Weekly update

Citizens, weekly updates are =back!!!


Another superb weekend both on and off the =pitch.


Top of the table leaders City had a tough =encounterwith rivals Fortuna on Saturday: after a goaless first half Citycrancked up the pressure and secured a well deserved 3-1 =victory. Ivanhit a double and Blythe scored the third. =

MOM:Went to Blythe for a great all round game – an assist and a goal =forthe Spurs man

DOM:Ivan the forgetful poneytailess swiss didnt bring the donkey hat =andwas caught yelping like a bitch on heat when BFF Andy was =subbed. HisGFF was not impressed.


City remain top of the Premierleague table.


Palace Screwed old foes SDB 3-0. A good =weekend forour spurs contingent, as Ally hit a classy double and Ausie Matt =sealedthe deal by scoring the third goal. This weekend we said goodbye =toMatt Costello off to Singapore tojoin his Aussie buddies at the notrious 4 floors of whores. Luga =cavedin and spoiled the lads with fake tequila so we could celebrate =ourwins and send Matt C off in style. Thanks Matt and all the =best!

MOM:Matt C outstanding contribution to the club over the past two =seasons.Bye Bye and see you soon.

DOM:Taps game wonderman and endangered species =hunter Amir,missing open goal with backwards header. Good to have you back =mate.


Palace stick to their second spot in the 1stdivision.


Remember training this week as most of you =passed onit last week. Training is essential to the success of this =club…andyes, Tequila is too.


Let’s keep this up =lads!






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