Match report for Palace vs Red Cards

Match report for Summer Palace vs Red Cards, Sat 29th October 2011, Chaoyang Stadium (old pitch)
It would seem fitting that on the 29th of October, palace found itself playing a night game on the dimly lit, some would say spooky, old field at the Chaoyang Sports Center.  An eerie mist hung over the field during a vigorous warm-up that left some (Gio) short of breath.  The late arrivals joined an ample crowd of around six in watching the opening minutes of the game.  Although Palace enjoyed most of the possession at first, we only managed a few looks at goal and none were truly threatening.  Making matters worse, the red cards were not ready to capitulate so early and showed real menace for about 15 seconds, which was all it took for a neat pass to find a streaking forward who belted a brilliant ball over Jason, who had to that point been merely a spectator.  In response, palace turned up the pressure.  After making some substitutions, Palace began a renewed attack that put the Japanese on their heels for the remainder of the half. So it was, Palace 1-0 down at the half-time whistle.
The second half began with more droves of attacking from Palace.  Red Cards were doing all in their power to stave off the determined palace forwards, at points wasting time simulating injuries.  The equalizer finally came when an on form Ben Roberts put a ball into the middle.  Lee Russell came to meet the ball and volleyed it off the post.  Fortunately the rebound fell to him and he stuck it in the back of the net, after which he promptly celebrated by sprinting back to his own side and then accepting high fives.  It then seemed that Red Cards would be happy to end on a tie as they didn’t seem interested in a go ahead goal as much as wasting the rest of regulation. Giovanni changed the equation with 15 minutes to play when, following Kieran outflanking the Japanese defence from the right, he took possession of the ball in the penalty area and showed us a tricky finish which sliced under the keeper.  Lee R celebrated the Italian’s beautiful goal by running off by himself and having a geriatric fit.  Red Cards finally seemed to show some urgency, and managed some probing attacks, but left themselves open when good defence yielded a counter that started by Jim So. His lobbed pass send Amir to run free towards the goal, who, instead of “shooting like [he] should have” passed the ball to Lee Russell for a tap in goal. Final score: 3-1 for Palace.
After the game, a large gathering made their way to Luga’s where they voted while watching the English premiership (and memorable Arsenal vs Chelsea).  It looked as though Giovanni would take both man and donkey honors, but Lee Russell eventually got Man with 5 votes (Gio with 4), and Giovanni walked away with the Donkey on 6 votes earned primarily for his manful attempts to fit his posterior under the fence at training on Wednesday.
Good Game, Good Goals, Good God get the man some cheesecake
(a report from Lee Russell)
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Match report for Summer Palace vs Lao Hu

Match Report for Summer Palace vs Lao Hu Inter played on Saturday 22nd October, Chaoyang Stadium
On a hazy saturday morning where the smoke (and effects) from the Wudaokou Korean BBQ night still lingered in the Beijing sky, only 6 guys (and a lady) were present half an hour before kickoff. However, the smoky skies meant that sunscreen wasnt needed for the midday game as Ben rightly said, ‘the pollution will do the job’. Nevertheless, the remaining players arrived in time and Palace was able to field a good 11 against a youthful Lao Hu side, whose starting 11’s average age seem to be half that of Palace’s.
The game started with Lao Hu using their speed and agility to move the ball around and across looking to penetrate any gaps in the Palace defense. Lao Hu dominated majority of the possession but could find no way through the well drilled and organised Palace team. They were restricted to the occasional long shots from outside the area, and tested Jason on 2 occassions, who pulled off first a brilliant diving save from a swerving dipping shot which bounced right in front of him. The 2nd on was equally as brilliant, saving from a first time shot by Lao Hu’s star midfielder as it threatened to dip right under the bar. It wasnt all one way traffic though as Palace threatened through the indomitable, undestructible Olly as he gave the Lao Hu centrebacks a very hard time. On a blistering Palace couterattack, Lee Russell managed to beat their centreback and goalkeeper only to see his shot hit the post.
The 2nd half was a diffferent story though as Lao Hu turned up the tempo as Palace started to show their age. However, Lao Hu’s very talented midfielders found it difficult to get past Palace’s gritty midfielders and anything that went through were either efficiently swept up by the defense or kept out by Peter’s ‘stylish’ sliding tackle technique. On the few occassions they managed to fashion up chances, they just could not find an answer to Jason ‘Great American Wall of China’, who sealed the draw for us with a point blank last minute save from 5 metres out.

So 0-0 was the final score, possibly the first time a Palace’s game ended without a goal being scored.

Following tradition, the guys (and a lady) proceeded to Luga’s where discussions were dominated not about the game, but about cheeses, sausages and milk? Nevertheless, MOTM was awarded to Jason Dorey for his goalkeeping heroics (after a close battle with Olly and Peter) while Lee Russell was voted Donkey (by a distance) for his involvement in ‘milf’ and ‘shoes’?? Lee sportingly downed a shot of milk, along with the B52 after that, to ‘celebrate our tie’
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Match report for Palace vs Azzurri

Match report for Summer Palace vs Azzurri, Sunday 16th October 2011, Lido
Sunday found the boys from Palace preparing to face what promised to be a tough team in the Italian Azzurri.  The warmups saw Ben Roberts asking questions of sunscreen, and from the kickoff his teamates began asking more pertinent questions of the Azzurri defense.  Pressing wing play finally paid off when Jochen found the back of the net on a good lay-off from Ian Crouch.  More good play from the opposite wing led to another great goal from Jochen and a 2-0 advantage at the half.
Play resumed after Ben Roberts finished signing autographs for some fans of the Hellboy movies and momentum stayed with our side as Ian Crouch scored his first goal in his first appearance.  His blistering pace proved too much for the outmatched Italian fullbacks, and Crouchies strike stuck like a dagger in the fading Italian hopes.  Amir then put in a very well placed top corner goal to end any real doubt.  Eager to add to the tally, Lee Russell found himself free with only the keeper to beat but ended up tasting only rubber shavings and shame as he took a spill.  Shortly thereafter Lee R again found himself in front of goal and he remained on his feet to finish from Ian Crouch’s perfectly weighted lofted pass.  Jim So then found himself one on one near the corner flag and dove twice, the second time in the box where he earned a penalty.  Jochen rose to the occasion, netting his third and encouraging further comparisons to Gerd Muller.  The last course of this goal feast was served when Amir took the ball near half and cruised majestically past 4 hapless defenders and blasted a shot past the keeper from 20 yards out for his second goal.  Final score: Summer Palace 7 – Azzurri 0
After the game Jochen took the man of the match award with 6 votes (Amir second on 3).
The donkeys of the day were the divers Lee Russell and Jim So (4 and 3 votes, respectively).  Theories of a rooftop sniper or buried landmines are being discussed pending further analysis.  Eyewitness accounts vary.
Lee Russell
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Match report for Palace vs Dong Ren


Please see below the match report for the league game we played last Saturday. We have no league game this coming weekend but we may organize some training session, so keep checking your email for details. Training session as usual this Wednesday, 8-10 pm at the Lido.

Match report for Summer Palace vs Dong Ren, Saturday 24th September 2011, Lido

Our run of good results ended on a hot afternoon, last Saturday, as we were well-beaten by Dong Ren, a Chinese team composed of semi-pros (?).

From the start, Dong Ren took control of the midfield, showing good control of the ball and neat passing, very seldom losing the ball. They also used their fast wingers well and our defense was kept under pressure. After 5 minutes played, their right winger found a post.  Not long after, the same guy made another run through our defense but this time found the target with a fierce shot from outside the box that Jason could not save.

On our side, our midfield was chasing shadows and we were having a hard time getting the ball to pass the halfway line. Our forwards could hardly touch the ball at all. With maybe 30 minutes gone, they got a second goal, as Jason could only deflect in his own nets a long range shot.  Despite good defending, Jason was kept busy, making a couple of fine saves, before getting hurt as he had to rush out from his goal to block their forward just before half-time. 2-0 for Dong Ren at halftime, and we could count ourselves lucky to be still in the game.

This did not last long however as shortly after the re-start, Aaron conceded a penalty for which he got booked. The penalty was well-taken and Stefan, who had replaced Jason in goal, had absolutely no chance to save it. 3-0 for Dong Ren and they were looking to add more. Stefan made a couple of good saved to deny them scoring more goals and we were also lucky to see their central forward hitting the cross-bar with a header from close range.  With 20 minutes left to play, as Dong Ren, lift their feet off the pedal, we finally managed to create some chances to score. Kieran, who was not even on the team-sheet at the start of the game, was giving their defense some trouble and got badly kicked for that. Then, as some handbags was going on between Kieran and some Dong Ren guys, the ref kept the play to continue and the ball run nicely for Andy Mo who scored with a cool finish.  Summer Palace 1 – Dong Ren 3, final score.

Considering the number of scoring chances they had, it was not a bad result. Well done to all 18 guys involved, who fought very hard for 90 minutes against, admittedly, stronger opposition.

After the game, most of the squad made it to Luga’s for the customary votes for Man and donkey of the match. Jason, quite unfairly, got voted Donkey with 4 votes and Andy Mo got Man-of-the-Match for scoring our only goal. Peter who received votes for both categories, drunk the B-52.

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Match report for Palace vs CYPR


Well done to all involved in our first league game of the season, a 6-0 demolition of Chaoyang Park Rangers (please see the match report below).

It was good, but it was not the best as we’re not top of the league (the French B team won 8-1 at the weekend). Also note that our next game is likely to be much tougher, as Dong Ren trashed the Japanese of Red Cards 5-1.

I’ll send the team call for our next league game in a separate email, later.

Match report for Summer Palace vs Chaoyang Park Rangers, league game, played on Saturday 17th September 2011, Chaoyang Stadium


As defending champions of the first division it was important to make a good start of the new league season. Things did not start too smoothly however with Chaoyang Stadium being used as a concert venue and some unhelpful security staff making access to the football pitches a little difficult.

But things improved rapidly. The 18 members of our squad, plus a few supporters all made it to the pitch eventually and the rangers turned up with 11 players, which was a relief. At last we could kick off the game, although 25 minutes late.

From the start, Palace looked good, passing the ball fast and with our wide players, Ben Roberts on the left and Lee Russell on the right giving their full-backs plenty to worry about. With less than 10 minutes played, Amir opened the scoring with a great volley below the bar, following a cross by Lee Russell. Not long after that Jim So double our lead and after 30 minutes, one of the Rangers’ central defender scored an own-goal, turning Lee Russell’s fierce cross past his own goalkeeper under no particular pressure. The nearest the rangers came to reducing the deficit was just before half-time when they had a good spell and their centre-forward failed to convert into a goal a good cross that had eluded all our defense.  Half –time: 3-0 for Palace.

The second half went more or less the same way as the first did with Palace having plenty of possession, our defense doing an excellent job, but we just could not convert into goals the numerous chances we created. So the score stayed at 3-0 for another 30 minutes until Fei Yan, Lee Russell and Jim So could finally scored 3 more goals. Final score 6:0.

After the game, most of the squad members gather in Luga’s for some food and drink.

New recruit, Nils Jakobsen was voted Donkey for forgetting that he was playing full-back and Jim So got Man-of-the-Match for his brace of goals and for playing “the game of his life”.

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Match Report: Cup Match City vs Lao Hu

City began with a double boost , first of all Big Jim had not returned to Beijing over the summer, and secondly Ivan hadnt grown his pony tail backThis was city’s first competitive game of the season. Captain Philippe was determined for a good start – “its a new season and its critical we take this game serious” said Philippe as he staggered home from Sanlitun at 6am on Sunday morning .

The opposition, from a local school, had an average age similar the Sheff’s recent girlfriends and they had all the eagerness of a bunch of 15year olds with a new lingerie catalogue. To cope with the young opposition City brought in some News Kids off the Block, including Tommy, Paul and PieterBas.
Early in the game it was obvious city were missing Matty Dunn and Andy – there hadn’t been a single fight and no-one was abusing the ref or other city players.
Fabio danced around their keeper to give city the lead, but just before half time Phillippe subbed himself and brought on his 94 year old Corsican great grandfather, who couldnt match the pace of their forward. Baz tried his best, but as the 15 year old shot his load early, it slid through Baz’s legs unexpectedly. Half time 1-1
With the game heading for a draw and a soggy biscuit shoot-out awaiting the 15 year olds, City grabbed a goal through new boy tommy. New front man Jason Dorey (fresh from his “i cant play for City cos i played for Palace, but i didnt play for palace cos i am playing for City” cup tied confusion) finally turned up and then crossed for Ally to put the game safe at 3-1.   soon it was “4 on 1” after Ivan scored and the 15 year olds were wondering if it would end in a game of 5 on 1, like most evenings.  they looked tired and it was clear a few of them wanted to be “pulled off”
Congratulations to City and a free night in Maggies for all the team.
A good effort by the 15 year old and free link to the yaodian lingerie section for their efforts
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Match Report: Summer Palace vs Kozo Japan

Match report for Summer Palace vs Kozo Japan. IFFC Cup 2nd Round.

Played on Saturday 3rd September 2011, Side Gongyuan (Lido)

For our second game this season, we had a full squad of 18 players after new recruit Lee Russell passed a late fitness test. This was welcome as we were going to need a strong squad if we were going to beat Kozo Japan, something Summer Palace never managed to achieve in previous seasons.

As expected, Kozo was the most dangerous at the start of the game and they managed to open the scoring after about 20 minutes, when their fast forward went past our defense on the right and scored with a low shot at the far post. Fortunately, we did not lose our focus after this setback and not long before half-time Chris Lupton equalised from a header, at close range, from a Ben Roberts free-kick. The second half started as the first did, with Kozo dominating. Their domination culminating with them being awarded a penalty that Stefan brilliantly saved. This was the turning point of the game as soon after that another good corner-kick from Ben was met by Amir who volleyed the ball in the Kozo goal from close range. 2-1 for Palace with 10 minutes left on the clock. Kozo, who had only 2 subs, did not have enough energy left in them to return the situation and we managed to hold on without too much trouble.

Amir Saleh was voted Man-of-the-Match for his decisive goal as well as for doing a very good job at holding the ball up-front, and Donald Wildiers was voted Donkey for giving away the penalty that Stefan saved.

This is the best run in the cup achieved by Summer Palace in 5 seasons. Now Forbidden City awaits us for an interesting Cup ¼ final to be played later this season.

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Match report for Palace vs Dulwich Lions


Last saturday we had a tougher than expected game against the Dulwich Lions. I don’t know if it was because of the heat and bright sunshine but for once we had a very sluggish start.

Dulwich Lions had only 10 players to start with but it did not really show. We had more much more possession but about 15 minutes into the game it was Dulwich who managed to open the scoring as they took advantage of our static defence.

At least this setback gave us some impetus and we finally managed to put some sustained pressure on their goal. Over-optimistic long range efforts, combined with bad finishing from our strikers as well as good goal-keeping denied us for at least 25 minutes. Fortunately, Lao Cui provided his trademark goal just before the half-time whistle: he got the ball near the side line, on the left, maybe 35 metres from the goal, saw their goalkeeper off his line and took a long lobbed-shot that nicely dived into the goal. 1-1 at half time.

In the second half, despite Dulwich now playing with 11 men, we were much more dominant. Amir almost scored the goal of the season but his shot bounced back off the goal line after hitting the crossbar. Persevering was the key, and maybe just 5 minutes later, Amir finally got some rewards for his effort and scored our second goal. Shortly after that, Lao Cui got another after dribbling his way to the goal from the left side. Final score 3-1.

After the game, most of the squad went to Luga’s for some refreshments and food. Amir collected the most votes for Man-of-the-match, while myself was voted donkey for being a “brickhead”??

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Match report for Summer Palace vs Athletico


For the ones who were not at the match, here is the match report for the league game we played last saturday:

It all started very well, on that sunny afternoon in Chaoyang Stadium, as we could count on a full squad of 18 players as well as quite a few supporters. Unfortunately, things went pear-shape even before the the game started. The time of kick off , that had already be postponed twice, was further delayed due to the pitch being double-booked. So, after warming-up for almost 1 hour, we finally kicked off the game at 6:30pm. From the start of the game, we could see that we were not going to have it all our way this time round. Athletico, boosted by 6 or 7 good Chinese players was indeed a very much improved opposition compared with the sorry lot we trashed 8-1 in the first half of the season.

Athletico dominated the early stage of the game. Despite this, Palace were the first to find the nets. After about 10 minutes played, a good pass from Chris Lupton, gave Ally the chance to run past their defence from the left wing. He managed a low cross that eluded all Athletico defenders and keeper and that was met by Manuel who converted with a simple tap-in from 5 metres out. At that stage, Lao Cui had also a half-chance to make it 2-0 but he could only find the side of the nets.

Our lead was short-lived, however, and Athletico equalized soon after as their fast Chinese forward collected a long ball that fell behind our central defence and cooly converted. Athletico had several other good chances to score in that first half, finding a post on one occasion. One of their western players also managed to shoot above the bar while presented with an open-goal and just a few metres away from our goal-line. Having weathered the storm, we actually dominated the end of the first half and managed to score again, thanks to Ben Roberts who coming from the right wing, blasted the ball passed their keeper. 2-1 for Palace at half time, thanks to a very good goal per chance ratio and a bit of luck.

In the second half however, Athletico stepped up a gear and was dominating. They equalized early in the second half, thanks to their nippy #7 who after a “Messi-like” run through our defence and along the penalty box took a fierce shot that went just below the bar: 2-2.
In that half we did not create many (any?) clear chances to score while at the other end Athletico were often shooting from long range. Jason had to make a great save on a one of these shots, Gabriel also managed to clear the ball on our goal-line.

Maybe with the score being 2-2, our mistake then was to continue attacking in numbers leaving quite a lot of space for their fast forwards to exploit. With less than 5 minutes to go, on a fast counter-attack they found a breach on the left side of our defence, and their center-forward was left alone to collect the cross and convert the chance. 3-2 for Athletico, final score. A very dissapointing result but quite a fair result if we consider the number of scoring opportunities that both sides had.

For us, we have two games left that we must win if we want to have any chance to win the league. I’ll send the team call for next saturday game in a separate email, following this one.


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Match report for Summer Palace vs ISB Dragons

Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 11:55 AM

For the ones who were not there, here is the match report of the league game we played on saturday vs ISB Dragons.

Everything started well for Palace: all 18 players had managed to find the right venue before kick off and we also had quite a few supporters attending the match despite the windy conditions and dusty air.

In the early minutes of the game, it was quite even. The Dragons played some long balls for their fast forwards to chase and our defence had to be well-focussed to cope with them. At the other end, Ally and Ben were making good runs on the wings and our central midfielders Chris and Charles were starting to have the upper hand. Our first goal came after about 15 minutes played, with Ally sending from the left a good ball across the box, that eluded both our forwards, Manuel and Lao Cui, but fell nicely for Ben who had followed-on from the right
wing. Ben beat their diminutive, google-wearing keeper with a fierce low shot. Shortly after, Chris Lupton took his chance from long range to score a great goal and just before half-time, we were gratified by one of “Lao Cui’s special”: i.e. his trademarck shot from the sideline, on the right, that ends its course just below the bar. It may look like a missed attempt to cross the ball but we all know that he meant it as he always tries to score!

3-0 for Palace at half-time and looking good.

At the very start of the second half however, the Dragons came out first off the starting block and out-speed our defence to make it 3-1 within a few seconds of the re-start. Fortunately, we did not panic and made good use of our 7 rolling subs to regain the upper-hand on the game. With about 25 minutes left to play, Ally scored the pivotal 4th goal after some neat passing. Prakash, who had by then replaced Jason in goals, had time to make a great save on one of the rare chances the Dragons had to score. We missed several scoring opportunities before Ally scored his second goal of the day to make it 5-1, final score.

After the game, we went to Luga’s to celebrate our 11th win in a row. Chris Lupton was voted Man-of-the-match for his tireless work in central midfield and his superb goal and Amir, despite playing very well during the 30 minutes he spent on the pitch, was again the one who collected the most votes for Donkey, notably for missing (almost) open goals on 2 occasions. It was the first time we managed to beat the Dragons, and it was a truly excellent team performance from all involved.

No game next weekend for Palace BUT please come to training on Wednesday evening and IMPORTANTLY, come to support Forbidden City who is playing vs Afrika Utd in the Cup Final, on sunday 8th May, 4 PM kick off at the LIDO.

PS: Charles still top-scorer with 11 goals, Manuel and Ally just behind with 10 goals each.

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