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Below are the match reports for Forbidden City games in the 2011-12 season, which were prepared by the IFFC (special thanks to Greg).

The Premiership saw in the first Game 1 round the match between reigning Champions Forbidden City FC and ex-Champions French LE A which match was hard fought til the end from both sides. You noticed right away that both teams came here to win today. In the first half Forbidden City FC had more of the match and deservedly took the 1:0 halftime lead through a goal from Chris Lupton (17.). But already in the end of first half the French became more and more dangerous. Then in the second half both teams played great and had good chances. Forbidden City’s goaly Barrie George and his defenders in front of him stood firm and saved the match over the time in an even second half.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Charles Wharton (Forbidden City FC) and Bimbo (French LE A)

In most of the first half the Strollers made life difficult for the champions Forbidden City FC who in the end demolished the Strollers, sending them home with 0:5 defeat. In the first half up to almost forty minutes the Stroller gave Forbidden City FC a good and close match. Then in the last seven minutes of the first half Forbidden City FC struck within sixty seconds twice: Ivan Lakatos (38.) and Fabio Pinto (39.) scored the 2:0 halftime lead for Forbidden City FC. In the second half Forbidden City FC took control of the match and while Ivan Lakatos could add two more goals (47. & 57.) his team mate Jochen Tenhagen (75.). After ninety minutes the score was clear: Peking Strollers 0, Forbidden City FC 5.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Mike Lakwjik (Peking Strollers) and Ivan Lakatos (Forbidden City FC)

Everybody expected to watch a great game between last year’s Champion (Forbidden City FC) and last year’s winner of Thomas Marechal Cup (Africa United) and nobody was disappointed I guess. Both teams played very good football and even if the challenge was big, the spirit was good and each team respected each other. Africa United got straight into this game and possessed the ball at the beginning but they could not go through Forbidden City’s very well organized defense. Africa United made a mistake defensively and Ivan Lakatos took advantage of this and scored the first goal for Forbidden City only 10 minutes after the kick off. 25 minutes later, Forbidden City kicks a long ball behind the defense of Africa United and Andy William struck the second goal for Forbidden City FC. Even if Africa United were moving a lot in the midfield in the first half, they had no clear opportunities to worry Forbidden City’s goal keeper so far. Then Vincente scored for Afrika in the 44th minute and this goal came at the right time for Africa United just before the break. In the second half, the game was a bit different. It was probably too long for Forbidden City and too short for Africa who dominated the second half of the game. Forbidden City’s strategy was to defend and counter attack. After many trials, finally Ayangma Ulrich, Africa United’s MVP today, gets the ball in the midfield before shooting at Barrie’s goal who, this time, could not stop it. In the last 15 minutes, Africa kept pushing to score the last goal to get the victory but without success.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Barry George (Forbidden City FC) and Ayangma Ulrich (Africa United FC)

The Forbidden City FC had no major difficulties over Fortuna 94 in this 4th game of the championship. According to both teams the 3 referees did a pretty good job and only 1 yellow card was given during this game. Forbidden City had the best start, Ally Russel (9’ &24’) scored the first 2 goals for last year’s champion and 2:0 was the result at half time. The second half of the game was still under Forbidden City’s control and their MVP Andy William (72’) added the 3rd goal for Forbidden City. Fortuna did not manage to score any goal against the very strong defense of Forbidden City. 3:0 is the final score in favor of Forbidden City.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Andy William (Forbidden City FC) and Shoto Masuda (Fortuna 94)

The leader earned a very clear victory (8:3) over the last team of the Premiere league. But it was not as easy as the result seems to show for Forbidden City to win this game against Kozo. The Japanese had a good start since they scored the first goal through their MVP Kenji Nakamuta (25’) but Ivan Lakatos (38’) struck back with the 1:1 equalizer. Only 2 minutes later, Alvaro Benitez scored the goal for the 2:1 half time score for Forbidden City. At the beginning of the second half, Ivan Lakatos (48’) scored a second goal followed by the Japanese through Kenji Nakamuta (50’) for his second goal too. Forbidden City was leading 3:2 at that time and they felt a little bit in danger but their MVP Andy Williams added 3 goals (60’ 66’ and 80’) on the score sheet. Fabio Pinto (74’) and Ben Roberts (90+1) scored the last 2 goals for Forbidden City and Tatsuo Yamamoto finally (88’) scored the third goal for Kozo Japan who was defeated 8:3.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Andy Williams (Forbidden City) and Kenji Nakamuta (Kozo Japan)

Forbidden City was well prepared for this game against their rival Sexy FC that had the squad to possibly upset last year’s champion. Actually, Sexy FC likes very much this kind of game against strong teams as they know they are able to beat any team in this league, it mostly depends if they have all their players available or not. But Forbidden City was happy to have one of the best players they’ve ever had back to Beijing, I am talking of course about the Italian Luca Merlone. Both teams were ready for a tough game. After half an hour in this game, Forbidden City’s “legend” Jochen Tenhagen scored the 1:0 lead for Forbidden City and it was the score at half time. In the second half Sexy FC was not able to hit the net. Ally Russell added 1 goal on the score sheet for Forbidden City 10 minutes before the referee whistles the end of the game. Forbidden City 2 – 0 Sexy FC.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Luca Merlone (Forbidden City) and Jamie Oneil (Sexy FC)

Forbidden City earned a clear 4:0 victory over the Barbarians A that was unable to upset the champion. This game was a 1 side game. Forbidden City opened the score very quickly and the Barbarians had few chances to come back into this game. Philippe Healy (14’) and Barrie George (24’) struck the first 2 goals for Forbidden City. In the second half, Philippe Healey added a third goal for the yellows and Forbidden City’s best striker, Ivan Lakatos, scored a very nice goal in the top right corner of the goal only a few minutes before the end of the game. What a great finish for Forbidden City in this game! The final score after 90 minutes is Forbidden City 4:0 Barbarians A.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Kenny Baine (Barbarians A) and Ally Russell (Forbidden City FC)

Once again Russiad Utd. missed players and they had to start the game with a team made of 10 players. This was clearly not the easiest way to upset Forbidden City still at the top of the ranking table. However, the Russians did a good job defensively in the first half since they only conceded 1 goal although they were playing 10 against 11. Philippe Healy (22’) managed to hit the net for Forbidden City and he scored the 1:0 lead which was the score at half time. But in the second half the game was completely different, Forbidden City started controlling the game as they often do and their defense was never in danger. Ivan Lakatos (47’), Andy Williams (55’), Ally Russel (70’) and Philippe Healy again (80’) scored the 4 goals for Forbidden City who showed again today their strong motivation to become champion again this year. Let’s see how far they will go.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Ivan Lakatos (Forbidden City) and Ivan Samyshkin (Russia Utd)

It was a very interesting game between Forbidden City and the Vikings. Although Forbidden City clearly won at the end, it was a difficult and stressful game for the yellow team who finally got the 3 points. The Vikings played very well in the first half and Simo Salmela (29’) took advantage of a mistake from City’s defender to score the first goal and 1:0 was the score at half time. During the break, Forbidden City had this team talking in order to prepare the second half which seemed to be very beneficial for the team. Ivan Lakatos (51’) and Andy William (52’) turned around the score into 2:1 after only 5 minutes in the second half. Then, everything became easier for Forbidden City who added 3 more goals via Lao Cui (60’), Taroh Sekiguchi (75’) and their MVP Ivan Lakatos (78’).
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Chris Pilbeam (Beijing Vikings) and Ivan Lakatos (Forbidden City FC)

French LE A vs. Forbidden City FC 2:1 (1:0)
This victory from French Le A over Forbidden City is probably the surprise of this weekend. Forbidden City did not loose any game in the first half of the season, even Afrika Utd. could not make the difference a couple of months ago. Both teams had opportunities to score more goals, but the 3 goal keepers did a good job. Forbidden City was not lucky since their goal keeper and captain got injured in the first half in a one-one situation against French LE’s MVP Pierrot Kayanga so called ‘Robocop’ by African players. Barrie was replaced by Forbidden City’s substitute keeper who did a good job too but conceded a second goal in the second half. Forbidden put a lot of pressure on French Le’s defense but they hit the post 2 or 3 times without success. Even if Forbidden opened the score in the last 5 minutes, it was not enough to equalize and the Frenchs got the 3 points. Special congrats to Pierrot Kayanga who impressed many people by his speed, he clearly deserved to be MVP today.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Pierrot Kayanga (French LE A) and 2nd Goal keeper (Forbidden City FC  )
French LE A : Pierrot Kayanga (4’) – Mezenen David (57’)
Forbidden City FC : Phillipe Healey (85’)
Red Cards : Andy Williams (Forbidden City FC.) – Alessandro Anticonome (French LE A)

Forbidden City FC vs. Peking Strollers 2:1 (2:1)
The Strollers were very motivated to win this game and they showed they can play very good football but they were not efficient in front of Forbidden’s keeper who played very well today. In the first half both teams had many opportunities to score but Forbidden scored one more goal and 2:1 was the score at half time. In the second half, the Strollers controlled the game and Forbidden played counter attack. The Strollers had more opportunities than Forbidden in the second half but they could not hit the net for the second time. Special congrats to Nich Sheffield (MVP) who contributed a lot to Forbidden’s victory.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Nich Sheffield (Forbidden City FC) and Ryan Noble (Peking Strollers)
Forbidden City FC: Klaas Pieterbas (22’) – Ivan Lakatos (32’)
Peking Strollers: Javier Hernandez (26’)

Forbidden City FC vs. Afrika Utd. 2:9 (1:3)
This game between Afrika Utd. and Forbidden City was THE game of the second half of the season between the 2 teams that aimed at being champion. Afrika Utd scored 2 goals very quickly and controled the game in the first 20 minutes. Even if Forbidden struck back in the first half, the score was 3:1 in favor of Afrika at half time. Forbidden City missed some important players and it would have been a surprise if they could come back into this game after 45 minutes as Afrika was possessing the ball most of the time. Afrika was very impressive and even more in the second half. Afrika also made the difference through their MVP Ulrich who gives very accurate passes and scores when he speeds up a little bit. When he drives the ball, we have the feeling that he could run even faster and nobody can stop him. Nobody could expect this result before the game. Afrika showed they are ready to be champion! Well done Afrika Utd!!!
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Miguel Lopez (Forbidden City FC) and Ulrich Oguele Ayangma (Afrika Utd.)
Forbidden City FC: Jason Dorey (84’) – Ivan Lakatos (37’)
Afrika Utd.: Ulrich Oguele Ayangma (15’ – 67’) – Rodrigue Ntamack (21’ – 40’ – 90’) – Hugues Alima (70’ – 80’ – 90’) – Gilles Belinga (88’)

Fortuna Beijing 1994 vs. Forbidden City FC 0:3 (0:1)
This game between Fortuna and Forbidden City was very unlucky for Fortuna and smartly played by Forbidden. Fortuna conceded 3 goals without scoring any but the result does not reflect what happened during this game. In the first half Fortuna had clearly more opportunities but they could never hit the net. Again, Forbidden was very efficient and they lead 1-0 at half time. But in the second half Fortuna did not give up, they kept pushing at the beginning of the second half till Forbidden City scored their second goal. Then, Fortuna lost motivation and Forbidden City controled the game as they can do well and they eventually scored a third goal before the end. Forbidden efficient and Fortuna unlucky, no surprise…
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Anthony Ta (Fortuna Beijing 1994) and NO MVP (Forbidden City FC)
Fortuna Beijing 1994: Elle Ele Eric Gael (28’ – Own goal)
Forbidden City FC: Ivan Lakatos (65’) – Andy Williams (54’)

Sexy FC vs. Forbidden City FC 5:0 (3:0)
We can feel Sexy is getting ready to play their Cup Game against Afrika. What a good result today against Forbidden City! Everybody could feel the derby atmosphere, Forbidden players were eager to take their revenge after their defeat in the semi final cup against Sexy but they clearly did not acheive their goal. Sexy had a lucky start in this game as they scored their first goal after 1 minute, the Sexy player wanted to cross and the ball ended up inside the goal. Perfect start! No Forbidden players had even touched the ball!! It becomes a Sexy habit to start the game very intensively and destabilize the opponents  by putting a lot of pressure on them. Before the break, Sexy’s team leader Gary Saunders scored a superb goal after exchanging a couple of passes with Josh, Gary kicked the ball 26 meters away from Forbidden’s keeper who could only stare at the ball getting in the top right corner of the goal. What a goal!!!! Forbidden had some opportunities too but they missed this efficieny and accurency in front of the keeper that they usually have. Great result for Sexy who seems to be ready for this Cup final.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Paul Ryding (Sexy FC) and NO MVP (Forbidden City FC)
Sexy FC: Gary Saunders (44’) – Michel Miao (1’ – 71’) – Simon Paulin (39’ – 48’)

Forbidden City FC vs. Barbarians A 2:0 (1:0)
This game was very close and the result was clearly disappointing for Barbarians A who might have deserved a draw. The Barbarians A played very well in the midfield but they missed accurancy to score. Forbidden’s goal keeper did a good job on his line. In the recent games Forbidden City did not have the same squad as before but they still managed to make the difference and they scored twice without conceding any goal. Forbidden City played smart again and got the 3 points at the end. Well played Forbidden City!
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Fabio Pinto (Forbidden City FC) and Hamza Deheina (Barbarians A)
Forbidden City FC: Andy Williams (13’) – Barrie George (70’)

Russia Utd. vs. Forbidden City FC 1:7 (0:2)
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Sergii Lebid (Russia Utd.) and NO MVP (Forbidden City FC)
Russia Utd.: Eugeniy Vyushkin (90’)
Forbidden City FC: Jason Dorey (77’) – Ally Russell (60’) – Ivan Lakatos (24’ – 67’ – 79’ – 88’) – Alvaro Benitez (20’)

Forbidden City FC vs. Beijing Vikings 7:1 (4:0)
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Ivan Lakatos (Forbidden City FC) and NO MVP (Beijing Vikings)
Forbidden City FC: Colin McGuigan (Own) – Blythe Fitzwilliam (10’) – Ally Russell (25’) – Ivan Lakatos (25’ – 49’ – 76’) – Barrie George (80’) – Max Menzel (30’)

Forbidden City FC vs. Kozo Japan 8:5 (3:1)
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Ivan Lakatos (Forbidden City FC) and Ryunosuke Hayashi (Kozo Japan)
Forbidden City FC: Phillipe Healey (30’) – Blythe Fitzwilliam (1’ – 10’)- Ally Russell (80’)- Ivan Lakatos (4’ – 38’ – 58’ – 65’)
Kozo Japan: Masashi Shiratori (18’) – Kenmei Chris Makishima (65’) – Ryunosuke Hayashi (80’) – Natsu Tatsuryu (60’ – 62’)

IFFC CUP Second Round
The Lao Hu Internazionale made it for the reigning champions Forbidden City FC as hard as possible but in the end were defeated 4:1 by City FC. In the first half Forbidden City FC had the better start and took the 1:0 lead through Fabio Pinto (25.). The Lao Hu struck back second before the half time with the 1:1 through Robin Gautier L. which was also the halftime score. In the second half it took Forbidden City FC some time to score the match decisive goals over a brave fighting Lao Hu side. Thirteen minutes from time it was Tom Deyer (77.), then two minutes later Ally Russel (79.) and another six minutes later it was Ivan Lakatos (85.) who scored in the end a clear 4:1 scored for Forbidden City FC over the Lao Hu Internazionale.
BEST PLAYERS: Ivan Lakatos (Forbidden City FC) and Lukas Petersson (Lao Hu Internazionale)

IFFC CUP Quarterfinal
Forbidden City vs. Summer Palace 8:0 (3:0)
These 2 teams know very well each other since they train together and also party together. The spirit was obviously friendly in this 1/4 final Cup game but Summer Palace hoped to surprise everybody of course! In the beginning of the game it was tight but after Forbidden City scored a couple of goals, Summer Palace let more and more space to Forbidden strikers who took advantage of the situation and score 8 goals in total. Forbidden City is qualified for the semi final.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Fabio Pinto (Forbidden City) and NO MVP (Summer Palace)
Forbidden City : Phillipe Healey (61’) – Lao Cai (7’) – Ally Russell (85’) – Andy Williams (47’ – 60’) – Fabio Pinto (27’ – 80’) – Malte Thiodle (40’)

IFFC CUP Semi-final
Forbidden City FC vs. Sexy FC 0:1 (0:1)
This game between Forbidden City and Sexy is always very challenging and the challenge for this one was even bigger: a ticket for Thomas Marechal Cup final. Sexy’ strategy was based on a very solid defense and counter attack. Forbidden City put a lot of pressure on Sexy’s defense but they never really had clear opportunities to score since Sexy’s defense was very compact. Both teams played very tough but nobody complained and the spirit was very good. It was a viril game. Tough but clean. It seemed that Sexy’s strategy was the best at the end as they had clearer opportunities to score, they hit the post twice in the second half. It is not a big surprise to see Sexy in the final since they play well these days. They will surely try to take revenge on the Africans in this final. Let’s see what will happen.
BEST PLAYERS (MVPs): Ivan Lakatos (Forbidden City FC) and Josh Tunon (Sexy FC)
Sexy FC: Josh Tunon (27’)

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