Can you get fitter!? TRAINING??

Dear Citizens!There were no official games for the club this past week end so i want everyone to come to training to get fit this week,…..because next week Wednesday at training we will be doing the bleep test and challenging your fitness!Below I have made a very reasonable target for you to try and beat!So everyone fight the fat!CAN YOU COME TRAINING THIS WEEK!!!!!!?????????REPLY NOW!CheersJames

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  1. Philippe

    Can we all agree that Tom was clearly on Drugs last time and that a more realistic target would be 5.5.

  2. Sheff

    Can we all also agree that Woodie should have been on drugs last time and should not take part this time?By the way, Jim can you put these all to 1 decimal place and align right, please – it’s tough on the eye. Thanks, mate~