FCFC Korean BBQ team night out Friday

Citizens!Social event of the moment !!One night only !!This Friday 15th October from 7:30pmKorean BBQ on Guijie 3号 东直门内大街 (Dongzhimen Subway, a couple of restaurants west of 7-11).max ~ ¥100 per personKorean National Dress or Fashionable Korean Dress – (think of Apple and let your imagination run riot. Ben R is allowed to wear unfashionable North Korean Dress if he prefers).WaGs welcomed with open arms.Following a great weekend of team bonding on the pitch, this coming Friday we’ll get to know each other in a different environment. With both SP / FC matches scheduled for Sunday this is a great opportunity to have a group dinner and night out on Friday. And with more than 50 active squad players at the moment we hope for a big gathering.Included:Private roomPretty much non stop flow of BBQ / Beer / SochuFriendly banter / stolen glances / lasting friendshipsSpeech by honorary guest ‘Italian Stallion’ on “the importance of ‘organised fun’ in group sports”Followed by:Dance the beer off with Blythe’s tour in and around Gongti ‘the home of football and fast women’ in BeijingRSVPSo cancel your massage appointment / throw away your fashion show invitation and reply to this email with a YES / NO so we have an idea of numbers.Much City love,Pikey

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  1. Sheff

    A Korean night out? Oh, Dear Leader, yes!Yours truly,Kim Jong’Un.Keeping down the big nosed, b*stard American Imperialists since October 2010. Follow me on Twitter.

  2. Iñigo

    I miss you!!!

  3. Alex

    non stop “flow” of BBQ – sounds worrying

  4. Pikey

    Waitresses flowing in wearing sexy Korean costume carrying plates of meat.. trays of food and bottles of beer in their ample bosom. Better?

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