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IFFC match reports and stats

Below are the match reports for Forbidden City games in the 2006-07 season, which were prepared by the IFFC (special thanks to Rob Gonella).

F. City FC vs. Afrika Utd. 2:6 (1:2)
Despite the clear score, it was a tough match for the reigning champs Afrika Utd. against a well fighting F. City FC side. The big difference between F. City FC and Afrika Utd. was IFFC’s top striker Steve who scored all six goals (17., 25., 68., 79., 83. & 88.) for the champs. On the other side, in the first half NickOtto  (10.) and in half two David Stewart (81.) scored for the City boys. If Steve would not have come today ….

Russia Utd. vs. F. City FC 1:2 (0:1)
In this Thursday evening match, the City boys edged a close 1:2 victory over the Russians. In the first half it was Kenny Bain to score the 0:1 halftime lead for Forbidden City FC. In the second half the Russians struck back and through Nikolay (65.) they equalized. But just three minutes later F. City FC’s Luca Merlone scored the 1:2 winner (68.).

F. City FC vs. Celtics A 1:1 (0:1)
Thursday night’s make up match between Forbidden City FC and the Celtics ended ina one all draw. In the first half it was the Celtics to score: the 0:1 halftime lead was scored by Celtic’s Zhang (39.) six minutes from the break. In the second half it was Forbidden City FC to score and it was Jignesh Patel (70.) to equalize the match.

F. City FC vs. Fortuna 94 1:1 (0:1)
On both sides crucial players were missing and at the end a fair draw ended this match. Throughout the match Fortuna 94 had the better game, but on the other side Forbidden City FC were more determined and fought off Fortuna very well. In the first half it was Fortuna’s Oscar scoring the 0:1 (23.) halftime lead. In the second half it was Forbidden City FC’s Aron C. (73.) the only man beeing able to score and so this match ended it a one all tie.

F. City FC vs. Sexy FC 0:2 (0:0)
In this game, Sexy FC turned out to be the better team. Forbidden City FC fought the whole game but this time they were unlucky. The first half were played on an equal level. The second half Sexy pressured more to score 2 goals in quick succession by Jamie(75.,79.) which gave them the victory.

Peking Strollers vs. F. City FC 3:0 (2:0)
The Strollers were determined to win against Forbidden City FC and did it with the big help of their striker Xiao Bin who scored all three goals (7., 14. & 74.). In the first 14 minutes Xiao Bin had already struck two goals while F. City FC just not overcome the Strollers defence & keeper. The Strollers stay on hunting the leaders Afrika Utd. while F. City FC is on 8th rank near the relegation zone.

X2/Teppen vs. F. City FC 0:0
The ‘cellar-derby’ ended in a goalless draw. In the first fifteen minutes Forbidden City FC missed two great chances and while X2 also kept scoreless. In the second half the match continued like the first half whith both teams missing a striker who could finally score. In the last five minutes X2/Teppen missed a great chance to score, so the match ended in a fair 0:0 draw.

F. City FC vs. French LE 1:1 (0:1)
It was a tight match which resulted into a one all draw. In the first half it was French LE¡¯s Renato scvoring the 0:1 lead (10.) in the early part of the match. Then in the second half both sides had good chances where at the end this time the Forbidden City FC side was able to put away a goal through Alex (70.) to equalize the match. The French LE stays on 3rd rank while Forbidden City FC moved out of the relegation zone by one point.

F. City FC vs. Vikings 2:3 (1:1)
It was Vikings’ captain Michael sayonara match and it ended with a close victory for the Vikings. In the first half the Vikings managed an early lead through Jens (8.) which Forbidden City FC answered one minute before the break with a goal from Nick Otto (44.). In the second half the Forbidden City FC took the lead through Nick Otto’s second goal (50.), but just six minutes later Viking’s Jakob (56.) equalized for 2:2. The winning goal for the Vikings was scored by Marko (70.). The whole IFFC wishes Michael all the best in Singapore and await you back some day in the future. We shall miss you !

GAME 10:
F. City FC vs. Afrika Utd. 2:3 (1:1)
Forbidden City FC stunned the heavy favorites Afrika Utd from the start and only in the last ten minutes of the match, the table leaders were able to turn around this hard fought match. F. City’s Jonny White scored an early 1:0 (6.) lead which Afrika Utd.’s Steven was able to equalize for 1:1 (40.) five minutes from the break. In the second half Jonny scored his second goal for 2:1(65.) and the Afrikans had their trouble to score the equalizer. Then eventually Steven scored with his second goal (80.) the 2:2 and five minutes from time it was Dan who scored the 2:3 (85.) winner. With a bid more luck F. City would have deserved a tie.

GAME 11:
Russia Utd. vs. F. City FC 1:3 (0:2)
After last week’s great performance against the Africans, this time F. City FC had another one and deserved all three points out of this match. The game was decided in the first half where F. City FC took a 0:2 lead over the Russians. Philippe Healey (21.) and Johnny White (32.) were the scorers. In the second half both teams scored one goal, F. City’s Renato (56.) to 0:3 and Sanya (61.) for the 1:3. While F. City FC gained valuable points against relegation, the Russians themselves are in trouble now.

GAME 12:
F. City FC vs. Celtics A 1:2 (0:1)
After great performances against the Africans & Russians this time F. City FC was stopped by the bottom ranked Celtics who fought well in a thrilling match. An early goal from Celtics Kwok Chow (5.) gave the Irish lads a narrow 0:1 lead which remained over the halftime until the last ten minutes of the match. Then finally the F. City FC could equalize for 1:1 by Jonny White (80.). Then just two minutes later Celtics Derek Swan (82.) scored the deceisive 1:2 and the Celtics defended the score with success until the final whistle. The Celtics moved out of last place and are now level with F. City FC seperated by goals only.

GAME 13:
F. City FC vs. Fortuna 94 0:0
Heavy wind and a heavy for every inch from both sides where at the end noone deserved to loose. In the first half the City FC had the more advantage with the wind and striker Renato along with his teammates missed good chances to score. In the second half Fortuna 94 (who barely was able to make a line up) pushed for the victory and both sides missed really good chances. At the end a fair point share resulted out of this match in which both sides enjoyed this windy Sunday afternoon.

GAME 14:
F. City FC vs. Sexy FC 1:0 (0:0)
It was a very hard fought match from both sides in which at the end one goal made the difference. The first half ended goalless and the match continued tight. Then ten minutes from time finally it was City¡¯s Renato scoring the winning goal (10.). It was an even match, but due to the fact that City FC had hit several times the post, the points were well earned. Sexy FC also lost one major player Josh who broke his foot again. Get well mate !!!

GAME 17:
F. City FC vs. French LE 3:0 (1:0)
After last Thursday¡¯s strong performance against the Strollers in the Cup, Forbidden City FC continue their good play in the league; this time the won over the French LE convincingly 3:0. In the first half it was Jonny White (35.) scoring the close 1:0 halftime lead. In the second half, the City boys continued scoring: Renato for 2:0 (47.) just two minutes played and then Mohammed (75.) scored the final 3:0. The French LE were stunned and during the heat were not able to score one single goal.

IFFC CUP Second Round
Forbidden City FC made everything clear in the first half, where they could score a clear lead with goals from Nick Otto (10.) and Dave Steward (20. & 35.). In the early second half F. City FC’s Jochen Tenhagen made it even 0:4 (50.) and then the Italians came back with goals from Roberto (65.) and Lu Ju (75.). But that was all they could do. Forbidden City FC is the last team to qualify for the Quarterfinal where their old rivals Babarians A a ready waiting for them.

F.CITY FC vs. BABARIANS A 1:1(0:0)4:3 PKs
It was a bitter battle from both sides and at the end we had a lucky winner from a match in where the Babarians had a bid more from the match especially in the second half. After a goalless first half it was Forbidden City’s Renato to score the 1:0 lead (77.). The Babarians seemed to miss al their chances, but then in the last seconds of the match it was Steve Clayton to equalize the match. Then in the penalty shoutouts the Forbidden City FC was a bid more lucky and won the match.

The City boys made the big coup and exited the Strollers from the IFFC Cup competition in a convincing 3:0 victory. Forbidden City FC’s Jonny White struck two very quick goals (2. & 9.) in the first ten minutes of the match. The Strollers were stunned and then Forbidden City’s Hamed scored even the 3:0 (27.) which also remained as the halftime score. In the second half the Strollers failed to score while also Forbidden City FC could not strike with couple good chances. Overall a deserved City FC victory and they are ready for the big show down next week with the defending Cup Winners Afrika Utd.


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