Bangkok Far East Tournament 2018 – TEASER

2018 will mark the 7th year in a row FCFC attends the now infamous Bangkok Far East Tournament. Provisional dates are set for April 21-22…


Not sure if you should attend? You have a habit of staying at home and seriously considering quitting English Breakfast tea in favour of Earl Grey? Have no idea that cooking oil is one of the safest contraceptives available in supermarkets across Thailand? Would rather not know what El Colorado + Carousel = ? Not interested in what this all means?…STAY AWAY! THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.


For the rest of you…STAY TUNED and SAVE THE DATE

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Bangkok Tour March 2013

Hello Lads,

A football tour they said. In Bangkok they said. Next March. What do you say?

I know the date ‘end of March’ seems way off but the chat about our Easter 2012 tour is just dying down so I thought six months would be the right time to start the banter for next year’s tour!

About 20 of us headed down to Bangkok last year to play in the German All Stars Bangkok ( – need VPN in China) 11 a-side open football tournament. Even if you are a new recruit to City you should already have heard some banter about the football and fun we had during that week. If not, ask the lads at the weekend.

We WILL be going again next year. Get on board. Saturday 30th March and Sunday 31st March are the important days.

Good Friday is 29th March, while Qing Ming Jie is Thursday 4th April. Hopefully you will have one or both of these holidays available.

Last year about 10 of us went a week early and had a lovely and quiet ‘rest and relaxation’ few days on the beaches of Koh Chang. Maybe this year because of the Chinese holiday the week after, we could plan a recovery session of a similar nature. Get your ideas in now and start the plans forming.

The 11 a-side tournament is open to all ages, while there is likely to be a Masters 7 a-side tournament for over 35’s at the same time. Let me know now if you are interested to join in one or the other or both??

Flights cost about ¥3,000 (less if indirect or booked now!), hotel was ¥200 a night and spending money less than a night out in Sanlitun, depending on your pleasures. So start saving and get involved.

FCFC New and old are more than welcome whether you are in the US, Indonesia, Canada, UK, Thailand, Sweden (you know who you are!)…etc..or in China of course. All you need to do is book the time off work and start saving. Right now I want to hear who is interested and some ideas for side trips before or after.

Let’s get this party started.

Your tour captain,

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IFFC 7 a-side tournament 16th June + Dos Kolegas + Vote

Hello One and All,
After the fun Sexy football tourney yesterday (where City reached the semi-finals), the summer football keeps coming at you.
Next on the agenda is the IFFC ‘Robert Gonnella’ 7 a-side tournament on Saturday 16th June. Played on grass pitches close to WAB / 5th ring road, this will be Jochen and Stefan’s last football match (in Beijing).  We will have two mixed and fun teams participating.  All players past and present welcomed to get involved.  For sure it will be a fun day to be involved in.
Followed by an after party and IFFC award ceremony at Dos Kolegas where Ivan, amongst others, will be given an award.
(If you haven’t already voted for other IFFC awards do so NOW at Click on ‘POLL’ on the left side of the home page)
A shuttle bus will leave from in front of Bank of China (2 min walking distance north east of Kempinski) on Liangmaqiao lu at 1 pm.
The tournament will kick off at 2 pm and finish at 6 pm. No BBQ but drinks will be available. Then from 6 pm BBQ will be available at 2 Kolegas.
So plenty of good reasons to get involved.     I am not sure of the price yet, it depends on numbers, but apparently the pitch fees are quite low.
1/ Please let me know your availability for the football.
2/ and/or Dos Kolegas.
3/ Will you make use of the shuttle bus?
Please reply immediately.
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Bangkok Football Tour in April

Hello Citizens,

We are slowly awakening from winter break and look forward to another sporty year ahead. What better way to reward ourselves for all the hard work we’re going to put in than with a fun trip to Bangkok come Spring.
You’ve seen all the emails, so no more banter – it’s now time to make the decisions.

“I would like to remind you of the Bangkok 30th International Far East Football Tournament 2012 weekend on 7th April – both the Open (11 a-side) and Vet’s (7 a-side O35 & O45) competitions.”

We are entering a team in the 11 aside, and we need to register by the end of the month.  We are limited to people on the squad and we have that interest from the likes of: Jochen, Philippe, Jason, Blythe, Rafa, Luca, Matty, Alvaro, Aaron, Andy, Ivan, Gabe, Chris, Edu, Pikey, Amir, Fei, and plenty more.

I therefore plan to collect deposits of ¥2,000 per person so we know you are fully committed. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and get involved in this tour, or forever be reminded of the fun we had while you stayed in dead Beijing. It is Easter Holiday and Tomb Sweeping Holiday at this time.  Please send me your passport details (name, nationality, number, expiry date), with the dates you will travel (or if you can just follow the crowd), player or tourist, and your contact phone number.  Jason will be at fusbal on Tuesday to/night if you are able to pay your deposit then. There isn’t much time to finalise this, especially if we want to secure cheap flights (more details on that later) and hotel options – if anyone has a spare moment to look at some websites and collate the best deals please do so.

I hope to hear from you all soon.

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