2017-2018 Season – FCFC what next?

If you are wondering What Next?! in the league and Cup – here’s a breakdown of all our upcoming fixtures up until December:

Oct. 15 – 2pm @ Lido -Thomas Marechal Cup Round 2
City vs French L’Equipe

Oct. 21 – 12pm @ Lido – IFFC Premier Div.
City vs Celtics

Oct. 21 – 2pm @ Lido – IFFC First Div.
Palace vs Celtics B

Oct. 29 – 2pm @ Lido – IFFC Premier Div.
City vs French L’Equipe

Oct. 29 – 4pm @ Lido – IFFC First Div.
Palace vs UCFC

Nov. 5 – 12pm @ Dulwich – IFFC Premier Div.
City vs Barbarians

Nov. 5 – 2pm @ Dulwich – IFFC First Div.
Palace vs Barbarians

Nov. 12 – 12pm @ Lido – IFFC Premier Div.
City vs Kozo Japan

Nov. 12 – 2pm @ Lido – IFFC First Div.
Palace vs Red cards

Nov. 18 – 4pm @ Lido – IFFC First Div.
Palace vs China Club Football

Nov. 19 – 2pm @ Lido – IFFC Premier Div.
City vs Cavaliers

Nov. 25 – 12pm @ Lido – IFFC First Div.
Palace vs Anejo FC

Dec. 02 – 12pm @ Lido – IFFC First Div.
Palace vs Beijing Rockets

Dec. 03 – 4pm @ Lido– IFFC Premier Div.
City vs Afrika United

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Cup 1/4 final Summer Palace vs FCFC

The 2011-2012 season resumes this coming weekend.
We start with the Cup 1/4 final vs FCFC. The venue is the LIDO, Kick off at 4PM,be there at 3:30PM at he latest.  , Saturday 25th at Lido, 4PM kick off . Beware of very bad traffic conditions on Saturday afternoon.
Who is available? Please reply ASAP.
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Citizens all over the world,

Forbidden City FC is sending you warm Christmas greetings and our best wishes for a wonderful New Year of health, happiness and fun.

2011 was a fantastic year for Forbidden City and without a doubt we are ruling Beijing’s amateur football scene on and off the pitch. In the summer both of our teams won their respective IFFC divisions which was celebrated in true City style. Team Forbidden City won 21 out of 22 league games to claim the Premier League title for the first time in a truly outstanding manner (see table here). At the same time, team Summer Palace went on an 11 game winning streak to qualify for the First Division championship play-off and then claimed the title with a convincing 3-0 win (see table here). Songs recall the deeds of bravery and the bards of Beijing have been praising these glorious achievement ever since (and will until the end of days).

In the first half of the 2011/12 season both teams continued to play magnificent football. Forbidden City is tied for first place in the Premier League with 8 wins and 1 draw while Summer Palace is in second place of the First Division with 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Off the pitch we have been spending quite a bit of time in Beijing’s nightlife and Teppanyaki scene and we are also often seen at Luga’s who is sponsoring us for the 4th season. A recent highlight was the FCFC Xmas party with over 60 people.

If you are in the region then mark the Easter weekend (7&8 April) in your calendar because that’s when we’ll roll up in Bangkok for a weekend of football.

All the best from us. Be safe. Peace.

Forbidden City FC


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Forbidden City Tour to Bangkok 6th April 2012

Christmas is coming. For religion of another sort, here’s a little update for those dreaming of a Bangkok Easter…

Easter weekend is April 6-9, UK/HK etc public holiday.
Qingming Tomb Sweeping is April 5-7, official China holiday.
GAS Bangkok Far Easter Tour is April 7-8  – see the 2011 rules attached.

The tournament is played at Pattana School on beautiful grass pitches and is an 11 a-side, 11 min-half, no off-side, bonus for 3 goals open to all cup played over two days.

I’ve looked at some flights, Thai is looking good, as always.

1. TG615 FRI 06/04/12 PEK-BKK 17:05 – 21:20
2. TG674 SUN 08/04/12 BKK-PEK 23:50 – 05:30

1. TG615 WED 04/04/12 PEK-BKK 17:05 – 21:20
2. TG614 MON 09/04/12 BKK-PEK 10:10 – 15:50

These flights are daily and at the moment all the same price
Total Price: ¥ 3,240

Or with Air China maybe a little cheaper
1. CA979 WE04APR PEK-BKK 1935 2340
2. CA980 MO09APR BKK-PEK 0100 0630
Total Price: ¥ 2,990

There are flights with Air Asia from Shenzhen to Bangkok for ¥ 1,900 (or from Macao for ¥ 1,200 !), but then you have to get there.
You can book a nice spacious apartment hotel like the Grand President for ¥ 360 per night for a double.
Or just around the corner you can have a the DS67 Suites, with rooms for up to 4 people, for B2,500, that works out as ¥ 130, per person, per night.
These places are on Sukhumvit Soi 11 / Soi 13.

Not forgetting social spending and a tournament entry fee (maybe RMB300 each depending on numbers), you can work out how much you need to budget for this trip. I suppose realistically if you book flights soon, the minimum will be ¥ 5,000

Let me know what people think, date wise, hotel wise and I will then start collecting deposits. Of course, I am up for suggestions if others want to do some planning as well.


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Forbidden City Tour to Bangkok

Easter weekend holiday is April 6-8.
Tomb Sweeping holiday is April 5-7, these are official China holidays.
Forbidden City Bangkok Tour is April 6-8.
You can make it happen, holidays in Europe, in China, in both!!

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G4: FCFC vs Fortuna

Game this Sunday vs Fortuna 2pm Lido Pitch. please let me know if you are available NOW!
Let’s capitalize on that great performance last weekend and steam roll the Fortuna boys.
PS: Make sure you make it on Friday for Wudaokou BBQ! 8pm
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Training Wednesday 8-10pm Lido pitch

Hey guys,
Fantastic results this weekend for both teams!
Training as usual this coming Wednesday: 8pm lido Pitch
See you there
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G3: FCFC vs Afrika

Game vs Africa this Sunday 5pm Chaoyang stadium. are you available?
Sunday 5pm Chaoyang Stadium
please RSVP now.

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Training this Wednesday

Well done this weekend!

Palace couldnt quite keep up with their winning streak losing against a very good team. good battle though!
City charged forward and won in style against the Strollers 5-0.

Make it to training this Wednesday 8-10pm Lido pitch Maps here



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Football Training Tonight


Great start to the season with two big wins for SP and FC. let’s keep the momentum going and Join us for training tonight. Be there and make it on time!




PS: remember Friday season opening Party!!!!

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