning of March.In order to do this we need to have at least 12 people confirmed and therefore we will need confirmations of attendees by the end of February.So basically it is now or never boys! Those who have responded before, please reconfirm as to your confirmed interest in attending. Those sitting on the fence now need to make a decision.As a basic guide to costs, see below:Hotel Room – A double is ¥ 260, split between two.Flights – THAI Air flights around ¥3,389. If we all fly on the same flight, there may be group discounts available and other flight options may be cheaper.Match – The match entry fee is around ¥5,000 including getting tour t-shirts made, etc, split between however many players we get.Based on those estimates and 12 players, it will cost ¥ 4,000 before beer/lady boy money.When we have enough people confirmed we will then arrange the itinerary of flight details, deposits and passport numbers etc. Due to people working, students etc. different flight dates will be available and feel free to ask if you have any other questions that you need answers to before you make your decision.Please feel free to invite some other friends that would like to take part, the more the merrier!It would be great to get an FCFC team there this year, so lets do it guys and REPLY NOW!!!Blythe

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