Bangkok Far East Tournament 2018 – TEASER

2018 will mark the 7th year in a row FCFC attends the now infamous Bangkok Far East Tournament. Provisional dates are set for April 21-22…


Not sure if you should attend? You have a habit of staying at home and seriously considering quitting English Breakfast tea in favour of Earl Grey? Have no idea that cooking oil is one of the safest contraceptives available in supermarkets across Thailand? Would rather not know what El Colorado + Carousel = ? Not interested in what this all means?…STAY AWAY! THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.


For the rest of you…STAY TUNED and SAVE THE DATE

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FCFC season 2011-2012


With such a fantastic 2010-2011 season behind us its already  time to look forward and start planning for the season ahead. here are a few key football dates to look forward to:

– IFFC Championship 1st division (SP) and Premier League (FC): September 17/18

– IFFC Thomas Marechal Cup 1st and 2nd round: August 27/28 – September 3/4

– BT6 Beijing Amateur Champions Tournament 9 aside (6weeks): August 13 (selected 25 tbc by monday)

– 7 aside Lido tournament (4weeks every thursday): July 14 (to play please RSVP to FCFC)

– 5 aside dates tbc please contact Darren (FCFC) Jason C (SPFC) for participation

Please note training will resume in early August (dates tbc). In the meantime should you want to take part in the 5s or 7 aside games please let us know!

As we build on the achievement of the 2010-2011 season, if you have any mates with good skills and a soft spot for beer fuelled parties, now is the time to get them involved and have them contact FCFC or join one of our training sessions!

Let’s have a massive season both on and off the pitch!



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