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IFFC match reports and stats

Below are the match reports for Forbidden City games in the 2008-09 season, which were prepared by the IFFC (special thanks to Rob Gonella).

Last year’s runners up Forbidden City FC did not quite know what to expect from this season’s X2/Teppen team… who last season had two faces: either play 1) very good and hard to stop OR 2) not that good rather weak…and with X2’s practice pitch at BLCU still being closed due to the last Olympic events and X2 just pulled together their team (unlike City FC/S.Palace who played during summer) the second option was rather to come and came. Forbidden City FC had no problem with the Japanese and beat X2/Teppen each half 3:0 for a total 6:0 victory. Forbidden City FC’s team leader was the most goal hungry and scored half of all City FC goals personally himself (8., 62. & 78.), while Nick Otto (30.), Blythe Fitzwilliah (32.) and Ton (60.) added one goal each. X2/Teppen will need to time to get into their regular match rhythm and were chanceless against a great playing City FC side which displayed (against this level of opposition) great combinations. With this 6:0 Forbidden City FC underlines this season title ambitions and are the first No.1 of the Premier League 08/09.

It was “forbidden” to score and only accepted to receive goals; must have been the motto for the Barbarians today. Forbidden City FC continue to display their excellent performance and maybe they were extra motivated as the day before the B teams met up and the Barbarians pulled of a close victory… who knows… After a 0:3 halftime lead, the Barbarians were taken apart in the second half and when the referee blew the final whistle it was more then half of the Forbidden City FC line up (7 from 12 players) whose name was put on the score sheet. Team leader Luca Merlone was the only one “allowed” scoring twice (17. & 59.), the rest was equally divided up among six players one goal each by Simon Ross (36.), Tom Dede (38.), Blythe Fitzwill (48.), Daniel Lau (55.), James McKay (75.) and Nick Otto (82.). Watch out for Forbidden City FC; with this performance it will be very hard for any opponent to stop them.

Forbidden City FC’s goal machinery continued their production especially in the first half in their match against the Red Cards. First it was Red Card’s vice team leader Takeshi Katamoto with an own goal (9.) to score, then Nick Otto took over striking twice (17. & 26.) within nine minutes while Team leader Luca Merlone (34.) added one goal and the match was decided already: the halftime score was 40:0 for City FC over the newly promoted Red Cards. In the second half the Red Cards played well along and scored through Takashi Ito (61.) their first (but also last) goal. Lucae Merlone managed to score his second goal and after ninety minutes it was a 4:1 victory for Forbidden City FC over the Red Cards. Forbidden City FC kept their No.1 position on goal difference save with scoring many goals once more.

The top match on writing was a top class match between table leaders Forbidden City FC and the French LE. In the first half it was Forbidden City FC’s Simon Ross scoring the 0:1 lead (15.) and after nine minutes French LE’s Felix Zafra struck the equalizer (24.) for 1:1 which was also the halftime score. Then in the beginning of the second half the French LE had the upper hand. Steve Bunisholz (55.) and his teammate German striker Martin Engst (62.) scored a 3:1 lead. Latest from then Forbidden City FC put a lot of pressure onto the French goal and City FC’s team leader Luca Merlone was able to strike the 3:2 (71.), but that was all. The French defended well and fought their lead over the match time. City FC lost the table lead to the Africans while the French LE took home their second victory in the last two matches.

Forbidden City were aware of the recent Vikings victory over Fortuna and fought down the Vikings with winning each half 1:0. In the first half it was Blythe Fitzwilliam (12.) and in the second half it was IFFC’s top striker Luca Merlone (72.) scoring the 2:0 for Forbidden City FC who now regained No.1 position as Afrika Utd. and Sexy FC tied their match.

Around 8 years ago the Stroller forged a B team called “Beijing Wanderers” who played a Division below and after about two seasons left the IFFC for some time where the team was renamed into “Forbidden City FC”. Rowan Simons & also Jason Muhl (both play at City FC’s B-team Summer Palce) were old school Strollers members once before the time. Now the Strollers struggle to make a team weekend to weekend while Forbidden City FC is in top form at the former B team just overran the former A team especially in the second half.  Current IFFC’s top striker Luca Merlone (9., 79. & 87.) and his team mate Nick Otto (72.,81. & 84.) struck three goals each while Matt Dunn added one goal (42.) on the score sheet. Forbidden City FC continues with good performances.

The big match between No.1 leaders Forbidden City FC and the unbeaten team of Afrika Utd. took place last Sunday afternoon and ended with a tight 1:1 tie. In the first half Afrika Utd. second team leader No.2 Ermias Kinfu struck four minutes from the break the 0:1 lead. Then in the second half after just eight minutes played, Forbidden City FC’s team leader and top striker Luca Merlone scored the 1:1 equalizer (53.) from the penalty spot. Until the end of the match both sides were unable to use great opportunities and when the referee Liang Hai blew the whistle after ninety minutes the 1:1 remained as the final score between Forbidden City FC and Afrika Utd.

Forbidden City FC overpowered the direct rivals Athletico with a clear 2:5 victory ensured with a great offense towards the end of the match. Ex-Afrika Utd. Brazilian striker in Forbidden City FC dress Tom Dede opened the scoring with two goals (5. & 20.), while Athletico’s top striker Dave Thomas pulled one goal back (28.) for the 1:2 halftime score. In the second half it took some time and then it was Athletico to score through Bupa (68.) the 2:2 equalizer. Then three minutes later team leader Luca Merlone scored the 2:3 lead from the penalty spot. In the last eight minutes of the match Forbidden City could out counter Athletico twice: Blythe Fitzwilliam (82.) and Luca Merlone with his second goal (84.) ensured this 2:5 Forbidden City FC victory over Athletico.

The top match between table leaders Forbidden City FC and Sexy FC was a close nail biting thriller and it was the champs who ensured that Forbidden City FC would not run away in the table by winning 2:3. In the first half Sexy FC’s old school Chris Murphy struck the 0:1 lead (12.) after twelve minutes. Forbidden City FC equalized through Carlos (28.), but 120 seconds later Sexy FC’s Josh Tunon put the champs back to lead 1:2 which was also the halftime score. In the second half Forbidden City FC came and it was their Michael Rahn (69.) who finally equalized the match for 2:2. Then ten minutes from time the “other” Tunon brother Max (80.) struck the decided winner for 2:3 which was also the score the match ended.

Fortuna 94 were chanceless against a well and clever playing superior Forbidden City FC side. The match was already decided in the first half when City FC was leading 2:5 over the Fortuna lads. After ninety minutes it was 2:7 and Forbidden City FC showed once more that they are a good No.1 contender for this years championship. Luca Merlone (5. & 75.), Fabio (15. & 41.) and Philippe Healey (35. & 70.) struck each twice while Matt Dunn (37.) added one goal. For Fortuna 94 it was Issa Osman (35.) and Wang Yan (45.) who scored. Fortuna’s Wang Yan also broke his middle finger in a fair challenge and went to the hospital right away.

Forbidden City FC took no chances and with another strong performance, especially in the first half, Forbidden City FC took No.1 spot in the Premiership and will stay over the winter on pole position. That was team leader Luca Merlone’s firm wish as he had his last league match (moving to Hong Kong soon) and now can leave in “peace”. Well Hong Kong is not that far… and probl. at some top match he’ll suddenly show up?… Another Cup match next week and it’s “Bon Voyage” for Luca. Great job, great team effort!  The Celtics, on the other hand, did not even play that bad, but after only one half just played, they had to bow the better side. Forbidden City FC’s Philippe Healey opened the scoring (7.) for 1:0, not even ten minutes played. Nick Otto (25.), Luca Merlone (29.) and Matt Dunn (38.) secured with their goals a 0:4 halftime lead over the Irish lads. In the second half no one was able to score a goal apart from Luca Merlone (80.) who struck ten minutes from time the final 0:5 for City FC, which was also the final score after ninety minutes.

The big upset of the weekend was X2/Teppen’s stunning surprise victory over table leaders Forbidden City who had a quite good preparation during the winter, while X2/Teppen’s team mates just returned from Japan and almost had no experience playing together during the long winter break. The upset was made perfect with the goal of the day, which was scored in the first half by X2/Teppen’s new signing Suh Wan (26.) within less after just a half hour. The French, Africans & Sexy FC were probl. happy, but one thing X2/Teppen have their on plans and City FC already had their match, all other teams should be warned.

Forbidden City FC took another blow and this time valuable points were lost against a well marking and disciplined Barbarians side who at the end well deserved to tie this match in a bid rougher match among ‘old rivals’. Forbidden City FC’s Ludovic G. (19.) scored in the first half for the 1:0 halftime lead. In the second half the Barbarians’ defense continued playing well and once more it seemed that their strikers would miss out scoring, but this time team leader Richard Collett was there nine minutes from time (81.) and scored the long awaited equalizer. Forbidden City FC’s offense is missing Luca as without him the striker for important goals are missing so far.

Also in this match the first half was the decisive half, and Forbidden City FC shot their recent frustration (so far winless in 2009) in form of five goal tinto Yuta Kitamura’s goal. Team leader Matt Dunn (9.) opened the scoring, Phil Healey (14.) and Nick Otto (20.) scored for 0:3 and before the first half hour was played, FCFC’s Inigo added two goals (22. 7 26.) for the 0:5 halftime lead. In the second half after just 120 seconds played it was Red Card’s Akira Tanaka (47.) who struck the only consolidation goal for the Japanese. James McKay struck the final goal of the match (64.) back to five goals difference and the match ended 1:6 for Forbidden City FC against the Red Cards. Four points behind table leader Afrika Utd…. and the season is far from over.

In the first part of the season the French started their run for the title race by winning Forbidden City FC in Game 4 2:3 in a close match. Now for City FC this match was important as so far points were ‘wasted’ against the Barbarians and X2/Teppen and really needed to win this game, so top scorer Luka Merlone was flown in from Hong Kong and he was also successful scoring a goal (72.) in the last twenty minutes of the match, but as in previous matches in 2009 no other City FC could find the goal, but on the other side the French LE had four players who found their target which was decisive and deservingly make them win the match. Felix Zafra (12.) & Michel Pierre Petit (16.) scored within just four minutes for the 0:2 halftime lead while in the second half Jeester P. (62.) and Steve Brunisholz (82.) added each one goal for the 1:4 French LE A victory over Forbidden City who dropped to 5th rank for now.

The Vikings battled off a one all draw from the favorites Forbidden City FC which won the first half of the game. Forbidden City FC had the better start into this match and after over an half hour into the match, Forbidden City FC’s Barry George (34.) struck the 0:1 halftime lead for the City boys. As the Vkings could not score in the first half, then the second half started finally successful for the Vikings: after just five minutes played Nathan Sun Rui struck the 1:1 equalizer (50.) which secured the Vikings an important point in the relegation race as until the ninetieth minutes both sides failed to convert any of their chances into goals.

In this make up match Forbidden City FC edged the Strollers 3:2 and all goals were scored in the second half: Matt Dunn struck twice for Forbidden City FC (49. & 68.) while his team mate Inigo Beltran added the third City FC goal (87.) three minutes from time. For the Strollers it was Tony Ca (55.) & Tom Cattanach (80.) successful.

For City FC it was the last chance to keep contact at least with the third rank, while the Africans were determined to keep up the hunt behind Sexy FC and along with the French for this season’s Premiership title. Afrika Utd.’s Ulrich Ayangma (13.) shot Utd. up into a 1:0 lead, but Forbidden City FC was able to level the score through Philippe Healey (27.) for the one all halftime score. In the second half, again the Africans took the lead: Patrick Mamia (62.) scored the 2:1 and again Forbidden City FC was there to equalize; this time through Adam Ferry (71.) for 2:2. But just three minutes later Afrika Utd.’s Osei Bright struck the 3:2 ;ead (75.) and five minutes from time Ulrich A. could score his second goal of the match for the final score of 4:2 for Afrika Utd. over Forbidden City FC.

Athletico gave Forbidden City FC a hard time and seemed to take the first half 0:2 through goals from Isaac Brahim (17.) and Adriano Barbosa (41.), but just 120 seconds from the halftime whistle Forbidden City FC’s Inigo Beltran (43.) pulled one back to the City FC lads which gave needed motivation for the second half. In the second half, Forbidden City (including visiting Luca Merlone ‘Hi Luca’), fought back and turned around the game. After just eight minutes Inigo Beltran struck his second goal (53.) for the 2:2 equalizer. As the Athletico offense was unable to overcome the City FC defense in the second half, then on the other side, City FC’s captain Martin Dunn struck twice (65.&87.) for the final 4:2 victory over the lads from Athletico.

Sexy FC displayed a solid performance in a deserved 4:1 victory over Forbidden City FC and underlined their title ambitions once more. The match was already decided in the first half as Sexy FC ensured a 3:0 lead scored within just six minutes ! Jonny White (34.), Mirsad Midzic (36.) and again Jonny White 38.); in a 2 minutes rhythm the goals were scored, while Forbidden City FC failed to put the ball into Sexy FC’s goal. In the second half, Jonny White scored his third goal (65.) which make him with 33 goals current IFFC top striker. Forbidden City managed a consolidation goal through Blythe Fitzwilliam (72.), but could not hinder that Sexy FC walked away with all three points out of this match.
NOTE: Forbidden City FC’s James McKay received his 5th yellow card and must miss out the next City FC match.

In Germany this match would have gotten the title: match for the ‘golden pineapple’ which means: this match has on either side no impact in decisive matters of the league standings. At the end Forbidden City FC managed to edge Fortuna in 2:1 victory in the match played in Chaoyang Stadium. All goals were scored in the first half within just ten minutes. Jason Dorey (24.) and Barry George (29.) struck for the 2:0 City FC lead while Lucho Roa on Fortuna’s side pulled one back (34.) for the final score of 2:1 for City FC over Fortuna 94. Fortuna 94 ended their season on 8th rank while Forbidden City has one more match to go to defend their 4th rank to X2/Teppen.

A City FC / Summer Palace Allstar team awaited the relegated Celtics on last Saturday afternoon in the Chaoyang Stadium. The match was actually tight and except 120 seconds of the match the match remained goalless. In the first half after more then twenty minutes Michael Rahn (23.) and a minute later Inigo Beltran (24.) scored each one goal for the 2:0 Forbidden City FC victory over the Irish lads who just could not convert any of their chances into goals. In the second half both teams failed to score, so the 2:0 remained also as the final result.

IFFC CUP Second Round
FORBIDDEN CITY FC vs. RUSSIA UTD. 1:1 (1:0) 6:5 after PK’s
Both teams represent to be a strong side out of their respective divisions and in a Cup match a First Divisioner side can also defeat a Premiere team. After all it was a nail biter until a longer penalty shootout. The first half Forbidden City FC took through a goal by Blyther Fitzwilliam and in the second half the Russians took home with Nikolaj Istomin (85.) scoring just five minutes from time. In the penaly shootout Forbidden City had the better nerves and entered “over Russia” into the Quarterfinal of the Cup.

IFFC CUP Quarter Final
On this windy Thursday evening, two strong teams, Forbidden City FC and the Japanese X2/Teppen (who currently are both hunting the top trio (Sexy FC, French LE & Afrika Utd.) faced off in the last Quarterfinal. The match was hard fought on both sides and was fairly even as both sides missed out on great chances. In the first half X2/Teppen’s Shoto Masuda scored in his own goal (19.) for the 0:1 for City FC, which was also the halftime score. Then in the second half Forbidden City’s team leader Matt Dunn personally scored the decisive 0:2 (69.). Six minutes later, X2/Teppen still could pull one back through ex-Fortuna player Takahiro Yoshimoto (75.), but in the last fifteen minutes X2/Teppen missed out all their good chances, while City FC played clever and kept the score. Sexy FC awaits the City lads in the Semis. What a game that will be…

IFFC CUP Semi-final
The top semifinal clash between reigning champions Sexy FC vs. reigning Vice champions Forbidden City FC was decided in the first half, when Sexy FC converted three chances for a 3:0 halftime lead. Josh Tunon (10.) struck after ten minutes and then eight minutes from the break Sexy FC struck twice within just three minutes: Erik Livdahl (37.) and Max Tunon (40.) scored the goals against City FC who just could not put the ball into Sexy FC’s next. In the second half, Sexy FC was clever enough to defend this 3:0 lead over the second forty-five minutes, keeping the City FC strikers away from their goal and that was enough to enter this years 08/09 IFFC T.M. Cup Final.

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