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IFFC match reports and stats

Below are the match reports for Forbidden City games in the 2007-08 season, which were prepared by the IFFC (special thanks to Rob Gonella).

Both the Russians and the City boys had no presents t give away in this match. Forbidden City FC who started last season terribly and just escaped relegation, but then in the second part of last season with a good come back which high lightened with the IFFC Cup Final against Afrika which they then lost. In the first half the Russians took the 1:0 lead through a goal from Akhmetov Timur (17.). City’s Macia Monterde (31.) and Rafa Peinado (37.) struck back and turned the score around for 1:2 after the first half. In the second half again the Russians scored first, Tolstikhin Roman (48.) after just two minutes played, but that was the last Russian goal in this match, the City FC though added some goals: Nick Otto with two goals (55. & 74.), Luca Merlone (70.) added one goal and Macia Monterde scored a second goal (85.) five minutes from time for the final 2:5 F.City FC victory over the Russians.

The Forbidden City lads gave a fine football lesson to the Japanese X2 side and now for the first time Forbidden City FC is No.1 (this week for sure) in the IFFC Premiere League. After leading the Japanese 3:1 in the first half, then in the second half Forbidden City scored another four goals. Man of the match was Macia Monterde who scored five goals !!! (8., 18., 36., 70. & 78.). His teammate Nick Otto added two (15. & 77.) to make it seven. For X2 it was Shun Nakamura (23.) who score the goal of honour.

Sexy FC beat the table leaders Forbidden City FC with 3 goals to none. In the first half Sexy FC’s Jonny Manc scored the 1:0 (23.) halftime lead. In the second half his teammates Josh Tunon (48.) & Steve Cairnes (74.) added one goal each for a deserved Sexy FC victory. Forbidden City was not able to find Sexy FC’s net

Forbidden City FC and Barbarians A were determined to win today. In the first half the match was open, and each side was able to score one goal; Dan McRohan (38.) for the Barbarians and Adama Segura (38.) for City FC. In the second half the match stayed close, first Forbidden City James McKay (48.) scored a quik 2:1 lead, but it took the last five minutes of the match to safely determine the winner when Luca Merlone struck two goal (85. & 88.) and finished the Barbarians off another time

In the first half it did not look like that Forbidden City FC would win this match with this high 2:5 victory over the Celtics. The Celtics took even the lead through a goal from Colm O’Flaherty (15.) but Forbidden City’s answer came prompt: 1:1 through Luca Merlone (35.) and that score stayed till halftime. In the second half Forbidden City stormed over the Celtics: Nick Otto (50.), Jason Muhl (58.), Louis Yamamoto (62.) & Pere Torrens (66.) each scored with good teamwork a goal each for a convincing 1:5 lead. The Celtics still managed to pull one back though David Fairburn (80.) ten minutes from time but that was all they managed to do against the new table leaders of the Premiere League

Through some difficulties Forbidden City FC managed to win against a determined French LE (who missed their goaly) side due to three goals in the last five minutes of the match. After a goalless first half, the French scored the lead through their top striker Guillaume Leclerc (65.) and just ten minutes later Forbidden City’s Philippe Healey was send off with a second yellow card. With ten men 0:1 down, Forbidden City FC managed to turn around the match: 1:1 Luca Merlone (85.), 2:1 Nick Otto (88.) & Gabrielle Bessi (89.) scored the final 3:1.

The long awaited match from both sides ended in a thrilling 0:0. It was definitely NOT one of those boring goalless matches. Both teams had their good chances but none were converted on both sides. The first half saw some very good chances especially from the Forbidden City FC side. Then in the second half the Africans pushed onto the Forbidden City goal, but due to good defending on both sides the match remained a goalless tie.

After Satuday’s Athletico loss, the winner of this match will be the new No.1. In both halves Forbidden City FC were the stronger side, while Fortuna 94 fought well back and had some good chances as well. The first half saw Fortuna score the 1:0 through Zigor Nuere (16.) while just eight minutes later F. City FC’s Louis Yamamoto (24.) equalized for the 1:1 halftime score. Then in the second half there were two penalties: Fortuna’s Nori missed his one, but Forbidden City’s Luca Merlone stayed on course: the 2:1 winner (82.) just eight minutes from time. After insulting the referee Fortuna’s Peter Lazar was sent off.

In the first half the Vikings were still able to be in touch with the Forbidden City FC boys, but then in the end of second half the current No.1 just rolled over the Vikings and the outcome was a grande 5:1 victory for City FC. In the first half after Forbidden City FC’s Rafael Peinada 1:0 (26.), just two minutes later it was Viking’s Nathan Sin (28.) to equalize. Six minutes from the break Nick Otto scored (39.) the 2:1 halftime score. In the second half Gabrielle Bessi scored the 3:1 (78.) and Nick Otto added two more goals (85. & 87.) on the score sheet.

Forbidden City FC took home another three points and successfully defended their No.1 position in the league. The Strollers gave the City boys a good match and both sides had some great chances throughout the match. After a goalless first half, the second remained goalless until F. City FC’s Simon Ross scored golden goal of the day (60.). 0 Strollers and 1 Forbidden City FC was also the final score after ninety minutes.

In this IFFC top showdown Forbidden City FC had the upper hand over the Athletico lads especially due to a convincing last 16 minutes of the second half. In the first half the City FC had a tight 1:0 lead through a goal from Nick Otto (10.) in the beginning of the match. In the second half Athletico who played well so far struck back through Dale Wong who struck twice (60. & 72.) to turn around the match, suddenly it was 1:2 for Athletico. But as mentioned in the beginning the last 16 minutes of the match it was Forbidden City FC who scored: Luca Merlone (74.) with the 2:2 equalizer, then two goals from Macia Monterde (77. & 80.) and finally Philippe Healey (89.) in the last two minutes of the match. Forbidden City FC defended their No.1 position successfully and stays over the winter on the pole position of the Premier League. Note: F. City FC’s Johnny Horsfall received ten minutes from time his second yellow card (=red) and can not play on the next weekend’s Cup match.

Sunday 12 noon and the current No.1 Forbidden City FC faced off with the underdog Russia Utd. who actually eliminated the City’s B squad (Summer Palace), so there was some score to settle. The Russians though stole the show in the first half hour and stunned City FC with two goals: Roman Tolstikhin (10.) and an own goal from James McKay (20.) [who probl. got the team internal yellow cap for this week]. Then the City strikers woke up from their winter sleep: and before the break Josh Nealon (36.) and Rafael Peinada (37.) secured City FC a 2:2 halftime score. In the second half Forbidden City FC just overran the Russians: Nick Otto scored a clear hattrick (47., 54. & 68.), then Italian striker Luca Merlone added two goals (64. & 79.) and the final City FC goal was scored by Rodrigo Sacchi (81.) for the final score: Forbidden City FC 8, Russia Utd. 2.

After a clear 1:7 defeat against table leader Forbidden City FC, the Japanese side went as the big underdog into this match. But from the start the Japanese fought well and surprised the City FC lads and it was the first half which was decisive: X2’s Hiroshi Yamashita (35.), Noburo Hayashi (43. & 45.) with two strikes, scored three goals for their side, while Forbidden City FC’s Nick Otto pulled one against (21.) and it was 3:1 for X2/Teppen for halftime. In the second half the City lads pushed onto the Japanese goal, X2 defended well (with Sexy FC’s oral support from the outside) and also X2 were a steady threat to score as well. Seven minutes from time Marcia Monterde scored the 3:2 (83.) but that was it. Forbidden City got dethroned by X2’s work, Sexy FC are the new No.1. A thrilling match, played well from both sides.
NOTE: Nick Otto (Forbidden City FC) received his 5th yellow card and needs to miss out in the next match.

It’s even difficult to start writing this match reports, because words can only try to describe this advertisement of great football by both sides and even the refs got best marks, which normally never happens when a match turns around in the last seconds… . Forbidden City FC came out here to regain the top spot from the Sexy FC boys and in the first half they managed to strike the 1:0 lead through their Italian striker Luca Merlone (36.) which was also the halftime score. The match was thrilling and the second half continued as the first half with both teams having good chances. Slowly the time was running away and Sexy FC tried everything to equalize, but just could not put the ball into the City FC’s net and when noone thought of the impossible, the impossible became reality: Sexy FC was able to turn around the match in the last seconds of the match: Jonny White (90.) and Mirsad Midzic (92.) struck their goals into Forbidden City FC’s net and left City FC empty handed behind. I want to compliment both sides for displaying football of the finest thrill. Sexy FC strengthened their No.1 lead, while Forbidden City lost now twice in a row.

After a two matches loosing streak which cost the No.1 position, Forbidden City FC was under pressure to win this match in order to keep their title hopes alive. The Barbarians on the other side wanted their revenge from last year’s defeat and came to win this match. Forbidden City FC had the better start and in the beginning of the first half it was James McKay (13.) scoring the 0:1 City FC lead. The match continued tight and four minutes before the break it was Dan McCrohan (41.) who scored the 1:1 equalizer for the Barbarians. In the second half it was Forbidden City FC who could convert two of their chances into goals: Marcia Monterde (78.) and nine minutes from time Adam Ferry (81.) scored each one goal and after ninety minutes Forbidden City FC won the match 1:3 over the Barbarians.
Note: Jochen Tenhagen (F.City FC) received his 5th yellow card and must miss out in the next match.

It was a close matter and at the end a single goal decided the outcome of the match. In the first half Forbidden City FC’s Luca Merlone (23.) scored the 1:0 halftime lead in a hard fought first 45 minutes. The Celtics (who recently were without luck loosing matches by just one goal) were determined in the second half, and after just five minutes it was Niall McDonagh (50.) who finally equalized the match. Forbidden City FC on the other side were not done here: Just thirteen minutes later Rodrigo Sacchi struck for the 2:1 lead (63.) and that was also the final score after ninety minutes. Forbidden City FC continue to hunt Sexy FC while the Celtics after playing good along left the field empty handed once more.

It was the big chance for Forbidden City to reclaim the pole position of the Premiere League; on the one hand a determined side showed up against a weakened French LE side who missed crucial players like captain Thomas Marechal and main defender Felix Zafra and on the other side current table leaders Sexy FC drew against the Vikings. From the start it was Forbidden City FC putting pressure onto the French goal. Team leader Jason Muhl struck the 0:1 lead  (34.) while four minutes from the break Luca Merlone scored a nice free kick into the right corner of the French LE goal (41.) and the halftime score was 0:2 for Forbidden City FC. In the second half Forbidden City continued their pressure against the French LE, Marcia Monterde (50.) scored after five minutes from an indirect free kick through the French LE’s wall the 0:3 and the Luca Merlone struck his second goal (64.) for the final score of 0:4 for Forbidden City FC over the French LE team which meant the new No.1 is Forbidden City FC for the time being.
Note: Forbidden City’s James McKay and Philippe Healey both received their 5th yellow card and can not play in the next coming match.

The Africans came very motivated to this match and send Forbidden City FC home with a high loss which removed them from the top of the ranking. In the first half within just two minutes it was Abdul Salaam (23.) and old school Negga Asmero (25.) who scored for the 2:0 halftime lead against the City FC lads. In the second half then Abdul Salaam was able to score his second goal (61.) after sixteen minutes played. Then Forbidden City FC’s Rafael Peinado pulled one back (74.) but not too long cause just two minutes later Afrika Utd.’s Ela Agaba struck the 4:1 and that was also the final score after ninety minutes. Forbidden City FC lost their No.1 spot to Sexy FC while Afrika Utd. displayed great football and showed how to dismantle Forbidden City FC with style.

It was a thrilling nail biter until the final whistle with both teams displaying great football and an each side displayed an overall good sportsmanship behavior as well. Forbidden City FC took the first half 1:0 with a goal from Nick Otto (42.) just shortly before the halftime whistle. Both teams fought well and missed out on good chances. The second half continued as the first with good football and a hard battle for every inch of the field. Just after seconds played Fortuna’s Tesu Sato (46.) equalized, then Jonny Horsfal (49.) just three minutes later made the 2:1 (49.) for City FC.  Nick Otto’s second goal, the 3:1 (62.) was answered by Fortuna’s Tesu Sato’s second goal  (64.) 120 seconds later. Eight minutes from time Fortuna’s Wang Shou scored the 3:3 equalizer (82.), but just two minutes later City FC’s Sean Chritianos (85.) scored the 4:3 winner of this drama. After the match both teams shook hands for this fine match.

After their first encounter where F. City FC thrashed the Vikings 5:1, now in this leg the match went very close and a goal in the last six minutes of the match decided the outcome of the match. Both teams came here today in order to desperately take home all three points; the Vikings needed them in order to bypass the Celtics in the relegation battle while Forbidden City FC needed the points in order to keep their title hopes and keep up with table leaders Sexy FC. Now after both sides played well and pushed forward for this win, it was Philippe Healey who was the man of the day in Forbidden City FC uniform: Philippe scored the only goal of the match (84.) and kept his side in the title race while the Vikings left home empty handed once more, despite once more having displayed good football against a strong team.

Forbidden City FC had an exceptional season and so far was the closest rival of Sexy FC for this year’s title. Since Sexy FC won their match against against the Japanese, Forbidden City FC was forced to keep up and ensure three points from the Strollers match, but the Strollers had other plans and wanted a win by themselves. In the first half Forbidden City FC’s Luca Merlone struck an early goal for the 1:0 lead (9.) and until just two minutes from the break the Strollers were able to level the match 1:1 by a goal from Jung Sic (43.). The match was ready to go either way and then Strollers Dane Erickson found the City FC’s net scoring the 1:2 winner (72.). In the remaining minutes both sides could not score and the 1:2 was the final score. The Strollers spoiled the hopes of Forbidden City FC’s championship dream and took away all the points. Heads up Forbidden City FC on the other hand, you guys had a magnificent season and you still did qualify for the Super Cup in June.

It was a close match between Athletico and Forbidden City FC. The City FC lads took the lead after more then thirty minutes played through Nick Otto (34.), but then with a double pack within just two minutes it was Athletico team leader Stewart Fry (43.) and Dave Thomas (44.) seconds before the break to make it 2:1 for halftime. Then in the second half Athletico defended well their 2:1 lead and it was in the last eight minutes of the match when Forbidden City FC was able to turn around the match: 2:2 by Adam Ferry (82.) and two minutes later the 2:3 by Sean Christianos (85.) which was five minutes from time.

IFFC CUP Second Round
Forbidden City FC took the second half to overwhelm the Italians in the second round of the Cup. In the first half it was Nick Otto’s first goal (41.) and Azzurri’s goal from Lu Ju (44.) just minutes later which resulted in the 1:1 halftime score. Then in the second half Nick Otto scored two more goals (57. & 60.) and his teammate Robbie McIntosh (64.) added one which meant: within seven minutes Forbidden City Fc made everything clear. Azzurri FC were not able to score a goal in the second half.

IFFC CUP Quarterfinal
In the big showdown between league leaders Forbidden City FC and Cup defenders Afrika Utd. only one side would go through into the Semifinal and a tie like couple weeks ago would not be possible here. The first half was tight: F. City FC scored the 1:0 through a goal from Nick Otto (5.) after just five minutes. Then Afrika Utd. struck back: Samir Saleh (25.), Ela Agaba (30.) and  Edson Wine (31.) all scored once within just six minutes; the match was turned around despite F. City’s Luca Merlone (37.) goal afterwards and it was 2:3 for the Africans in halftime. In the second half Africa’s Tom Dede scored the 2:4 (47.) after just two minutes played. After then F. City FC’s Macia Monterde (70.) pulled one back, another four minutes later Afrika Utd.’s Samir Saleh’s second goal (74.) decided the match. Samir added a third goal (87.) and then a goal from Akeem Mohammed (89.) gave Forbidden City FC the rest. The defending Cup winners Afrika Utd. are through into the IFFC Cup Semifinal with a big 3:7 victory over league leader Forbidden City FC.


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