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IFFC match reports and stats

Below are the match reports for Summer Palace games in the 2011-12 season, which were prepared by the IFFC (special thanks to Greg).

In the first league match of the season, reigning champions Summer Palace had no major difficulties over a hard working 11-aside Chaoyangpark Rangers side who could not score against Summer Palace’s goaly Jason one goal. Summer Palace scored in each half three goals and won in after ninety minutes with 6:0 in the end. Jim So (17.& 87.) and Lee Russell (30. & 70.) struck twice as their team mates Amir M. Salih (5.) and Fei Yan (50.) added one goal each on the scoresheet.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Eduardo DeBeugny (Summer Palace) and Felix Szeto (Chaoyangpark Rangers)

Dong Ren FC managed to upset champions Summer Palace with a 3:1 victory. In the first it was Zhang Jingsong (10.) and Yue Kaihao (17.) who scored the 2:0 halftime lead for the Chinese side. In the second half after just seconds played Dong Ren FC’s Zhang Peng (47.) scored the 3:0. Summer Palace also managed to score by a goal from Andy Mo (70.), but in the end were defeated. After ninety minutes the score was Dong Ren FC 3, Summer Palace 1.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Wang Feng (Dong Ren FC) and Oliver Chesterman (Summer Palace)

It was a quite easy victory for last year’s champion (Summer Palace) against Azzurri FC. No team could score any goal during the first 30 minutes but Summer Palace’s very experienced player Jochen Tenhagen (32’ 38’) started the long series of goals with 2 goals before half time. Summer Palace did not wait long after the beginning of the second half to score again, Ian Crouch (48’) and Amir M. Salim (55‘) hit the net. Azzurri FC almost had no clear opportunities to score, Summer Palace clearly controled this game and kept pushing till the end. Lee Russell (70’), the unstoppable MVP Jochen Tenhagen again (80’) and finally Amir M. Salim scored the last goals for Summer Palace for a great 7-0 victory over the Italians.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Danilo Zucii (Azzurri FC) and Jochen Tenhagen (Summer Palace)

Summer Palace had the upper hand on the Japanese team in this make up game. Red Cards’ team had the best start in the first half and Hiroshi Kawano (today’s MVP) scored the first and only goal (30’) for the Japanese. But in the second half, Summer Palace’s MVP today Giovanni Sozzi (48’) struck back with the 1:1 equalizer. Summer Palace managed to come back and turn around the score thanks to Lee Russell with 2 goals. (66’ & 90’). 3:1 was the final score of the match in favor of Summer Palace over Red Cards.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Hiroshi Kawano (Red Cards) and Giovanni Sozzi (Summer Palace)

After this 6:1 victory over the Beijing Celtics, Summer Palace is at the top of the ranking table in the first division. But the new Chinese team (Dong Ren) is missing 1 game and if they win their make up game they will lead the first division. As usual for Summer Palace it was a great team work that allowed them to get the 3 points at the end. Adam Nowak (16’) struck first for Summer Palace followed by Oliver Chesterman (20’) and Giovanni Sozzi (35’) for the 3:0 half time score for Summer Palace. In the second half, Amir M. Salih (50’), Ben Roberts (65’) and Nils Jakobsen (83’) added 3 more goals for Summer Palace. Colm O’Flaherty scored the consolidation goal for the Beijing Celtics 02 and 6:1 was the final score in favor of Summer Palace over the Celtics after ninety minutes.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Ben Roberts (Summer Palace) and Paul Ryding (Beijing Celtics 02)

It was a very tight game 7 round between Summer Palace and Dragons. Finally Summer Palace had the upper hand on the Dragons but it was not so easy at the beginning. Although Summer Palace did the impression of controlling the game, the Dragons had the best chance to score at least 2 goals in the first half. And if the Dragons had scored first it might have been a completely different game. As usual and like Forbidden City, Summer Palace was realistic and Lee Russell (20’) scored the first goal for Palace. The second half was more balanced and Summer Palace added one more goal to the score sheet thanks to Andy Mo (76’). The Dragons could be disappointed of not getting any point from this game, but this is football and only result counts.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Aaron Pu (Dragons) and Barrie George (Summer Palace)

Last year’s champion (Summer Palace) easily got 3 points after this game against King World who is fighting every weekend to get their first points in this championship. Oliver Chesterman (8’ 39’) scored the first and last goal of the first half, in between, Jim So (17’ 30’) struck twice and Li Xiong (22’) added one goal on the score sheet. 5:0 is the result at half time. In the second half, Summer Palace continued controlling this game and they added 5 more goals via Lee Russel (47’), Jim So (51’ 77’ 80’) and Oliver Chesterman (70’). Su Zheng scored the consolidation goal for King World in the last minutes.

It was a very easy victory for Summer Palace over French Le B who clearly does not play as well as last year. Summer Palace scored 3 goals in the first half through Jim So (9’ & 16’) and Ben Roberts (25’) and 3:0 was the score at half time. Summer Palace dominated the whole game and deserved to score 2 more goals which Oliver Chesterman (68’) and Lee Russell (80’) took care of. It was an easy 5:0 victory for Summer Palace
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Luis Gemio (French Le B) and Giovanni Sozzi (Summer Palace)

Barbarians B vs.    Summer Palace 1:2

Chaoyangpark Rangers vs. Summer Palace 0:4 (0:2)
Even if Summer Palace played in the Cup against Forbidden City (same club) the day before, they managed to earn a 4:0 victory over Chaoyangpark Rangers. Actually, it should have been more than 4 goals for Summer Palace because not only they got a penalty kick that did not end up into a goal but they also hit the net but the ball went through it! Only the referee did not see it and the goal was not validated. What a chance for Chaoyang Park Rangers! Congratulations to Oliver Chesterman from Summer Palace for his Hard Trick.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Alisdair McCray (Chaoyangpark Rangers) and Mike Zhang (Summer Palace)
Summer Palace : Oliver Chesterman (12’ – 20’ – 46’) – Christopher Lupton (50’)

Summer Palace vs. Dong Ren FC 2:2 (2:0)
This game between Summer Palace and Dong Ren was surely the most challenging game in first division for Dong Ren this year. Dong Ren were close to concede their first defeat this year against Summer Palace, both teams played very good football. Summer Palace probably played one of their best games this year too, not surprising that they scored the first 2 goals. But Dong Ren has this ability to score when needed and they proved it again but this time they could not make the difference and they ‘only’ got 1 point out of this game.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Adam Nowak (Summer Palace) and Bi Li (Dong Ren FC)
Summer Palace: Alistair Russel (41’) – Giovanni Sozzi (20’)
Dong Ren FC: Zheng Yang (70’) – Ma Nan (82’)

Azzurri FC vs. Summer Palace 2:2 (1:0)
It was a very interesting game between Azzurri FC and Summer Palace. Azzurri FC could have been this weekend’s surprise if they had not unluckily got their goal keeper injured in the beginning of the second half. Azzurri was leading 2-0 but as soon as their keeper had to leave the pitch, Summer Palace put more and more pressure and scored 2 goals in the second half. Getting 1 point against Summer Palace is actually a good result but everybody could understand why the Italians might be a little disappointed at the end. Defending is something Italians can do very well but Summer Palace is also good at scoring!
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Danielo Frigimelica (Azzurri FC) and Sebastian Klindworth (Summer Palace)
Azzurri FC: Danielo Frigimelica (60’) – Paschalis Harakopidis (44’)
Summer Palace: Lee Russell (84’) – Oliver Chesterman (80’)

Summer Palace vs. Red Cards 8:0 (6:0)
Summer Palace had more than enough players to defeat the Japanese who only had 11 players. It is not the only reason, Summer Palace also clearly played better football. After only 10 minutes in this game Summer Palace was already leading 2 goals ahead. Easy victory for Summer Palace.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Lee Russell (Summer Palace) and Maeda Kenji (Red Cards)
Summer Palace: Lee Russell (10’ – 34’ – 68’) – Mike Zhang (42’) – Wharton Charles (2’) – Ben Roberts (67’) – Chris Lupton (19’) – Jason Dorey (30’)

Beijing Celtics 02 vs. Summer Palace 5:0 (2:0)
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Javier Hernandez (Beijing Celtics 02) and Giovanni Sozzi (Summer Palace)
Beijing Celtics 02: Aarron New (75’) – Iain Shaw (50’) – Javier Hernandez (10’) – Colm O’Flaherty (23’) – Jonathan White (90’)

Summer Palace vs. Dragons 5:1 (2:0)
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Mike Zhang (Summer Palace) and Oliver Bech (Dragons)
Summer Palace: Jochen Tenhagen (57’) – Ben Roberts (67’) – Lee Russell (25’) – Mike Zhang (40’ – 81’)
Dragons: Alex Monaghan (46’)

King World vs. Summer Palace 0:6

Summer Palace vs. French LE B 4:1 (1:0)
In the first 10 minutes French Le played pretty good football but they got tired very quickly and Summer Palace took advantage of the situation. Summer Palace players were more agressive and attacked more than French Le players, that is why Summer Palace scored once in the first half. The second half was very tough for French Le players and Summer Palace had more and more opportunities to score. The Frenchs clearly missed some fresh players, they had to let injured players on the pitch. Summer Palace clearly deserved this victory 4:1.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Chris Lupton (Summer Palace) and Nicolas Poncet (French LE B)
Summer Palace: Giovanni Sozzi (41’) – Wharton Charles (89’) – Sebastian Klindworth (49’) – Barrie George (82’)
French LE B: Frederic Guilloux (80’)

Lao Hu Internazionale vs. Summer Palace 5:2 (2:1)
The result of this game between Lao Hu and Summer Palace was quite a surprise but the Lao Hu Internazionale clearly deserved the victory. Summer Palace scored the first and almost the last goal in this game but in between Lao Hu played better football. Maybe the fact that they won this international tournament a couple of weeks ago gave them more energy and trust to win this game against Summer Palace. Both teams had very good spirit but Lao Hu players controled this game and created more opportunities. Well done Lao Hu!
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Jesse Suderman (Lao Hu Internazionale) and Ian Crouch (Summer Palace)
Lao Hu Internazionale: Nicholas Sudmann (15’ – 25’ – 86’) – Benjamin Sudmann (57’) – Woojin Kim (60’)
Summer Palace: Chris Lupton (10’) – Lee Xiong (80’)

Summer Palace vs. Barbarians B 0:3 (0:1)
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Jason Dorey (Summer Palace) and Henry Green (Barbarians B)
Barbarians B: Carlos Muniz (40’) – Hamza Deheina (47’) – Joe O’Connor (80’)

IFFC CUP First Round
First Division champions Summer Palace did not have an easy go over the Chaoyangpark Rangers who fought well throughout the whole match. In the first half the Rangers had a great start and it was their striker Ben Leary (1.) who scored the 1:0 lead after just seconds played. Then Summer Palace’s Chris Lupton struck twice (15. & 23.) making Summer Palace go with a 1:2 lead into the break. In the second half it was Jim So (71.) who struck the 1:3 for Summer Palace which was also the final score after ninety minutes.
BEST PLAYERS: Ben Leary (CYP Rangers) and Lee Xiong (Summer Palace)

IFFC CUP Second Round
Summer Palace managed to upset the Premiership side Kozo Japan in the second round of the T.M. Cup winning with a close score of 1:2 over the Japanese. In the first half Kozo Japan had the better start and through Hiroshige Tanaka (23.) took the 1:0 lead. In the second half the match stayed real tight with chances on both sides. Then five minutes from time it was Amir A. Saleh who struck the 1:2 winner which makes Summer Palace advance into the Quarterfinals of the IFFC T.M. Cup.
BEST PLAYERS: Hiroshige Tanaka (Kozo) and Chris Lupton (Summer Palace)

IFFC CUP Quarterfinal
Forbidden City vs. Summer Palace 8:0 (3:0)
These 2 teams know very well each other since they train together and also party together. The spirit was obviously friendly in this 1/4 final Cup game but Summer Palace hoped to surprise everybody of course! In the beginning of the game it was tight but after Forbidden City scored a couple of goals, Summer Palace let more and more space to Forbidden strikers who took advantage of the situation and score 8 goals in total. Forbidden City is qualified for the semi final.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Fabio Pinto (Forbidden City) and NO MVP (Summer Palace)
Forbidden City : Phillipe Healey (61’) – Lao Cai (7’) – Ally Russell (85’) – Andy Williams (47’ – 60’) – Fabio Pinto (27’ – 80’) – Malte Thiodle (40’)

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