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0506 First Division0506 results

IFFC match reports and stats

It was the top make up match between the two Club Football powerhouses Babarian A and Forbidden City FC where at the end both teams had to be satisfied with a tie. In the first half it was Forbidden City’s Andre Nowtniek (12.) to score the 0:1 halftime lead for his side. In the second half Babarian’s Nick Ott equalized (52.) for 1:1. Then F. City’s David Niven scored the 1:2 (76.) in which just four minutes later Steve Clayton of the Babarians (80.) equalize for the 2:2 draw.

X2 vs. FORBIDDEN CITY FC 7:1 (3:0)
In a stunning performance the X2’s boys just overran the Forbidden City FC winning at the end 7:1 after a 3:0 halftime lead. Syun scored three goals (25., 38. & 77.) while Kigeki (2.), Yamada (51.), Takeshi (70.) and Taichi (74.) scored one goal each. For Forbidden City FC it was Jochen who scored the only goal.

Note: Game awarded to FCFC because X2 was playing with three ineligible players

F. CITY FC vs. BEIDA CHINA 2:1 (1:0)
Because of both their opponents not beeing able to play in Game 1, both teams lined up already on last Sept 24 to play this Round 5 match. Beida China whose wish to join Second Division this year made them swith with the Vikings in the last minute. To the game: Both teams never met and both would be strong enough to win tod! ay and a thrilling match was the output. In the first half it was Forbidden City’s Gabriel Grieshau (28.) scoring the important lead which remained also the halftime score; 1:0 for Forbidden City over Beida China. In the second half both teams could not score and suddenly then it was Xiao Hai (79.) who scored the equalizer 11 minutes from the end. The F. City boys hightened the pressure and team leader Jason Muhl personally scored successfully the 2:1 (82.) deserved winning goal in this match. Beida China also was fined 300RMB for not bringing proper uniforms.

It was a close and hard fough victory for Forbidden City FC and by winning 4:3 over Wangjing FC, the City boys took spot No.1 since X2 just tied. Two goals from Friso Strahmann (3. & 75.) and a goal from each Jochen Schoeller (69.) and Lee Xiong (71.) secured Forbidden City FC altogether four goals to win the match. For Wangjing FC it was Han Sang Hoon (6.), Kim Do Yoon (60.) and Hong Go Myung (70.) who scored each one goal which was just one short to win any points.

21 C KOREA vs. FORBIDDEN CITY FC 1:6 (1:0)
Forbidden City FC had already their winter sleep in the first half where 21 C Korea¡¯s Yang D.J. (18.) scored the 1:0 halftime lead. Well in the second half the city boys woke up and just overran the chanceless Koreans. Three goals by Gabriel G. (76., 83. & 87.), two goals by Jochen T. (61. & 85.) and a goal by Jochen S. (88.) made it 6 for the Forbidden City FC and just one goal for 21 C Korea after the final whistle.

GAME 10:
Forbidden City gave a lesson to BW Korea, the current last in the second division. The entire game was under the control of Forbidden City. BW Korea had two chance in the whole game, which they manage to score: Byoen J.Y. (15.) in the first half and Lee S.Y. (60.) in the second. Forbidden City FC made everything clear in the first half by scoring five out of their seven goals. Gabriel G. struck three goals (40., 73. & 86.), Rowam S. added two goals (20. & 24.) while Jochen T. (16.) and Jean B. A. (42.) added one goal each.

GAME 11:
The top match of the second division was a superb match with many goals. Both of the teams came very motivated, determined and both were going for victory. The first half was even and both sides scored 2 goals. Eric Liverdahl struck twice (7. & 39.) for Babarians while Wim Broekmans (14. & 15.) also scored twice for Forbidden City. In the second half everything could have happened, and after 26 minutes David Niven (71.) manage to score the 2:3 for F.City FC. The Babarians increased their pressure and with more offence it was Nick Ott (86.) who equalized the match for thre all. While then everyone thought about a fair 3:3 tie just a minute from time Babarian Den McCrohan (89.) scored the winning goal and left the City-boys empty handed.

GAME 12:
Forbidden City came and showed BTS Korea 99 it was forbidden to take the 3 points in this game. Already in the first half F.City scored 2 by Fabriel G. (25.) and Dave Stewart (31.). In the second half F.City kept playing their style and added 2 more by old school David Niven (75.) and Jochem F. (82). BTS 99 were only able to score 1 by S.B.K (56.), the only one from BTS to enter the forbidden territory.

GAME 13:
X2 vs. FORBIDDEN CITY FC 2:0 (2:0)
The match of the week of the 2nd Division between the first and second place ended in a victory by the Japanese boys. In the first half X2 successfully manage to score 2 goals by Taichi (3.) and Yosuke (41.) while F.City just were unable to successfully put in their scoring-chances. Also in the second half Forbidden City FC were held down and had no luck, while X2 could keep their lead to win the game.

GAME 14:
F. City FC vs. Beida China 5:2 (3:1)
A very important game for both teams! F.City continued defending their position as division leaders, while Beida China badly needed the 3 points to climb up the division rankings. F.City was able to rely on their consistent offense and achieved their primary objective of staying in pole position in the Second Division. In the first half Jason M.(3.), Lars C.(35., 40.) netted three goals for F.City, and Beida were able to pull one back by Li(20.). In the second half, F.City’s Lars C.(65.) and Andre (75.) added 2 more and again Beida China was only able to find the net once, this time by Xiao B.(75.).

GAME 15:
China Star vs. F. City FC 0:3
China Star were unable to show up with enough players for this game, due to IFFC regulations, in this situation China Star lost the game 3:0.

GAME 16:
F. City FC vs. Yellow Sea FC 7:1 (4:1)
Forbidden City ended this game in style, humbling Yellow Sea FC. F.City simply performed football lecture to Yellow Sea who w as only able to catch momentum for a short while in the ending period of the first half. Within the first 20 minutes of the first half, F.City had set the tone by slamming in 2 goals by Jean B. A.(1.,20.) and then enlarged the score line with 2 more within the following 20 minutes by Rowan S.(28.) and Jochem T.(34.). After Yellow Sea received 4 goals, they managed to score one goal by Huanghai(35.) but could not finish off any more successful attempts ! from thi s point on, while the F.City kept the scoring machine turned on and played the same relentless football style in the second half with 3 more goals by Andy M.(47.), Andre N.(36.) and Stefan H.-B.(62.).

GAME 17:
Forbidden City FC just finished off Wangjing FC by winning each half 3:0 for a total 6:0 victory. In the first half it was Jean B.A. scoring two goals (28. & 34.) and Andy Mo. (45.) adding one goal just before halftime. In the second half H. Demir (55.) adding one and Jochen T. adding two more goals (63. & 85.) for this well deserved 6:0 victory over Wangjing FC.

GAME 18:
21 C KOREA vs. FORBIDDEN CITY FC 0:5 (0:2)
The Forbidden City FC boys are the new Second Division champions 05/06. The City boys took the last game serious and clearly defeated 21 C Korea who already saved themselves from relegation a week before. Gabriel G. struck twice (21. & 70.) while Nick Ott (33.), Patrick R. (70.) and Jochen T. (90.) scored one goal each. Congrats Forbidden City FC and welcome into the First Division!

In a close Cup match between the leftovers of the second division F. City versus China Star we saw a tight match. In the first half after China Star’s Zhang Kai’s 0:1 (10.) just six minutes later it was F. City’s Andre N. to equalize for the 1:1 (16.) halftime score. In the second half City’s Friso S. struck twice (55. & 65.) and while for China Star Pan (56.) and Dou (61.) was successfull for 3:3. The deciding goal then was scored five minutes from the end by F. City¡¯s David Niven (85.) for the 4:3 victory of Forbidden City FC over China Star.

Overall the Afrikans were the better side and deserved to go into the cup final. On the other side the Forbidden City FC gave the African boys a hard time and old school Rowan even scored the first goal through a free kick which the referee saw offside so it did not count. Africa’s Diaz then scored the 1:0 (35.). Forbidden City FC however never gave up and kept the game open quite a long time but missing all their chances to equalize. Then Afrika Utd. just overran the City boys. Samir (75.), Ermias (82.), Steven (85.) and Eric (87.) scored each and decided the match.


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