Cup Match: Summer Palace vs Lao Hu

Hello Citizens!

The IFFC draw has been made, Ben was present and it was riveting stuff.

It’s Lao Hu vs Summer Palace, Sunday 2 pm at Lido Pitch. Be there kitted up at 1:30 PM.

This email has gone out to the whole squad training list, let me know now if you are YES or NO. We will choose a team depending on training, but also to make sure you are not ‘cup-tied’. City will be playing in the cup later this year (they skip the first rounds as we came second in the premiership) and you can only play for one team.

You need to be properly registered with IFFC before you can play in an official match. So .. existing players please bring an extra ¥100 to training. New players, bring ¥300 (includes your kit) and passport copy and passport photo and registration form). We will collect at training on Wednesday.

Please reply by Thursday lunchtime so we can announce the squad list on Friday.

Forbidden City will also be playing a friendly versus a Chinese side on Saturday afternoon. See the separate email about that.

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