FCFC 1 – 0 Strollers

LEAGUE MATCH – 25th November 2007The Strollers are getting better with each week and Forbidden City needed to win to stay top of the table as both Athletico in 2nd (by default in most likelihood) and Sexy in 3rd would win their respective lower division clashes. From a defensive angle the City did all they needed to (all be it the Blade gave away a shocking pen that ‘Magic’ Tim McHanwell missed in a way not seen since the Strollers Kirky missed a pen in Bangkok, or was it Hangzhou?)… Simon scored a great header from Luca’s cross to ease the pressure but in the second half the City defence had it all to do to from a determined Strollers attack which were ultimately disappointed to give away three points. The City’s formation was not at it’s best and on many occasion the defence were put under sustained pressure as there was no avenue through the midfield and width of the pitch to feed the ball out of our danger zone. It was a hard fought game against a good opposition but tactically the City had the better game plan and used their assets to an advantageous three points. [TABLE=20] [TABLE=21] As usual, you can see more details of the match and goals on our webteams page.

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