Celtic A 2-5 FCFC

LEAGUE MATCH – 21st October 2007Great result to put City top of the league! Well done this weekend for a great night of hot pot and 6 points for the club.I would just like to say in term of FC’s game on Sunday we played well in some patches, but would just like to throw in a bit of feed back after the game. I thought there was a lot to be positive, and a lot of things we can believe. I would just like to look at a couple of things we can definitely improve on.Firstly if we are going to perform well, and under pressure we have got to be a lot stronger mentally. We have got some great players and we have got to realise with hard work we can do well.Secondly we need to mark early from defending corners, tell me who you are marking early and theyll be no problems. For some reason we all drift of somewhere else when you should be picking up players, when a corner kick has been decided.Thanks for your time and hopefully see you on Wednesday for trainingJames MckayFCFC Manager

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