Training Wednesday

Hey Guys,
Big games coming up for both teams this weekend! Try and make it tonight!
Don’t miss out
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Training Wednesday

Training as usual wednesday 8-10pm Lido. Big games coming up for both teams – Old and new players, be sure to make it!
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Training Tonight Lido

Training tonight boys.

See you there!



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Training tonight

Hi guys, Training tonight as usual 8pm-10pm Lido Pitch. Please be on time. Big matches coming up this week for both Palace and City! Don’t miss out! let’s make sure both teams stay top of their respective leagues! Traffic in the liangmaqiao area has been tough so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to reach the pitch. Pitch owners have confirmed the park/pitch is available tonight! cheers, Philippe

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FCFC training tonight

FCFC training tonight 8pm at Lido Gongyuan

Pitch: Si’de Gongyuan (Sìdé Gōngyuán – 四德公园)

Map here:



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Training Every Wednesday

Hey Guys,

Training as always on Wednesday.

As mentioned previously it’s important we have a good turn out from both teams. Priority for squad selection will be given to players who come to training. The Cup/League etc starts this weekend for Palace and in two weeks time for City (note City friendly against Chinese semi-pro side this Saturday – will be in touch shortly regarding this). To make you sure you can make one of the teams please come to training (old and new players:no free passes).

The one and only FA qualified Benoit Wu will be taking care of this week’s session – expect good footy and cold beers later on.

Bring it.

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New Season Important Info

Dear Citizens,

Following yet another fun and eventful season in 2012, both Palace and City managed to finish in the top tier of their respective divisions. The club also managed to survive a now infamous Bangkok tour which saw the team only lose against the tournament winners. It is now time to get prepared to defend our colours in true City style in the coming season 2012-13.

Training started a few weeks ago, the 5’s kicked off again and now the 11-a-side competition is about to kick off. Therefore, we’d like to update returning and new players about some organizational points regarding playing football for Forbidden City FC in Beijing:

1) Team organization
2) Training
3) IFFC League and Cup and important upcoming dates
4) IFFC player registration 2012-13
5) Match and training fees
6) Player code of conduct
7) FCFC Parties
8) On Tour

Team organization
An amateur football team like FCFC can only be fun and successful if everyone contributes to making it fun and successful. The entire organization (dealing with the league, coaching, training, party organization, etc.) is based on voluntary contributions by a number of team members stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility. All the cash you pay to play football goes towards paying for the pitch we train on, fees for the league we play in, equipment (footballs, cones, bibs, etc), parties, etc. Nobody in FCFC receives any financial benefits from organizing football for you.

As you all know our beloved Chairman and master puppeteer has left town after many years at the helm.
The FCFC Politburo (FCFC Senior Management) has now replaced the Chairmanship to continue building on Jochen’s fantastic work for the club. As always your support and suggestions are more than welcome.

Training is the lifeblood of the club and a great chance to meet old and new players and prepare for game day. Priority for match selection will be given to players who come to training. We understand work commitments, children, grumpy wives/GFs and pitch distance can sometimes be a bit of a stumbling block, but you need to make the effort to come as often as possible and we hope to see every squad member at least twice a month at training. We train every Wednesday from 8-10pm (until mid-December) at the football pitch in Side Park close to the Lido. Find a map here.

Ally, Baz, Philippe and Ben will take charge of the sessions and will make sure they are varied, intense and hopefully lots of fun.

IFFC League and Cup
Competitive football starts again on the weekend of the 25th (August) with the first round of the IFFC Cup. (only first div as Premier league starts the following weekend).
– 19 August 11:30am – Friendly – FCFC mix team vs Chinese Corporate Team
– 25-26 August (tbc) – IFFC Cup round 1– Summer Palace (SP) vs (Team tbc)
– 25-26 August (tbc) – Friendly – Forbidden City (FC) vs Vikings or Dong Ren
– 1-2 September – IFFC Cup round 2 – FC vs (Team tbc)
– 1-2 September – IFFC Cup round 2 – SP vs (Team tc)
– 8-9 September – IFFC Championship Start for both SP and FC

The dates above are tentative but most likely according to what the league has communicated so far. TEAM calls for GAMES will be made as usual by Patrick SP and Philippe FC.

One more point: If you say you can play, please do show up in order to avoid giving headaches to team management on the day. It’s also good practice to show up for matches on time in order to warm up together and talk tactics. We train, warm up, and win/lose these games as one!

IFFC player registration 2012-13
For returning players
For those who have already played with us in previous seasons and who are registered with FCFC in the IFFC and who have a player pass we will need to collect a 100RMB IFFC registration fee.

For new players
The IFFC League requires registration for every person who plays a competitive match in the IFFC.  A new website will allow online registration – details will follow.
As usual, you can only play in the IFFC competition if you are properly registered.

FYI: the registration fees go to the IFFC league not FCFC.

Match and training fees
Training fee is 30RMB for workers and 20RMB for students and non-workers. This money pays for renting the training pitch. Depending on numbers, the pitch is subsidised by club funds.
As in previous years, and providing that league fees stay the same this year, match fees are 90RMB for workers and 50RMB for students and non-workers (half price if you play less than 45min). This money is used to pay IFFC league match fees of 950RMB for every game.

Player code of Conduct
You are an FCFC player on and off the Pitch, respect the badge, your mates and surroundings. Strive to act in good humour at all times.
Friendship, respect and remember to have one for the road!

Parties and FCFC Madness
Watch out for our season opening party which we will be scheduled for a Friday night in early September!!! This is a MUST attend event…no Jochen anti-FIFA rants anymore but I hear Dorey will try hard this year to claim the 2013 FCFC Scuba-diving Award.

FCFC on Tour
Following the successful football tour to Bangkok earlier this year, we will be repeating the tour to the Far East Tournament held in Bangkok in the last weekend of March 2013 – this is during the Easter Holidays. Please mark your calendar and contact us if you want to help organise this tour and/or participate.
and REMEMBER: what happens on tour…stays on tour!

Open for suggestions
If you notice something that can be improved organization-wise, please let us know. You can talk to Philippe (City Manager), Barrie (City Captain), Blythe (City vc), Patrick (Palace Manager), Ben (Palace Captain), Pikey (Palace assist), Jason (token Canadian guy and Finance Master).

If you have questions or comments, please let us know.
In any case Welcome back to FCFC, let’s have a cracking season! See you in training!!!!



on behalf of the FCFC Politburo
FCFC Manager

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Training every Wednesday

Hello All,

and welcome back to this wonderful CITY! Our first training session last Wednesday had a great turn out, let it be the same tomorrow for Barrie’s session.

yes, FOOTBALL is back with TRAINING every WEDNESDAY 8PM-10PM at the Lido Pitch.

For the new boys have a look at our website for directions to the Lido Si’de 11 a-side pitch with all-year-turf, it’s next to the tennis courts.

Some of us are still away so if you are in Beijing it is even more important you make the effort to turn up, support one and all, welcome the new players, and get ready for the new season which kicks off the first weekend of September. In a word – get involved!

Training is tomorrow, so please REPLY NOW with ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ if you can make it.

See you on Wednesday.


Get Involved!

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Football is back and so is Teppenyaki

Good afternoon Citizens,

A big thank you to ‘on the ball’ Ally for taking the first training session of the 12/13 season and in doing so, helping us start to regain our touch after the summer break. The session featured the good ol’ fundamentals: passing, movement and lots and lots of sweat!

Thanks to all those who attended and a warm welcome to the new faces.

Next week, same time, same place, the session will be run by Barrie.

In the mean time ….

To help usher in the pre-season, we’re organising a night at a favourite haunt of FCFC: Tairyo Teppenyaki this Saturday at 8:00pm. You read correctly, a Tairyo Teppenyaki night! For those who have yet to join FCFC at Tairyo, the night will basically involve scrumptious bbq meats, sashimi, sake and Sanlitun.

Location : (2/F Yaxing Mansion, Maizidian Jie Liangma Qiao / Lufthansa Center Area 亮马桥燕莎桥 – 朝阳区麦子店街亚星大厦2层 – 6461 2336 – off Liangmaqiao Lu – map and link below)

If you are interested in coming along, please email Ben so he can get an idea of numbers and book the table.

Hope to see you there!

Address/map (select Liangmeqiao/Lufthansa location):

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Football Training Tonight

A reminder that football training starts tonight (8pm to 10pm at Lido Si’de, cost ¥30) in preparation for the season which kicks off the first weekend of September.  If you are in Beijing please make the effort to turn up.
As we approach a new season please let me know if you’ve moved on and if you would like your email address removed from the ‘weekly training’ subscription.
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