Match Report: Russia 0:6 FCFC

February 28, 2010 – Russia 0:6 FCFC

Citizens!The bells of the Kolner Dom are Ringing, The prodigal son has returned, Jochen Tenhagen has scored.Many had come to doubt whether he would ever cross the halfway line again, but the Mustachioless German silenced his doubters today with an 11th minute “Kracker Shlaffer” from 25 yards out. After stealing the ball in midfield, Jupp pushed forward with the ball and blasted an unstoppable strike past the Russian keeper, to send City on its way to victory and keep us top of the table.Other moments/points worthy of note:- Matty the team Cripple was on deck to encourage the team along with “occasionally suspended Healey”- Sheff and Blythe confirmed talks with BOBOME concerning the creation of a new Nightclub “Shyffe” (the club’s Motto is rumoured to be: “Prepare to be Shyffed”) were well on their way.- James will be collecting contributions for Ivan’s new hearing aid this Wednesday at training.- Kenny Gasser is just too good.- Thanks to Ini for travelling all the way up to Beijing. Great to see you mate.- Adam’s hard work on the right helped him claim yet another assist. his beautiful cross was only slightly deflected by all four Russians defenders and a Chuar stand in Sanlitun, before it fell to Will who finished with class.- While you are busy reading this Sheff is with your girlfriend.- And Alex is the “Papa”.MOM: JochenDOM: Barrie (poor yellow card/picking fights with several men half his sizeGoal summary:11 min – Jochen Tenhagen (10/10)A virtuoso solo goal by Jochen Tenhagen, scored from long range with the right foot. It has to go down in the records as a mind-blowing effort.19 min – Ivan Lakatos (7/10)Ivan Lakatos fired home from 18 yards out with a well-finished right foot goal, following a through-ball from Jochen Tenhagen.35 min – Kenny Gasser (7/10)A well delivered through-ball from Ivan Lakatos was converted by Kenny Gasser. A great finish with the right foot from 18 yards out.43 min – Ivan Lakatos (8/10)Ivan Lakatos fired home from close range with a trademark salmon jump tremendous headed goal, following a cross from Aaron Re’em.49 min – James Mckay (5/10)Inigo Beltran supplied the corner, and James Mckay found the net from six yards out after a great rush in the box89 min – Will Weisblatt (8/10)A well delivered cross from Adam Ferry was converted by Will Weisblatt. A first-class finish with the right foot from 18 yards out.Read the team line-up, match report and player stats at Webteams

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Start of the Season!

Dear Citizens!This year is the year of the tiger, and this year is our year CITIZENS!!!So lets have a roaring start to the season by coming down to a first outdoors training this WEDNESDAY 23rd st Lido ( tomorrow 7.45pm) to give yourself the best start for football this campaign!This weekend lets rip into our opponents! Palace play the French @ Chaoyang stadium SATURDAY meet 3.30pm. With City tearing into the Russians at Lido SUNDAY meet 3.15pmI will be looking towards the fittest tigers to be selected for this game, so make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to get a shift on this Wednesday,REPLY NOW FOR-

-WEDNESDAY 23rd Training Lido 7.45pm-SATURDAY 27th Palace v French 3.30pm Chaoyang Stadium-SUNDAY 28th City v Russia 3.15pm LidoCan YOU come?


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GAME- SATURDAY! v Sexy 1pm Canadian school or 1.30 Dulwich

Dear Citizens!!!!!The game will now be on SATURDAY v Sexy FC meeting 1.00pm at Canadian school or Dulwich (legend garden campus exit 7 airport expressway) at 1.30pmPlease let me know if you can play and if you will meet at Canadian school at 1.00pm or Dulwich at 1.30pm?Absolutely everyone is welcome to play!PLEASE REPLY NOW!!!!!!!!Thanks James

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5-a-side Spring 2010

Hi All,The new 5-a-side season kicks of at the beginning of March. If you are interested in playing 5’s this season on Thursdays for Forbidden City or Summer Palace, please let me know ASAP and I can forward you more information. Those of you who played last season…Are you ready to win promotion again? This is where it begins!If you have any questions, please let me know,Kind regards,Darren

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CITY v French Wednesday meet 7.45pm

Dear City!!!
First game of the season this wednesday versus the French. Time for everyone unleash the city beast!! Lets get out there and get going again this season!
Let me know of your availability-
-Wednesday 10th Feb v French meet LIDO at 7.15pm
-Sunday 14th Feb City v Palace meet Canadian School 2pm sharp.
I look forward to hearing from you, let me know of your general availability
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FCFC Training Sunday 23rd 2pm

Hey guys,With the 2nd half of the season so close and the current beautiful weather it’s time to resume Training.Sunday 23rd 2 pm at the Canadian School outdoor pitch (bring trainers and football shoes)Here is a link to a map to the school:’s time to get rid of that excess Hotpot Fat accumulated over the winter, please make sure you can make it.Full pre-season training/friendlies/party schedule to follow soon.See you soon,Philippe

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Futsal (Indoor football) 8:00pm Wednesday @ Canadian School

This Wednesday we will be playing futsal (indoor footy) at the Canadian International School of Beijing from 8:00-10:00pm. The cost is only 20rmb a guy so try to make it out for some fun and exercise. Please REPLY to this email if you plan on coming so I have an idea of numbers.
Here is a link to a map to the school:
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Futsal – Wednesday 8:00pm @ Canadian School

Greetings,I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed a little bit of time away from the pitch. This Wednesday we will be beginning our futsal (indoor footy) at the Canadian International School of Beijing from 8:00-10:00pm. The cost is only 20rmb a guy so try to get your asses out for some samba music, footy, and a chance to shed a little weight put on during the festive season. Please REPLY to this email if you plan on coming so I have an idea of numbers.Here is a link to a map to the school:,Jason

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FCFC Football Schedule – March 2009

Dear Citizens!Please find below the training and match schedule for March 2009 for both City and Palace

  • 03 Mar (Tue): Futsal, 8-10pm, Canadian School (CIS) Indoor
  • 05 Mar (Thu): Training, 8-10pm, Lido Pitch
  • 07 Mar (Sat): Palace vs. Barbarians B,4pm, Chaoyang Stadium
  • 08 Mar (Sun): City vs. Barbarians A, 12pm, Lido Pitch
  • 10 Mar (Tue): CF 5-a-side league, Chaoyang Park, time tbc
  • 12 Mar (Thu): Training, 8-10pm, Lido Pitch
  • 14 Mar (Sat): Palace vs. Italy FC, 4pm, Chaoyang Stadium
  • 15 Mar (Sun): City vs. Red Cards, 2pm, Lido Pitch
  • 17 Mar (Tue): CF 5-a-side league, Chaoyang Park, time tbc
  • 19 Mar (Thu): Training, 8-10pm, Lido Pitch
  • 21 Mar (Sat): Palace vs. French B, 2pm, Chaoyang Stadium
  • 22 Mar (Sun): City vs. French A, 2pm, Lido Pitch
  • 24 Mar (Tue): CF 5-a-side league, Chaoyang Park, time tbc
  • 26 Mar (Thu): Training, 8-10pm, Lido Pitch
  • 28 Mar (Sat): Palace vs. Russia Utd., 12pm, Chaoyang Stadium
  • 29 Mar (Sun): City game vs. Vikings postponed

Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

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Inaugural Tour to Shanghai

Forbidden City Football Club was born in 2004 and our first tour was that same summer, when we all headed to Shanghai for some summer action …We had some fun in Shanghai’s clubs and played well on the pitch, winning the Plate Competition.

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