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Below are the match reports for Summer Palace games in the 2008-09 season, which were prepared by the IFFC (special thanks for Rob Gonella).

After two seasons having a break from the IFFC Leagues, the Dragons returned once more to the IFFC and their first opponent was no less then one of last season’s top team Summer Palace. The match took place at Dulwich College where both teams are rather more less home; Summer Palace had many practices arranged there while for the Dragons (most I.S.B. students) did not have far to travel. And as the match went ahead we saw the first upset of the season, because the Dragons beat an rather inharmonic playing Summer Palace side. In the first half they saw it coming: after Dragons’ Julian Pang score the 1:0 lead (15.), just five minutes later Palace’s John Tracy could equalize for 1:1 (20.), but another five minutes later, the Dragons took the 2:1 lead through Tetsuya Hara (25.) and after another ten minutes Dragon’s Mike Peevler scored even the 3:1 (35.) which was also the halftime score. In the second half both sides were able to score one more goal; for the Dragons it was Jae Hyuk (72.) who briefly scored the 4:1 lead, but three minutes later Glen Royce struck back (75.) and scored the 4:2 which was also the final score. The Dragons celebrated a dream start into the 08/09 Season while for Summer Palace after the early Cup exit against the Celtics the season started with a loss. Next week they need to prove themselves better against the Barbarians.

The top match of the First Division was moved to the Premiere field Lido Park on Saturday 12noon kick off and it was a tight match until the final whistle. In the first half Summer Palace failed to score until the last eight minutes when Mike Rahn (37.) and Ludovic Giraud (40.) struck each after already being down 0:3. From the start the Barbarians took the initiative and scored through second team leader Christoph Keusch (10.) and two goals by Phil Heggli (15. & 28.) a 0:3 lead which was decisive. Less then thirty minutes and the match was already decided. Even as just mentioned Summer Palace could narrow the lead with the 2:3 haftime score, Summer Palace could not recover from the shock and then in as Phil Heggli struck his third goal (65.) in the second half, Summer Palace felt the upcoming defeat even though Ludovic Giraud could score his second goal (83.) seven minutes from time, but that was all. Summer Palace unlike their first team Forbidden City FC with incredible performances rank in the bottom with zero points out of two matches. The Barbarians with two faces so far this season: winning Summer Palace and a high win over the strong Azzurri FC and with a high defeat against the Russians.

Both teams were under pressure to win in order to keep connecting to the upper half of the table. Italy FC who still miss their team leader Carlo Ferrara was able in the first half to equalize the match to 1:1 through Francesco Abbonizio (24.) as Summer Palace’s Jim So (13.) score the 0:1 lead. In the second half Summer Palace who are pointless so far could just not overcome the Italian defense and score into Italy FC’s German keeper Raphael Seiler. Italy FC on the other used two of their chances: Juan Felipe Botero (68.) and Roberto Masili (75.) secured with their goals a 3:1 victory for Italy FC over Summer Palace. While Italy FC kept contact of the upper group, Summer Palace tumbled into the bottom pit of the table and still await their first points of this season.

Finally Summer Palace was able to secure their very first points in a tight match were Summer Palace edged the B squad of the French Le 1:0 in the last minutes of the match. In the whole match both sides were unable to convert good chances into goals and as then in the end it looked like the match would end in a goalless draw, it was Summer Palace’s Jim So scoring the 1:0 winner (89.) and securing the first victory for Summer Palace in the 08/09 season.

Summer Palace is back! And this time the Russians who struggled to get a team out this weekend were overrun and beaten 1:7. Summer Palace’s Jason Dorey was the man of the first half scoring a hattrick (17., 18. & 20.) within just three minutes. His team mate Cui Yong Zhou added one goal (34.) for the 0:4 halftime lead. In the second half Max Golubov scored an own goal for 0:5 (70.). In the last seven minutes of the match three more goals were to come: For Summer Palace Ludovic Giraud (83.) and Cui (85.) with his second goal scored while for Russia Utd. Vadim Primenko scored a consolidation goal (88.) with two minutes from time.

SUMMER PALACE vs. BTS KOREA 94 4:0 (1:0)
The colder it gets, the more Summer comes back into the palace, while the Koreans’ good season start is remotely remembered, now the Koreans account to two losses in a row. Summer Palace’s Ludovic Giraud scored the 1:0 (24.) halftime lead. The second half started with a double pack after just three minutes played: within 120 seconds Billi Gan Chi Chiu (48.) and Adam Ferry (49.) scored for the 3:0 lead. Twenty minutes from time Jim So scored the last goal of the match (70.) and the 4:0 was also the final score.

The Winter Palace in full swing with another high score win. This time Renda FC was the prey and had no chance to enter the Palace apart from one goal scored in the first half by Double Shen (19.). On the Palace’s side Cui Yongzhou (10.) and Kenny Bain (26.) scored for the 2:1 halftime lead. Then in the second half Lao Cui struck his early second goal (89.) and a late third goal nearly the end (89.); in between Glen Royce scored his goal (58.). After ninety minutes Summer Palace won 5:1 over Renda FC and are now just three points behind the new table leader Italy FC on rank 4. Renda FC on the other hand are stuck as the 11th rank with 6 points.

Kozo Japan had a great first half and chopped ‘sushi’ out of the Summer Palace’s goal. The team leader Tatsuo Yamamoto opened the scoring (15.) and five minutes later later his teammate Dan Jie struck the 2:0 (20.). In the last three minutes of the first half Keitaro Kida (42.) and Youhei Maehama (43.) struck each within seconds and the halftime score was 4:0. Summer Palace could not recover and it was Kozo who were able to score in the last couple minutes of the match a fifth goal through Naoki Horikoshi (87.) and the 5:0 was also the final score.

The Chaoyangpark Rangers were beaten in the first half 3:0 by the Summer Palace which decided the match. Man of the match was Jim So who scored all four goals (3., 22., 35. & 88.) for the Palace, while for the Chaoyangpark Rangers who could level the match 1:1 in the second half it was Andy Gee (74.) scoring the only Rangers’ goal. Summer Palace continues marching upwards in the rankings.

The Celtics continue their good form and this time Summer Palace were the Irish lads’ victims and the Palace had to pay tribute six times while only once the Palace could score. In the first minute Chris Lupoli (1.) already found the Palace’s net for the Celtics. Summer Palace’s Cui Yongzhou (20.) equalized, but not too long later Celtics’ Lewis Illingworth struck the 2:1 halftime lead for the Irish. In the second half only the Celtics could score while Summer Palace could not convert any chances into goals. Team leader Richard Lamb struck twice (54. & 60.) while Glen Phelan (78.) added one more goal for the 6:1 Celtics victory over Summer Palace.

Azzurri FC ended the season with a crucial 1:3 victory over Summer Palace who lost now their last two matches of the first half of the season. Summer Palace though opened the scoring and after not even five minutes played, it was Nasir Ahmed who scored the 1:0 lead (4.). But then after another four minutes it was the Italians turn: Azzurri FC’s German striker Matthias Weiters equalized (8.) for 1:1 which was also the halftime score. After the first half even, then Azzurri FC took the upper hand in the second half and it was Azzurri FC’s Greek top striker Paschilas Harakopidis striking twice (52. & 60.) who made the difference. With a fine performance of Lele’s men the match ended 1:3 for Azzurri FC.

Summer Palace continue where they have left off last season. Again the head start was messed up and a very quick combining Dragons side who played very effective tokk the halftime lead through a goal from Tetsura Hara. In the second half then Dragons made it 0:2 by Aaron Pu (55.) just 10 minutes played. Soon after though Summer Palace was able to pull one back through Kieran Sear (67.) and suddently it was 1:2. Then 120 seconds from time Aaron’s brother Evan Pu struck the decider for 1:3 (89.) which was also the final score of the match.

As both A teams met in the Premiership (one all draw), the B teams faced off each other the day before in the Chaoyang Stadium and it was a ninety minute thriller including nine goals where at the end the Babarians due to a better first half won the match 5:4. In the first half, Barbarians’ Phil Heggli (23. & 41.) struck twice while his team mate Chris Schanderu added one gave the Barbarians a 3:1 halftime lead; Barrie George scored (36.) for Summer Palace in the first half. In the second half just 120 seconds played Barbarians’ Billy Goldring scored the important 4:1 (47.) which woke up Summer Palace as they started their come back: Barrie George scored his second goal (53.) and Jim So (65.) made it 4:3; one goal to go. Then six minutes from time Barbarians’ Adam Sandzer scored the 5:3 (84.) but right in return Summer Palace’s Nasser pulled one back (85.) and the Barbarians saved the three points until the final whistle.

Both teams had no presents to give each other and a a hard fought one all draw emerged out of this match. After a goalless first half, then in the second half Summer Palace took the lead through Inigo Beltran (65.) and it seemed like the Italians were upsetted by the Palace, but in the injury time Carlo Vicchi (92.) scored the deserved 1:1 equalizer. The Italians lost valuable points, while the Palce stays stuck a clear 9th place.

The day before the big clash of the French LE A vs. Forbidden City FC, the B-teams showed off on Saturday in their First Division match and it ended in a hard fought 2:2 draw in an overall fair match.  Summer Palace took the 0: lead through a goal from Ludovic (4.), but just seven minutes later French LE’s Jimmy Jumbo (11.) equalized. Then two minutes from the break the French took the lead through a goal from Gabriel Servat (43.), but a minute later and 60 minutes from the break Summer Palace’s Inigi (44.) struck the 2:2 equalizer. In the second half both sides were unable to convert their chances into goals and in this competitive and fair match two players were involved in a quick ‘fighting’ session (Inigo/Palace & Nico/French) and the ref send them both ‘early to the showers’ (52nd minute) as all players kept calm. This DisCom will rule here. So after ninety minutes a fair 2:2 was the end result out of this match.

After the recent performances (Summer Palace trailing behind the top teams….) while the Russians as top team just had another convincing victory and Summer Palace was ‘next’ on the program. Well it has to be said that Vadim and some other were not present (also no excuse), but the Russians got ‘stuck in the palace’ and ninety minutes long could not convert any of their chance in countable goals. On the other side, Summer Palace played disciplined and had their chances and eight minutes before the final whistle; when both teams seemed to head for a goalless draw, it was Ludovic Giraud (82.) who finally converted a chance into a goal. For the Russians it was too late as the remaining minutes Summer Palace was clever enough to save the 1:0 over the final whiste. Both Italian teams and the Celtics (who also unexpected lost) must have been surprised for unexpected  help in their own title campaign.

BTS KOREA 94 vs. SUMMER PALACE 0:4 (0:1)
In the firts half it was Jeffrey Wu (35.) who struck ten minutes from the break the 0:1 halftime lead for the Palace. In the second half the Koreans were beaten higher: Patrick Wilkens (54.), Cui Yongzhou (65.) and Kirian Sear (85.) were the scoerers who secured Summer Palace a 0:4 victory over BTS Korea 94.

As Renda FC could not manage enough men for a proper line up against the Summer Palace, a friendly resulted as the score must count 0:6 for Summer Palace.

Kozo Japan and Summer Palace had a tight first half which ended in a goalless draw. In the second half though two of the Kozo’s strikers had the ability to pass through the Palace defense and were able to net the ball into their opponent’s goal. Naoki Horokoshi struck twice (52. & 76.) while in between Kozo’s team leader Tatsuo Yamamoto (54.) struck one goal for 0:3 for Kozo Japan over Summer Palace which was also the final score after ninety minutes.

The Rangers earned another high defeat and this time by the hands of Summer Palace. In the first half it was Jim So scoring twice (30. & 38.) while IFFC’s ‘old school’ Rowan Simons added a third goal (41.) four minutes from the break. In the second half it was Amir Mohamed Salih (50. & 55.) scoring twice, while Mike Ianni (60.) added one more goal. The Rangers were unable to score today and remain bottom in the standings while Summer Palace moved up to 8th rank.

The Celtics Gold needed this victory very much as their Premier team lost against the Vikings as the Celtics wanna ensure a Premiership side for the next 09/10 season, but the scoring especially in the first half was missed out and Summer Palace ensured a 4:2 over the Irish lads. In the first half it was Inigo Beltran (5.) and Patrick Wilkins (34.) who secured Summer Palace a decisive 2:0 halftime lead. In the second half, Celtics’ Joel Glover pulled one back for the Irishmen (51.) but just six minutes later Inigo struck his second goal (57.) for 3:1. Then three minutes from time Celtics’ team leader Sean Wall scored for 3:2 (87.), but two minutes later and seconds before the final whistle once again Inigo answered; this time with his third goal for the final 4:2 Summer Palace victory over the Celtics Gold.

After the tough Italian derby (which is currently under the inspection of the Disciplinary Committee) Azzurri FC met up with Summer Palace last Tuesday night in Chaoyang stadium and earned a 3:1 victory after ninety minutes. The first half ended goalless and in the second half began the scoring. Azzurri FC’s top striker scored his 23rd goal for the 1:0 (61.) and currently is the top striker of the IFFC First Division. Then last season’s Azzurri FC’s top striker Paschilas Harakopidis struck the 2:0 (74.). Ten minutes from time Azzurri FC’s Chinese old school player struck the 3:0 (80.) On the other side, Summer Palace was able to pull one back in the injury time by Adam Ferry (92.) and after ninety minutes Azzurri FC beat the Summer Palace with 3:1 and takes current second place and only the Russians are now able to catch through goal difference them if they can win against the 10 match unbeaten Dragons.

IFFC CUP First Round
The Celtics came hungry and just overpower the Summer Place side who played along quite well with good combinations, but missed the determination as the Celtics displayed. After leading already 3:1 in the halftime, the Celtics continued their goal rampage scoring altogether eight goals, but their defense (their only weakness today) on the other side letting through four goals. For the Celtics it was Humberto Diogenes scoring a hattrick (17., 39. & 41.), James Kealing (80. & 85.) scoring twice (80. & 85.) while Niall Mc.Donagh (50.), Aaron Rose (60.) and Jordan Wilkins (87.) adding one goal each. For Summer Palace IFFC’s old school Robert Pollard striking twice (82. & 88.) while Jason Dorey (28.) and Adam Ferry (65.) added one goal each.


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