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IFFC match reports and stats

Below are the match reports for Summer Palace games in the 2007-08 season, which were prepared by the IFFC (special thanks for Rob Gonella).

It was thrilling first round match in the new First Division between traditional IFFC powerhouse Renda FC and newly formed Summer Palace (The B team of Forbidden City FC). Renda FC’s Perry Kuhn scored the 1:0 lead (14.), but then in the last five minutes of the first half Summer Palace turned around the match, Josh Nealon (41.) and Clemente Quintara (44.) scored for the 1:2 Summer Palace halftime lead. In the second half Summer Palace could not score anymore, and it was Renda FC scoring two more goals: the first goal from Nestor Sainz (75.) decisively went into the own net and Renda FC’s team leader Todd Entner was just able to pull one back (88.) two minutes from time. After ninety minutes Renda FC 2, Summer Palace 3.

The top match between two strong teams Summer Palace and Italy FC ended with a one all draw. Both goals were scored in the first half: Summer Palace took the lead through a goal from Falcon Garret (17.) but not long afterwards it was Italy FC’s Carlo Vicchi (34.) equalizing the match for one all. In the second half both sides could not put the ball into each other’s nets and the match therefore ended 1:1. Both teams rank now with four points each behind the Red Cards who has a perfect six points out of 2 matches.

Summer Palace edged an important 2:1 victory over the Japanese Red Cards. All goals were scored in the first half. Summer Palace scored a 2:0 lead with goals from Glen Royce (9.) and Joel Rosales (42.) while Inumabu Taichi pulled one back (45.) with the final halftime whistle for the Red Cards

K.Y. FC vs. SUMMER PALACE 1:1 (0:0)
It was a top match were at the end K.Y. FC and Summer Palace shared the points at the end. After a goalless first half, then in the second half K.Y. FC took the 1:0 lead through a goal from Jin Biao (77.). Just five minutes later & eight minutes from time, Summer Palace’s Johnny Horstell (82.) equalized for the final score one all

It was a close match and in the beginning it did not look like that the Summer Palace would win today’s match. In the first half the Barbarians scored first through  Phil Heggli (26.) the 0:1 which was also the halftime score. In the second half Summer Palace came back and were able to turn around the match: 1:1 through John Horsfell (50.) after just five minutes played and then ten minutes later his teammate Josh Nealon scored for 2:1 (60.) which was also the final score

The Eagles did not make it easy for the Summer Palace but at the end the Palace lads managed to score in each half one goal to win the match over the Koreans. In the first half it was Kenny Bain (27.) and in the second half it was Ryan Wegner (53.) to score the goal.

The Summer Palace keeping track of table leaders Red Cards by winning convincingly 6 :0 over the Celtics Gold side. Each halftime Summer Palace won 3:0 and here are the scorers: two goals from Phil Fuhge (10. & 85.) and Gianni Vulcano (25. & 38.) while Daniel Dillmann (73.) and Marcus Kam (80.) added one goal each.

Summer Palaced hushed with a clear 0:9 victory over Thumb Korea for the temporary No.1 pole position of the First Division. Two goals each by Jens Reichling (11. & 85.), Glen Royce (25. & 26.), Gianni Vulcano (40. & 77.) and Jim So (49. & 59.) while Phil Fuge (23.) added one goal = a total of nine goals! Zero goals today for Thumb Korea.

The Beijing Rockers pulled out. Summer Palace win this match 6:0.

Azzurri FC stole crucial points from one of the top contenders Summer Palace with this unexpected 1:1 tie after ninety minutes. In the first half it was Summer Palace’s Dirk Rens (41.) who scored the 0:1 halftime lead. In the second half Summer Palace could not put a second goal into the net, while Azzurri FC also missed good chances. Then just three minutes from time Azzurri FC’s Paschalis Harakopoides (87.) scored the well deserved 1:1 equalizer.

SUMMER PALACE vs. DHL FC 1:3 (0:2)
It was the big showdown between two top sides of the IFFC First Division and at the end it was the DHL FC with a decisice 0:2 halftime lead to win over Summer Palace this important match. IFFC’s “old school” Robert Pollard (S. Palace) was the unlucky one scoring the first goal of the match into the own net (15.) and then DHL FC’s Kong Zhaowen struck five minutes later (20.) the 0:2 halftime lead. Then in the second half each side was able to score one more goal DHL’s Kong Zhaowen scored his second goal (70.) while for Summer Palace Gianni Vulcano (68.) was successful two minutes earlier. With even one match (against K.Y. FC on the 15th.December) in hand, DHL FC are staying on the pole position of the IFFC First Division over the winter.

Before the match started, there was already a fatal situation, both teams brought only one uniform and both were yellow. Renda FC’s team leader Todd Entner is still not back from the US and his second in command Mark Erikson had a hard time to get a team together and organize a team for this weekend and bring proper uniforms. But the match had to go underway and Summer Palace it the end agreed so the match could begin. It was the first half which decided the match; Summer Palace took a quick lead through Adam Ferry (5.) goal for 1:0. Mid first half Summer Palace’s Kenny Bain scored the 2:0 (26.) and in the last six minutes of the first half Palace scored through Michael Rahn (39.) and Nasir Ahmed (40.) a 4:0 halftime score. In the second half both sides failed to score, but Summer Palace did not need so since they had such a comfortable 4:0 lead, while Renda FC just was not able to put one ball into the Palace’s net. The Summer Palace keep their contact to the upper spots while Renda FC will have their come back like mostly in the long IFFC years (12 years in the IFFC !).

As last year in the second leg of the season when both teams faced off and the match ended with a one all draw, again this time the match was thrilling and in the last two minutes this match was equalized for a draw. Man of the day on the Summer Palace side was “old school” Rowan Simons who scored the 0:1 lead (21.) in the first half. Italy FC struck back soon later and within three minutes, Enrico Tomidei (26.) and Nikola Tomic (29.) scored for Italy; Italy FC turned around the match and it was 2:1 for Italy in the halftime. In the second half both sides had their chances and it was Rowan Simons who scored with his second goal (88.) two minutes from time the 2:2 equalizer for Summer Palace.

Also in the second encounter between the Red Cards and Summer Palace a tie resulted and the points were shared equally. In a typical “Japanese style vs. Euro style” (quoted and noted from the match report) no team could get the upper hand. For both frustrating cause the Summer Palace could not use their full body strength to the smaller Japanese player otherwise tackels turned out to be a foul, and on the other hand the Palace’s big boys stood and intervened well and hindered the Red Cards to develop their style of match.. In the first half it was the Red Cards being able to score three minutes from the break through Taichi Inumaki (42.) for the 1:0 halftime lead. Then five minutes into the second half Summer Palace’s Adam Ferry was the only Palace player finding the Red Card’s net (50.). After ninety minutes the match ended one all.

The K.Y. FC team has pulled out of the league. Each opponent wins 6:0.

After last year’s encounter with just one goal difference between both sides, this time it was another ninety minutes nail biter in which an own goal decided the match. The match took place at the Dulwich College who helped out the IFFC arranging their proper field; Thank you. In the first half Barbarian’s Mark Verlinden put the ball after twenty minutes of play into his own net (20.)  which at the end decided the match. Within the other ninety minutes of the match, both sides were just not able to convert good chances into the opponent’s net.

Only in the first half the Eagles were capable to keep the match level with the favorites of Summer Palace and after forty five minutes played it was a goalless draw between both sides. Then in the second half, Summer Palace starting to convert their chances into goals: Three minutes played and Gianni Volcano scored the 1:0 lead (48.) for the Summer Palace. Then his team mates Adam Ferry (67.) and Patrick W. (76.) added one goal each while the Eagles were just capable to pull one goal back through Kim Jin Soo (90.) with the final whistle. The final score was Summer Palace 3 and  Eagles Korea 1.

Celtics Gold’s goaly Messy had a rough day, picking up the ball seven time out of the net in a match were Summer Palace seemed unstoppable. In the first half the Celtics scored the 1:0 lead through Fahdih Mpunji (7.) after seven minutes played. But then three minutes later, it was the one man show of Summer Palace’s Jim So, who struck a clean hat trick (10., 15. & 17.) within just seven minutes to turn around the match and after forty-five minutes Summer Palace lead the Celtics Gold with 1:3. In the second half the Summer Palace’s Michael Rahn stuck twice (47. & 52.) after just seven minutes played. Then Jim So added a fourth goal (65.) and the Celtics Gold’s US striker Aaron Rose pulled one back for 2:6. Ten minutes from time Summer Palace’s Gianni Vulcano struck the last goal of the match (80.) and after ninety minutes the score was Celtics Gold 2, Summer Palace 7. Summer Palace remain 2nd spot of the ranking while the Celtics stay stuck in the lower midfield of the table.

After last weekend’s match being rained out, this time the sun shined and after ninety minutes the Summer Palace was able to defend a close 2:1 lead. In the first half Summer Palace took the lead through a goal by their striker Gianni Vulcano (17.). Nine minutes from the break Thumb Korea’s Kwon Ohmin (36.) struck back and score the 1:1 which was also the halftime score. In the second half Mike Rahn scored the 2:1 lead (66.) and as mentioned, until the final whistle Summer Palace was able to defend their advantage successfully and earned the 3 points off this match against Thumb Korea.

The Rockers pulled out. Each match counts 6:0 to the opponents.

Summer Palace were unimpressed to the recently good Azzurri FC record and took home three important points to stay second in the table of the First Division. After a goalless first half the second half started and went on like if both sides just did not wanna convert any of their chances into goals. Then  finally, Summer Palace’s Josh Nealon scored the 1:0 lead (70.) and nine minutes later Azzurri FC’s Chicco Scarpella (79.) scored the 1:1 equalizer. But another just three minutes after the equalizer it was IFFC’s old school Nasir Ahmed scoring the 2:1 winner for his side ensuring an important victory for his side. After ninety minutes: Summer Palace 2, Azzurri FC 1.

DHL FC vs. SUMMER PALACE 5:2 (3:0)
The newly crowned IFFC First Division champions showed the closed rival Summer Palace who is the No.1 in the league by winning at the end clearly 5:2. The first half decided this match, that’s were DHL FC was able to make 3:0 leaf through goals by Shi Bin (7.), Kong Zhaowen (20.) and Zhu Lijiang (37.). In the second half DHL FC’s Pan Ruisheng (54.) and Tao Yu (67.) made it even 5:0. The Summer Palace was able to pull two goals back: Josh Nealon (73.) and Gianni Vulcano (89.) were the scorers and after ninety minutes the match ended 5:2 for DHL FC over Summer Palace.

IFFC CUP First Round
ITALY FC vs. SUMMER PALACE 5:6 [1:1(0:0) after PK’s
Summer Palace started well into the new season winning a tight and close Cup match against the mighty Italy FC. After a goalless first half the match continued with both teams were not able to put the ball into the net. Then two minutes from the end, Italy FC’s Sergio Scanu (88.) scored the 1:0 lead, but just two minutes later along with the final whistle Etienne Olivenu (90.) scored the 1:1 equalizer and the match needed to be decided from the penalty spot. Here the Summer Palace side with a bid more luck decided the match for themselves.

IFFC CUP Second Round
PEKING STROLLERS vs. SUMMER PALACE 3:4 [1:1 (0:0)] after PK’s
Maybe the Summer Palace are in the footsteps of “Red Star” the first IFFC Cup winner who won all their matches incl. the final with a penalty shootout. This time the Vice-Champions of the Premiere League was eliminated. After a goalless first half Summer Palace scored the 0:1 lead through Paulo (75.) (need full name), then five minutes from time Strollers’Mohammed (I need complete names from all Strollers players) scored the 1:1 (85.) equalizer. In the penalty shootout Summer Palace had the upper hand and went through into the Quarterfinal.

IFFC CUP Quarter final
SUMMER PALACE vs. RUSSIA UTD. 1:1 (0:1) 1:4 after PK’s
A big thriller emerged between the struggling bottom ranked Premiere side Russia Utd. and the First Division side Summer Palace which ended with a tie and a penalty shootout decided this match. In the first half Russia Utd.’s Roman Tolstikhin (44.) scored in the last second’s the 0:1 halftime lead. Then in the second half Summer Palace leveled the game and it was Derk Rens (75.) who scored fifteen minutes from time. In the penalty shootout the Russians had the upper hand and went through to the IFFC Cup Semifinal in 2008.

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