Bangkok Tour March 2013

Hello Lads,

A football tour they said. In Bangkok they said. Next March. What do you say?

I know the date ‘end of March’ seems way off but the chat about our Easter 2012 tour is just dying down so I thought six months would be the right time to start the banter for next year’s tour!

About 20 of us headed down to Bangkok last year to play in the German All Stars Bangkok ( – need VPN in China) 11 a-side open football tournament. Even if you are a new recruit to City you should already have heard some banter about the football and fun we had during that week. If not, ask the lads at the weekend.

We WILL be going again next year. Get on board. Saturday 30th March and Sunday 31st March are the important days.

Good Friday is 29th March, while Qing Ming Jie is Thursday 4th April. Hopefully you will have one or both of these holidays available.

Last year about 10 of us went a week early and had a lovely and quiet ‘rest and relaxation’ few days on the beaches of Koh Chang. Maybe this year because of the Chinese holiday the week after, we could plan a recovery session of a similar nature. Get your ideas in now and start the plans forming.

The 11 a-side tournament is open to all ages, while there is likely to be a Masters 7 a-side tournament for over 35’s at the same time. Let me know now if you are interested to join in one or the other or both??

Flights cost about ¥3,000 (less if indirect or booked now!), hotel was ¥200 a night and spending money less than a night out in Sanlitun, depending on your pleasures. So start saving and get involved.

FCFC New and old are more than welcome whether you are in the US, Indonesia, Canada, UK, Thailand, Sweden (you know who you are!)…etc..or in China of course. All you need to do is book the time off work and start saving. Right now I want to hear who is interested and some ideas for side trips before or after.

Let’s get this party started.

Your tour captain,

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  1. Ini

    You forgot Brasil!!!

    I have to check but I’ll try my best!!!


    • …And (how could i forget!) our FCFC Brazilian contingent. Be sure to be there INI!

  2. Luca

    I am in! by the way if we need some more numbers I can bring a few Pink Panthers with me!

  3. Jochen


    I plan to be there and will probably stay for 7-10 days to make the long trip worth the while.

    I promise to not go scuba diving on land this time and play more football.

    Luca, I never had any doubts about you wearing pink panties.

    See you in BKK,


  4. Pieterbas

    This could be a pretty interesting trip,


    • Ini

      No doubt my smiley friend…

      As same as Jochan if I do it to thailand I’ll planto stay 7-10 days…

      And of course, non on land scuba…


  5. Simon

    Sounds like a family-friendly affair, perfect for my wife and 6 month old twins. I am in. Hope someone won’t mind babysitting one afternoon.

  6. German All Stars Bangkok cordially invite you to the 31st Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2013.

    We know there are other tournaments around the region, but this is Asia’s premier football festival. Simply put, after 30 editions we are “the original and the best”! This is your chance to be a part of this, so here are the details you’ll need in order to make up your minds:

    • When?
    o Saturday & Sunday March 30th & 31th, 2013 (Easter weekend)
    • Where?
    o Bangkok, Thailand (Asia’s premier night life location)
    o Bangkok Patana Football pitches
    • Why?
    o Concise organization, supported on the pitch by FIFA approved referees
    o Open 11 a-side competition
    o Masters (players must be at least 35) 7 a-side competition
    o Masters (players must be at least 45) 7 a-side competition
    o Become part of a 31 year old Asian football tradition
    o Re-energize with great Thai and German food (free buffet)
    o Re-hydrate with ice cold German beer.
    o Re-vitalize with traditional Thai- and foot-massage available on site
    o Wrap-it up with a great after party on Sunday night
    o Plus any other night activities you may dream about during your Friday and Saturday night stay in the City of Angels

    Hope the details mentioned above help make your minds up.

    We are attaching the 2013 Tournament Rules on this email for your review as well. Check additional details on our website. (

    German All Stars Bangkok

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